How to prepare for end of tenancy cleaning?

If it’s time for you to part ways with the apartment you’ve been living in, then inevitably, it’s also time to think about hiring end of tenancy cleaning company to take care of the property and prepare it for overseeing from the landlord. After all, getting your deposit back is important, we know!

However, you might also be wondering if there is anything you can do to ease the process of the otherwise thorough and long operation of detailed and deep cleaning. Of course, you are hiring a professional company not only because they will do a greater job but also because you want to save yourself from doing the job yourself. So, why should you do anything, right? Well, that’s partly true. Indeed, there is no need to do much, real experts will take care of everything, but still, there are some preparations you can do (that will take you no time) to make the process easier for both sides. So, here are a few tips on how to prepare for an end-of-tenancy cleaning to smooth the process.


End of tenancy process

cleaner with gloves clean a sink during an end of tenancy cleaning


First things first. Let’s start with how the process goes. You can see more information about the end of tenancy cleaning in the checklists each company provides, but in general, what you’ll find there is – the professionals do a lot! Yes, they start from vacuuming carpets to thorough bath cleaning and scrubbing toilets. The cleaners take their time to go over every corner of your place, clean each spot and make sure everything is in perfect condition. This means there will be a lot of moving around of furniture and opening and cleaning each drawer and cabinet. Thus, it will be best to empty all of these places and let the professionals do the rest. What else can you do before the end of tenancy cleaners arrive? Let’s find out!

Tips to prepare before end of tenancy cleaning

To prepare for arriving cleaners, there isn’t much you should do, but still, some of the tips are important for you, and the rest will simply ease the process for you and the cleaners.


  • Make sure there are no personal belongings in sight. Try taking or putting in a safe place all of your most important belongings, such as documents, jewellery, expensive stuff or anything you find valuable. You can trust the professionals will not be distracted by them, but just in case there are no misunderstandings, in the end, it will be best to remove those items. 
  • Put in one place anything that might be broken but is valuable. Let’s be honest, accidents happen. No one can predict or prevent them, so make sure you put in a corner all vases or glass fugures you want to save from unwanted break. 
  • Empty the cabinets. Take some time to empty most of the cabinets in the kitchen and the drawers in the bedroom. After all, you will be packing for moving out anyway, so you might as well do it before the end of tenancy company arrives. This will help them ease the process of cleaning those places.
  • You should also remove any furniture that is blocking access. There might be a table on the carpet or the sofa on it; there might be curtains blocking the windowsills or any other items that are going to slow down the process of reaching the areas that need to be cleaned properly. 
  • Tidy up a bit. We are not saying you should clean before the cleaners, of course. But if the place is tided, it will be a lot easier for the experts to do their job. For example, no clothes lying around or food all over the kitchen. 

End of tenancy cleaning services

The professional cleaning can take from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the property, but for that time being, it’s best to let the cleaners do their job without being in their way. The reason why so many people prefer to call this type of cleaners is that they want to ensure the landlord will give back their deposit. This only happens if the property is left in perfect condition, and no matter how much you try, only professionals can clean an apartment so detailed and thorough. That’s because they use specific methods, have professional equipment and use the right products to treat each area. They have a lot of experience, after all, so they’ve seen all kinds of stains and conditions but know how to treat each place according to the requirements. 

What about after the end of tenancy cleaning is done?

packaged boxes before move in cleaning services


You now know how to prepare before the end of tenancy cleaners have arrived, but about after? What should you do? Well, it’s always good that professionals have checklists, and you can use them to your advantage. Before the cleaning, it will help you get to know the process better and what to expect, but after – you’ll be able to check each bullet point and if it was taken care of! 


Also, make sure you look around the whole place thoroughly, and if you have any objections or comments, you can discuss them right away with the cleaners on-site. Not to mention, when the landlord does the final check of the property, you can still contact the end of tenancy company for a do-over, as most services come with a guarantee! 


We strongly advise you to trust only credible cleaning companies as it is crucial to the end result and the final satisfaction of the job being done. As much as you prepare for end of tenancy cleaning beforehand, you can’t do the job for them, so choose cleaning experts that will rely on the quality of work and put your preferences (and your landlord’s) first.



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