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How to keep the furniture at home clean all year round?

Investing in end of tenancy cleaning and other professional cleaning services requires you to take from your budget, and we know that the last thing you want is to deal with unpleasant stains afterwards or damage your clean surfaces and furniture soon after the service is provided. That’s why just like it is important to

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arrows shows the different towards between cheap and best quality end of tenancy cleaning services in London

What’s the difference between cheap and best quality end of tenancy cleaning?

Often people mistake cheap cleaning services for only the price they come at, while actually what they should be worried about is cheap quality services. Unfortunately, some end of tenancy cleaning companies neglect the customer’s satisfaction and what they want to do is get as much money as possible, while doing as little as possible.

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cheap cleaning service London

5 ways to save money when cleaning your home

Whether it’s time for some spring cleaning, you are moving out of your tenancy, or simply doing your weekly deep clean, it’s important to always take good care of cleaning your place, not just for the sake of it being clean, but also for providing a healthy environment. When doing the cleaning ourselves, we tend

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A couple move an sofa before an end of tenancy cleaning service in london

How to prepare for end of tenancy cleaning?

If it’s time for you to part ways with the apartment you’ve been living in, then inevitably, it’s also time to think about hiring end of tenancy cleaning company to take care of the property and prepare it for overseeing from the landlord. After all, getting your deposit back is important, we know! However, you

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