Tips and tricks from cleaning experts

Cleaning at home always requires time, effort, and dedication to the process. Whether it’s a one-time stain removal process, end of tenancy clean or it’s the thorough weekly clean-up of your place, you know you are not always enthusiastic about it, right? And not to mention there are some really hard-to-clean places that just push us to the edge! 

Well, we’ve talked to our cleaning experts from professional cleaning services in Plovdiv and asked them for the best advice they can give so that you are prepared for the process and make it easier – at least, as much as possible. So, here is what they shared with us to help you get some insights on the tricks you can use while cleaning! 

First things first- clean with a plan

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There are some basic rules that you need to follow when cleaning – not because they are mandatory, but because they will help you save time and will be more effective for the end result. 

For example, always have a structure for your detailed cleaning process. Establish a system and follow it. This will help you be more organised and finish up the process faster. 

There are some tips it’s best if you follow – such as: 

  • cleaning with a toothbrush to get to hard-to-reach places and be more thorough with scrubbing;
  • use multi-purpose products that will be of daily use – all-surface cleaner, glass cleaner, etc.;
  • remove clutter before you start cleaning because you will be able to access more space that needs to be cleaned, and it will be easier to wipe down without anything standing in the way;
  • use microfiber cloths as a cleaning tool – they are suitable for all surfaces and ease the cleaning process by also eliminating 99% of bacteria;
  • dust off regularly – dust the electronics at your home and go over all surfaces as often as possible because dust can really appear daily.

Hacks to use with domestic cleaning

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If you are struggling with some hard-to-remove stains or places out of reach, here are some tips for you that will help you take care of them easily with home solutions. There are actually many tricks you can apply, but here are some of the best and most useful ones! 

  • Lemon helps with porcelain cleaning. If you have a set of porcelain silverware, cups, dishes, or anything really, then we advise you to try lemon juice with soapy water. The mixture will make the porcelain look as good as new!
  • Get rid of glitter with play dough! One of the hardest to remove pieces ever existing is glitter and that’s without a doubt! But if you use a ball of play dough to collect it, you will see how fast and easy it can actually be!
  • Use a tape to remove pet hair. Fur always finds its way to your carpet and on the sofa, doesn’t it? Well, you can use tape to remove all the fur away! Take the paper tape and gently tap it onto the upholstery. Hey, you can also use that for your clothes and remove the pet hair from them as well! 
  • White wine removes red wine! That’s right! Pouring a little bit of white wine over a spot of red wine will ease the process of removing the stain. 
  • Treat leather sofas with olive oil or vaseline. If you don’t have a conditioner for your leather sofa, you can use those products to condition the leather couch and make it look great again. Just remember – use only a little bit of olive oil soaked in a cotton ball and only for dark leather sofas. Light ones can be treated with vaseline. 
  • Use citrus peels to take care of disposal and its smell. If you use lemon, orange or lime or else and drop it into the disposal, it will clean it and remove the bad smell from it. 
  • Take advantage of the power of baking soda and vinegar. Those two products you can always find at home and will surprise you with how great they work with almost anything! Mixtures with them and some cold/warm water (depending on the stain) will remove any grease, stains, and unpleasant odours!  
  • When cleaning upholstery –  don’t rub the stains! The first rule is – always clean a stain as soon as it appears. Whether it’s grease, liquids, food, or anything else – treat it right away. And the second most important rule is always blotting a spot and not rubbing it because it will only spread it more.


Don’t neglect the yearly most thorough cleaning!

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When it comes to how often you should clean your home in detail, experts have different opinions. Some people are used to spring cleaning this one time a year, and that’s okay. We are not saying it has to be done more than once, but for sure it needs to be done at least once. A lot of people think that if you clean regularly and deeply, thoroughly, it is not necessary to do it one more time just because it’s springtime. However, the deep cleaning of a place is crucial to the lifespan of your upholstery and appliance, to the freshness of your home, and to the cleaness of it in general. 

If you think that is something you can’t deal with due to the many other responsibilities you have, then our advice is to turn to professionals for help. For a cleaning that’s once a year, we recommend booking an end-of-tenancy cleaning service. Although it is best for people that are moving out or in a property, it’s also a great choice for your yearly home clean-up. The detailed checklist that professional cleaners use will fascinate you! You’ll get the job done perfectly and save yourself the time and effort!


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