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Seasonal cleaning is a must-have for every home. But it becomes unpleasant and difficult event and why you should invest so much time and efforts after you can spend this time in more enjoyable activities. Basic cleaning is not an easy task and it shouldn’t be underestimated. Floor coverings require special attention to remove any possible contamination. Carpets certainly still retain traces of happy birthdays, parties and family celebrations. You do not need anything but our professional help.

During the winter season, it is quite normal for every home to be polluted, the joints in the corridor keep the imported dirt from the winter preparations used for the roads’ treatment. Heavy duvets and blankets create the conditions for collecting and retaining more dust inside the slots. Wet weather predisposes mold formation to different places in your home. All that issues require attention and diligent attitude. We are aware of the places were dirt likes to hole up and we can assure you that we will not allow it to stay much longer in your home

Provide a healthy environment for your children. Let them play carefree on the clean carpet and enjoy the fresh air in your home. One main seasonal cleaning can prevent your kids from many chronic diseases such as asthma, allergies, skin dermatitis and many others. It is good to have the basic cleaning routine after every season so that the effect is as good as possible.

Cleansure’s equipment is special and highly professional – it cleans in depth, leaving no dust, but does not injure tissues and on the contrary returns their original shining and brilliant purity. Our team has an individual approach to each type of material, flooring and stains as we believe this is the key to efficient and perfect cleaning.

Use our contact form to book an appointment that is convenient to you and we will visit and basically clean your home. If you have any questions or prefer to make an appointment by phone, there is no problem our team is available for you. Start clean and enjoy a wonderful and cozy home.

Remember, you can rely on us to clean your workplace basically, too. The office is the other place where a person spends a lot of time. That’s why it must also be perfectly maintained. The carpets in public areas are exposed to twice as much load and risk of permanent and persistent pollution.

Do not hesitate and now book your cleaning appointment and you will find out how much easier it can happen – without losing extra time, without additional physical effort, no annoyances. You will never worry about removing stubborn stains and there is no need to engage the whole family to help with seasonal cleaning. Spend your free time with your family. Use your time for your loved ones, creating new memories and having fun together, instead of cleaning. Leave the rest to us. Cleansure is at your disposal and we will be happy to do the seasonal cleaning in your home. Satisfied customers are our biggest prize. One off/Spring Cleaning London


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