5 ways to save money when cleaning your home

Whether it’s time for some spring cleaning, you are moving out of your tenancy, or simply doing your weekly deep clean, it’s important to always take good care of cleaning your place, not just for the sake of it being clean, but also for providing a healthy environment. When doing the cleaning ourselves, we tend to either neglect it or overdo it when feeling inspired, isn’t that so! Many homeowners get really excited about new and interesting tools and products for cleaning because, let’s face it, the ads are constantly showing us what we might be missing and how it might be a lot easier to clean if only we had that new product on the market. However, that’s not always 100% true. 


Some of the tools and products that tempt us on the Internet or in some TV commercials are probably going to stay in the closet for way too long. You might use them once or twice, but then you’ll quickly go to your own old methods of cleaning. That’s because some of the tools that are supposed to be more efficient are really not that better than the usual methods, maybe just as. This means you won’t be really seeing the difference. The same goes for detergents and other cleaning products. They can be good, but if you are looking for ways to save money when cleaning your home, there are other substitutes you can use.


We’ve talked with our cleaning experts, and they gave us their professional advice on how to save money when cleaning our homes! Let’s dive right in!


DIY – prepare your own cleaning mixtures


We’ve already shared with you some useful tips on how to get rid of stubborn stains, and that’s actually a great way to save money. Some of the most prefered products on the market are for specific cleaning – cleaning wooden surfaces, cleaning windows, cleaning stains from the carpet or the sofa, cleaning dust, etc. All of them are just as good as a mixture you can make at home.


Many home products can be just as great for cleaning stains. This includes using white vinegar with water, baking soda, plain alcohol (vodka), table salt, toothpaste, and more. By using these home solutions for cleaning, we can save a lot of money on expensive products that will simply do the same work.

Don’t buy unnecessary cleaning tool

save money with proper cleaning services

Just as we shared in the beginning, marketing tactics can get us to buy anything we see in a commercial and think it has magical properties. The truth is, most of them are just a waste of money. For deep and thorough cleaning, yes, the best job would do expensive equipment tools, but unless you get a professional cleaning company that uses them, you can never buy those. They are exactly for that – professional cleaning. That’s why the other cleaning tools are simply not going to be worth it.

Instead, use anything you have in reach. You can always use old clothes as rags instead of buying specific cleaning cloths. You can use the dish sponge will do just the same work as an expensive sponge for cleaning. Also, don’t forget to reuse your old toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach places or to rub the baking soda on a specific spot. 


Don’t run the washing machine half-empty. Appliance care

Here are some extra tips on saving money when cleaning – not by saving on products, but by saving on electricity and water bills. It’s not a secret that when you run your electrical machines during the night, the consumption rate is way cheaper. You can consider running your washing machine or dishwasher during the night hours if that’s convenient for you.


Also, another way to save on your electrical and water bills is if you always run your washing machine (or drying machine, dishwasher) when it’s full. Running half-full washing machines consumes more electricity and water. Also, during the hot summer days, why not take a cloth or two on your balcony to dry out instead of running a whole drying machine for them?

Keep the expired products, don’t throw them out!

As consumers, we are used to throwing out food with expired dates, as well as products or drinks that we think are no longer good for use. However, it’s not common knowledge that expired cleaning detergents can still be used. If they were appropriately stored – out of sunlight, in-room temperature, and in dry places, they can still be used and be great for cleaning. So, next time, don’t throw them out and buy new ones right away. Just continue using them!


Consider booking package deals when hiring professional

cleaner do a professional cleaning service for great price

There always comes the time when you need to hire a professional cleaning company to take care of something at home – end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning, windows cleaning or else. But instead of booking different services each month, consider asking for a package deal as it will come out a lot cheaper for you and at the same time, you’ll enjoy a great clean result.

The special offers from professional cleaning companies are a great way to save money on cleaning. And not to mention, you’ll also save on effort and time! You won’t have to do a thing while the expert technicians take care of every corner of your place and clean it so well that it looks as good as new. That’s worth it, doesn’t it! 


These were our tips on how to save money when cleaning your home, and if you follow our advice, you might get to save a few bucks and also still have a fresh and clean place to enjoy!


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