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Who we are?

Some Words About us

CleaningSure is a professional and certified cleaning company that aims to make your home cleaner, fresher, more cozy and more beautiful for you. We have a team of professionals who exercise due diligence and respect to ensure that your home is shine like new. We offer the following services: Curtain Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Residential Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Carpet Cleaning and End of tenancy Cleaning.

We use only professional cleaning equipment and specialized detergents that dissolve in-depth any pollutants, but promote fabric care and preserve the brightness of the colors. Enjoy a lighter and healthier home where your family is protected and cared for. Do not waste your time cleaning your home alone! Spend it with relatives, friends and family or just enjoy at peace with yourself.


Our Mission is to create better workplace experiences for our customers and healthier home for your family!

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Meet The Team


Cleaningsure Co-Founder

Radost is co-founder of the company Cleaningsure. With many years of experience, she has the excellent knowledge of the industry. Radost excelled works in the field of the cleaning services. She was also an instructor with the UK team assisting highly professional structures. She tutored newly qualified cleaners in the UK for 3 years. Highly trained she provide the right solution in all aspects of the cleaning problematic. She is friendly and polite. Her students and customers are really happy, when they need a hand regarding her knowledge.


    End of Tenancy Cleaning Team Manager

    Didi has been with our company since 2014. She is highly trained and experienced cleaner. She manage the team for end of tenancy cleaning service. The main her priority is the efficient and satisfied result. Didi is very popular with staff and customers, because of her friendly and efficient manner.


      Carpet Cleaning Specialist

      Dan has been working with Cleaningsure for more than 7 years. He is part of our team as Carpet Cleaning specialist. He provides the perfect quality and efficient cleaning service for our customers. Highly skilled and polite all clients review him as an excellent person. He has all certificates and trainings regarding his sector. Friendly and polite, he is an amazing carpet cleaner.


        Domestic Cleaning Supervisor

        Vili is responsible for our domestic cleaning sector. She is an excellent supervisor with a professional training and polite skills. Vili is a highly qualified and experienced cleaner, providing chair side assistance for the past 15 years. Prior to this she was trained cleaner, working in different parts of UK. She is very skilled and trustworthy person.


          Commercial Cleaning Supervisor

          Maria is part of our team from 2017. She knows all aspects of the cleaning business across London. She has been in this field for more than 16 years. Highly trained and experienced, Maria is very important part of our chain. At this stage she is responsible for the commercial cleaning provided by Cleaningsure.


            Main Cleaningsure Driver

            David is the main Cleaningsure driver. He provides all the necessary equipment to the cleaners. He manage the the deliveries, shipping and all professional techniques, needed to the company. His knowledge of the London areas, provide the reliable and efficient dispatching of the necessary cleaning services requests. He manage all drivers at Cleaningsure.


              Client Representative

              Mona is our office front manager. She is responsible for all cleaning requests. She manage all jobs between the teams and the cleaners. Her excellent organised skills provide the the perfect communication between the company and clients. She has been with us from the beginning. Her professional attitude is highly appreciated from all customers and cleaners.


                Oven Cleaning Specialist

                Rob is your oven cleaning specialist. With his technical education, he knows all aspect of this specific work. He used to be with Cleaningsure on subcontracting basis, but since 2015 he works with us regularly. Rob is an excellent oven cleaner, highly rated and reviewed from his customers.


                  After Builders Cleaning Supervisor

                  Craig has been working with Cleaningsure since 2015. He is responsible for the after builders cleaning. He is a specialist in all aspects of this kind of cleaning services. His team provide the best ratio between price and quality. Trustworthy and reliable person, who has the respect from all cleaners and clients. Craig has all training courses regard this very specific jobs.


                    Office & Commercial Cleaning Services Expert

                    Samantha is highly experienced having worked in the cleaning industry since 2007. She enjoys all aspects of cleaning, but she is especially interested in office and commercial cleaning services. Her experience help our company for many years. She has a lot of certificates and qualifications regarding her sector. Very friendly and polite person, with huge knowledge about the cleaning services.


                      More About Us

                      At Cleaningsure we feature the full suite of professional cleaning services for residential homes, office buildings, and commercial and institutional settings. We have been operating in the cleaning industry for many years, and we always try to deliver maximum performance, offering superb quality services across public and industry sectors.

                      From industrial, manufacturing, and retail to educational and healthcare, we have built strong customer relationships solely based on hard work, excellence, and trust. We also maintain the highest safety and health standards, and our strict quality control procedures ensure complete customer satisfaction.

                      What We Do

                      We offer personalised, customisable, and flexible services to meet customers’ requirements, whether it is one-off/spring, end of tenancy, office, domestic, or carpet cleaning that they need.

                      One-Off Cleans for Special Events

                      A one-off clean may focus on a specific area that requires extra care or cover the entire property. Our one-off service is ideal for busy professionals who juggle between family and work and find themselves having no time to clean the house before an important event, be it anniversary, family gathering, or moving out.

                      Domestic Cleaning for a Neat and Cosy Home

                      Domestic cleaning is our specialty, and we guarantee impeccable cleaning. We know that a healthy, clean, and safe environment is what everyone deserves. This is why we always go the extra mile to ensure that customers enjoy a superbly clean, cosy home and ambient atmosphere. Whether it is tons of dust, messy tables, or misplaced toys and magazines, we clean to the highest industry standard.

                      Helping Business Owners

                      Our office cleaning service helps businesses to maintain a healthy and pleasant environment for customers, partners, and employees. Business customers benefit in many ways, including a good first impression, improved employee productivity, fewer sick days, and professional appearance. Walking into an office building with dusty, crowded desks, stained carpets, and a reception desk in chaos definitely makes a bad first impression.

                      An unclean, messy office space also leaves an impression that employees underperform and do shoddy work. Businesses that perform poorly are not seen as reliable partners.  Walking into an office building that is clean, free of clutter, and smells fresh helps build confidence in the services or goods that a business offers.

                      Moving Out

                      Professional end of tenancy cleaning London also helps make a good impression, saves money, and reduces the stress level. When vacating the property, tenants have to return it damage-free, tidy, and clean.

                      At Cleaningsure we help customers across London to clean rented properties and return them in the same condition they received them in. We make sure that all surfaces and premises are superbly clean before the landlord’s final visit. Our cleaners offer a completely bespoke service, and nothing in the property will be ignored by our staff.

                      Carpet Cleaning

                      Carpet cleaning is also our specialty, and we only use professional equipment and cleaning preparations that do not damage the fabric and leave carpets clean and stain- and odour-free. The professional cleaning service that we offer helps maintain a healthy environment and enhances the overall appearance of the property. Our carpet cleaning London service helps remove stains, bacteria, and dirt safely and efficiently and extends the life of carpets and rugs.

                      Our Professional Cleaners

                      All of our professionals have been hand-picked and go through a lengthy interview process. They have passion for what they do and a can-do attitude. Our crews are at the top of their game and have extensive cleaning experience. All cleaners are interviewed in person, are reference and background checked, and are extensively trained. They are ready and fully equipped to deliver unparalleled services, regardless of size and no matter the occasion.

                      We assign either a cleaning team or a solo cleaner depending on factors such as customer’s requirements, budget, and time constrains. Keeping hygiene, safety, and health on the top of their list, our cleaners leave each and every premise pristine clean. With a low turnover rate, customers can rest easy that the same cleaners will come clean their home each and every time.

                      We receive hundreds of applications on a monthly basis but only a few join our team as we are committed to offering dependable help.

                      Benefits for Customers

                      We offer premium cleaning services and convenient scheduling to fit into our customers’ busy schedules and lifestyles. We are committed to making life easier and always provide the highest quality service. At Cleaningsure we value quality, attention to detail, and customer service.

                      Our goal is to build a trusted relationship with every customer and deliver up to the highest standard that clients are after. Whether it is a hoarding issue that has to be sorted out or dirt and dust after remodelling, we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to provide top quality services and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Clients have a chance to relax and spend quality time with family and friends rather than spend the whole weekend cleaning, tidying, and scrubbing. Our clients have more free time to do the things they truly love and enjoy a house that is fresh-smelling, clean, tidy, and ready for company.

                      We know that a messy home increases stress levels, reduces productivity, and affects emotional and mental health. A messy home not only makes people feel anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed but they hardly know where to start. Plus clutter invites more clutter. An orderly, well-organised, and clean home, on the other hand, makes people feel safe, relaxed, and in control. This is why our main goal is to make our customers’ lives easier and more enjoyable. We help clients focus on whatever it is that they wish to pursue, be it hobbies, travel, career, or relationships. We know that when clutter and mess start to build, people often feel guilty, especially if friends or family are coming over. Bringing friends or family over makes people anxious, and they can’t stop feeling judged. At Cleaningsure we help homeowners deal with all the mess and clutter to ensure that they are ready for spur-of-the-moment guests.

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