How to keep the furniture at home clean all year round?

Investing in end of tenancy cleaning and other professional cleaning services requires you to take from your budget, and we know that the last thing you want is to deal with unpleasant stains afterwards or damage your clean surfaces and furniture soon after the service is provided. That’s why just like it is important to have professional cleaners once or twice a year, it’s also crucial that you take good care of your furniture and upholstery so that you prolong their life and benefit from the cleaning experts. 


Keeping a good condition at your place will guarantee you having to book appointments with cleaning companies less often and spend less money on fees. That’s why we’ve put together a few tricks and tips on how to maintain your furniture with less effort needed and with DIY know-how. Deep cleaning is a must but here is how to reduce the stress of cleaning and keep your house or apartment in perfect condition all year round! Let’s get into it!

Prevent re-soiling on furniture

Taking care of your carpets, sofas, and other furniture is important if you want to prevent re-soiling after you had professionals on-site clean your home or office space. There are a few things that you can do to keep all areas of your place freshly cleaned and maintain their good condition. Not just for spring cleaning or deep cleaning, but all the time! So here is what you can do:


Use stain protection

Your furniture’s lifespan can be prolonged if you use stain protection. This is a method that professional cleaners also offer as part of the cleaning procedure when you use their services. That’s because this treatment protects the furniture and you will get to keep the results of the cleaners for a longer period of time. It may cost you some additional fees but don’t spare on this stain protection because it will actually save you money and effort in the long run. 


And still, don’t rely only on this stain protection on the furniture. If you spill something, always treat the spot quickly and don’t let it dry; or if somehow another stain appears make sure to treat it right away. As a final tip – don’t rub the area! It will only make the stain get deeper in the fabric. 


Maintain your place clean and dust-free

For the overall condition of your home, make sure you vacuum regularly, remove dust from all surfaces, and remove other dirt – pet hair, grease, mould, etc. Many people neglect dust removal because it is not always visible to the eyes, or at least not on all surfaces. But the truth is, that dust can be found on your sofa and on your carpet, armchairs, as well as other furniture and upholstery. Use soft brushes and microfibres to remove dust and go over all places that collect dust every week, and if needed – even a few times a week

Look out for the humidity levels

Another often neglected part of the home is how often mould grows in different areas – in the corners of some rooms, in the carpet, the furniture, and the walls. This is a result of high humidity levels, and mildew gets inevitable. Usually, we are talking about levels of humidity above 50% in the home – that’s when mould starts to grow. And as you know, this is extremely bad for your health and for the condition of your home. Damages from mildew are hard to remove and get rid of. And not to mention, the smell is even harder to remove! That’s why we recommend you maintain good levels of humidity in your home if you want to keep your furniture and walls in their best condition. 


How can you do so? Well, you can always get an air dehumidifier. It will help you keep good levels of humidity, but don’t forget to change the filters regularly and empty the container. Another good alternative is installing an engineered floor with built-in floor heating so that you can use it in the coldest months when there is lots of humidity present. This, however, is a bit more expensive.

Trust furniture covers

Some people get shy to use furniture covers or believe that they are ugly and speak for low-budget solutions. But that shouldn’t be the case. There are great new solutions and high-quality covers that work great for armchairs, sofas, and other pieces of furniture. A cover will prevent the furniture from stains and keep it in good condition for a longer time. This is also great if you have pets or kids and you can’t always look what they are doing – and let’s face it, often they are making mischiefs. Furniture covers also don’t allow dust to soak into the fabrics – and the best thing is, you can always remove the covers easily when you are expecting guests and want to show off your upholstery in its true condition.


Keep your furniture and home always fresh and clean by maintaining basic cleaning methods! Trust that the professional cleaners will take good care of your place but also in the meantime, care for your home and its good condition all year round!


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