What’s the difference between cheap and best quality end of tenancy cleaning?

Often people mistake cheap cleaning services for only the price they come at, while actually what they should be worried about is cheap quality services. Unfortunately, some end of tenancy cleaning companies neglect the customer’s satisfaction and what they want to do is get as much money as possible, while doing as little as possible. This can reflect poor quality services, landlords not giving back security money deposits, and not having the best results after the cleaning is completed.  


We know that for all tenants that hire professional services, the most important thing is to get their deposit back for the tenancy cleaning, and they often don’t really care about the results. They want to have the place as good as the landlord will approve of. While this is okay for them, it is not the same for cheap cleaning companies. 


What they often do is neglect the requirements and details, don’t follow a strict checklist, and actually provide a simple cleaning service that is not quite the same as end of tenancy cleaning. To tell you more about all of that we will now compare the cheap and high-quality services so that you know what the differences are, how to spot the cheap ones, and why you should trust the established cleaning companies. 

1. First-rate companies will give you a tailored quote

calculation of the best price for a quote of a professional end of tenancy cleaning in london

One of the main differences you will be able to spot right away is the tailored quote, instead of the “cheap offer” with shining promotions. An excellent cleaning company that relies on quality will first ask for the size of the property, its condition, some necessities of the rooms and their condition, and a lot more extra questions that will help them get a sense of what they are dealing with. 


Once they know how much effort everything will take, what equipment, and if there are some extra requirements (mattresses cleaning, outdoor areas, yards, attics, etc.), they will be able to get a personal quote for you – once that is tailored and not set or with hidden fees.


This often includes the company asking a few questions in advance so that there are no surprises once the time for the job comes. The professionals will ask you how many rooms there are, a brief description, and other details. 


They will also want to discuss additional services – such as mattress flipping and cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, cleaning blinds on the widows, or some small fixes that need to be taken care of. Some of those services might add additional fees, but in the end, you will know your full price because such companies rely on transparency.

 2. Everything is talked through in advance

Speaking of transparency, the cheap quality companies will probably try to hide some things from you and get you to pay more when they are finished. They won’t provide a checklist, and they won’t tell you how to prepare your place before they arrive, which will take more of your (or their) time and will add to the final price. At the same time, high quality end of tenancy cleaning services include a detailed checklist of all that will be done, the technicians explain everything in advance – how you should remove anything unnecessary away, tidy up and move some furniture around, and other similar preparations that you can help with in advance. This will ease the whole process afterwards and help the cleaners achieve better results so that both you and the landlord are satisfied. 


Furthermore, first-class cleaning companies won’t try to hide something from you; the opposite – they will share everything before the day and time of the appointment so that you are prepared with what to expect, how long everything will take, how much it will be worth, and what the final results will be. 

3. You’ll have a guarantee

checklists shows proper end of tenancy cleaning service inspection

This is often the breaking point when it comes to so-called cheap quality services. What the true professionals do is – they send an email before the time and date of the cleaning appointment. Everything is confirmed in it – the exact time and date, the final price, and other details that are important for the guarantee. What the true and good guarantee will look like for you is a documented promise that the cleaning company will return on-site to deal with anything that you think was not according to the first agreements. This means you will have (most often) 24 hours to report anything that was not done as originally planned. People have around 7 days to have claims regarding the services and their quality. This is more than enough and speaks for the true dedication of the company and its desire to provide good qualities for its customers. 


Usually, when it comes to high-quality end-of-tenancy cleaning services, no such thing is needed. When the professionals ask for the exact expectations of the tenants, and when they listen to all requirements of the customers, the job is almost always done flawlessly. That’s why when you hire a good and trusted cleaning company you save money although they might come high in the end, because the alternative would be hiring a cheap company, not being satisfied with the result, and losing the money from the deposit. Doesn’t sound so good, does it?


We know saving money is what always drives people, but when it comes to a cleaning service, we advise you not to hold back. The cheaper often turns out to be more expensive in the end. Make an informed decision, look for the best cleaning company in town, and choose the ones you can really trust!





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