How to Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

If you are a proud pet owner and have a cat, a dog, or both, or even more – you know how hard it can be to get rid of pet hair from the carpets. Some owners even choose to remove their carpets because they can’t deal with the constant efforts of removing pet hair and not even doing it successfully, because let’s face it – there is always some left! But still, why should you stop yourself from enjoying your beautiful carpets just because you have hairy pets? There are now amazing solutions to how you can treat your carpets to have them hair-free, fresh, clean, and sparkling. 


Unfortunately, the regular vacuuming of the carpets won’t always do the job. There are hairs left, and no matter how long you spend vacuuming the surface of the carpet, hairs will still be there afterwards. So, we talked to our professional cleaners, and they gave us insights and great tips on how to remove pet hair from carpets or other upholstery. We are here to share that with you today!

Soften fabrics with this hair removal technique

For this to work best in your case, you’ll need to create a solution of 1 part fabric softener and 3 parts water mixed in a spray bottle. Then, you need to spray a light mist over your carpet and be careful not to spray too much; just lightly use the mixture to go over your favourite carpet. Then, leave it to dry, and it won’t take long, as long as you have applied just the right small amount of the mixture. What happens is the fabric softener solution loosens up the pet hair so it can be removed a lot easier than usual. All you have to do is use a vacuum and suck up all the fur that was on the carpet.

#1 Rubber gloves

gloves for hair pet removals from carpets

Because of the creation of static power when using a rubber glove, it helps the fur on the carpet to stick on the glove. That’s a great way to get rid of fur without using carpet cleaners or chemicals to treat it. The friction between the carpet and your hand with a glove will create static energy helping the fur to stick. This technique will work best if the glove is damp, so put your hand in water regularly while rubbing the carpet. This process is a little bit slower than the rest because you’ll need to clean your glove for each big spot on the carpet, but in the end, you’ll have a hair-free carpet that’s clean and ready for the next adventures of the pets. 

#2 Use baking soda

We can hardly go on with sharing tips without mentioning baking soda. It has magical powers to clean and remove almost anything! The same goes for pet hair. You’ll need to sprinkle it around the carpet and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then vacuum the carpet. The baking soda helps loosen pet hair from the fabrics so that it is way easier to be removed with a vacuum. And not only that, but it also helps deodorise any smell! That’s a bonus we won’t want to miss! The best thing is that you can find baking soda for your cleaning in your kitchen supplies, and you don’t need to buy anything extra, so saving money on cleaning methods is another advantage. 

#3 Lint rollers and fur removers

As a pet owner, you have probably heard of those tools, and we are confirming that they are great for pet hair removal. The lint roller has a sticky surface that helps pick up the pet hair when rolling it along the carpet or other upholstery (or even clothes). The only problem is that it can cover a small area at a time, so you might get tired by the time you are finished with the whole carpet. Usually, people use it only for clothes or specific areas with a lot of hair in one place. On the other hand, fur removers are designed as brushes for removing fur from carpets. You can buy it from any pet shop and use it to clean your carpet from any hairs of your favourite four-legged friends. 

N.B.: While we are on the topic, another piece of advice we can give you is to simply don’t forget to daily brush your cat or dog with a specific bush for hairs because this will help minimalize the number of hairs that are spreading around. 


#4 Trust the professional carpet cleaners

Because professional carpet cleaning technicians use specific equipment to clean carpets and rugs, they are your best chance to 100% remove any pet hair from your carpets. If you tried all the DIY methods above and still haven’t achieved top results, or you simply don’t want to waste any more time trying, then you know what to do! Some people use a carpet cleaning service only during the move in or move out cleaning with a professional cleaning company. Contact  a trusted carpet cleaning company that will come on-site and take care of your carpets and leave them not only hair-free but also as clean as new. The best thing is that the experts use eco-friendly products and won’t harm your pets when they are finished with the carpets – your four-legged friends can continue their games on the carpet without you worrying that some chemicals will be on the way.

Remove pet hair from your carpets

nice looked carpet and dog during an end of tenancy cleaning in london after hair pet removals

Removing hair from your carpets is not mission impossible. It might be hard but you’ll always find a solution one way or another. In this article, we shared with you some common methods for fur removal from rugs, but there are also other not-so-common tactics. For example, you can use carpet rakes, rubber squeegees (that’s right – it’s a hair magnet), or else. Try all these methods and let us know which one worked for you best! 




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