Everything you need to know about deep cleaning your home

We all want our homes to shine sparkling clean, but how many of us are actually happy about an upcoming deep cleaning? Well, it’s never going to be as easy as the daily clean-up of a place, but if you have a structure and an idea about what to do and where to start from, we promise, it’s a bit easier! 

Experts recommend having that deep clean of a home at least once or twice a year – usually, spring and autumn are considered to be the most appropriate seasons for that, but still, it’s up to you when and how often to do your full clean up. Some homeowners prefer to clean thoroughly before a big holiday, for example, when the family gathers, or before an important event. 

To help you get through the process, here is everything you need to know and have before you start!

What you’ll need to clean properly

cleaning services materials and equipment


  • You’ll need garbage bags; broom and shovel; mop and bucket; protective rubber gloves; brushes for cleaning; cleaning cloths (cotton or microfiber are best); cleaning agents and detergents. The last few are tailored to what surface it will be used for – wood, earthenware, terracotta, chipboard, mirrors, glossy surfaces, textiles, etc. Check each before you get it.
  • For some rooms, such as the bathroom and toilet, you will need more aggressive products, and for other rooms – more gentle ones. Know that vinegar and baking soda can be your very faithful allies in cleaning. But a steam cleaner would be ideal. 


The cleaning process

Start the full and detailed cleaning by throwing away or giving away everything unnecessary that you can think of and find around your home, from all cupboards and drawers. Then put away and arrange the things in their places. Let there be no scattered clothes and objects. This is how you free up space for new things and energies to enter your home and life. 

It is a rule that cleaning starts from the farthest room and goes from top to bottom (from the ceiling to the floor).

Don’t overwork yourself, don’t try to do everything in one day. On the contrary – get inspired, play your favourite music, lift your mood, dance with a rag and a vacuum cleaner in hand, sing and have fun! Cleaning doesn’t have to be an unpleasant task!

How to clean

In the full cleaning of a home, you need to get to every corner, even if it is hard to reach.

It is recommended that the main cleaning be done in the following order: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Open the windows to ventilate the room. It is mandatory to use rubber gloves when working with preparations.

First, remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling with a broom or vacuum cleaner with the appropriate nozzle. Then remove the curtains and drapes and wash them at 30 degrees. If you have blinds, soak them in soapy water and later brush and rinse. Clean lampshades or chandeliers with a damp cloth or remove and wash if possible. 

After the ceiling, carefully clean the walls. For this purpose, use a new mop or a mop wrapped in a damp cotton cloth. If your walls are painted with washable latex or other paint, you can go over them with a sponge soaked in a soap solution, rinse immediately and dry. But before you do that, move the furniture away from the walls and clean behind it. 

Next is window washing. Various glass sprays are available in the store network. Whichever you choose, you won’t go wrong. Spray, wipe and dry or use a special solution and glass cleaner.



Now is time for the upholstered sofas and armchairs cleaning. Remove the dust from them with a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate brush. Inspect them for stains and if there are any, treat them with a special detergent. You may need to repeat the process until the stain is gone. Wash all decorative pillows, blankets, and sofa covers. 

Clean the cabinet furniture with a suitable detergent – cupboards, wardrobes, chests of drawers, bookcases. Pound the books. Soft and plush toys from the children’s room should be washed with soapy water. 

Don’t forget to refresh the flowers that bring cosiness and mood to your home. Take them into the bathroom and gently run a shower over their leaves to dislodge any accumulated dust. If the leaves are large, clean them with a damp sponge. 

As for the floor, vacuum it and afterwards clean with a damp cloth or mop; carpets are best dry-washed or hot steam-cleaned.


The kitchen is perhaps the most cluttered room. Take everything out of the cupboards and drawers and clean them inside and out with detergent or a damp cloth. Inspect produce, spice jars, and other food for suitability. Throw something away if you have to. Be sure to clean out the fridge as well. It’s good to disinfect the hob and the cutting boards. Run a self-cleaning program for the washing machine and dishwasher with the appropriate detergents. Spray the oven, hobs, and hood filters with an anti-grease agent. Wait the required time and wash. Finally, clean the sink and faucet. Pay enough attention to the floor as well.


There are specific detergents you need to use in the bathroom as the stains are more stubborn. Usually, they have a strong smell and are intense, so always wear gloves! Go over all corners and surfaces and use a toothbrush if you can’t reach something. Take your time with mirror surfaces too, and clean them carefully. 

cleaner polishing a mirror in a bathroom deep cleaning service

The Cleaning is Done!

Well, even going over all places took us time to write, so we understand if you don’t want to take up all that work by yourself. Thankfully, there are professional cleaning services that can do all that for you! You’ll find the perfect fit for your needs by trusting a credible company for cleaning. You can always call us and ask for our detailed cleaning jobs and how we can take care of your home cleanness for you! 





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