How to clean carpet with baking soda?

Baking soda is one of the best ingredients, which is widely used in cooking and cleaning – all basic things for every housewife. That’s why you need to have a few packets at all times to be prepared for any situation. The use of baking soda, specifically for cleaning the carpet, has several applications – just for refreshment, to eliminate pungent odors, for regular and deep cleaning. 

Practical tips and advantages of baking soda in carpet cleaning

The use of baking soda is a cheap solution for good results in terms of reviving the type of carpets between regular and professional or self-cleaning. 

  • Baking soda is an effective tool that you can easily include in the cleaning of carpets. Thanks to it you will be able to get rid of terrible odors and color spots. The use of this ingredient is completely harmless for the whole family and all other occupants of the room in which the carpet is placed. It is also safe for the environment, which is not to be underestimated.
  • Baking soda is extremely easy to use in carpet cleaning. In some techniques it is involved in the solution itself, but in most cases you just have to sprinkle it on the carpet and wait for it to work to absorb the dirt. Then you just need a vacuum.
  • The ingredient, which is easy to detect and at a very low price, is suitable for many types of stains, in fact it can be involved in removing almost any dirt. 
  • A trick that works well is to keep the vacuum cleaner bag clean. Because a quality vacuum is also important for good regular cleaning maintenance. If you put a little baking soda inside, it will add extra. And if you want your vacuum cleaner to smell great, add a little cinnamon. The
  • use of baking soda is almost always possible. You can do it as often as you want. You can sprinkle it regularly for more freshness in the room or set once a month, when changing the bag of the vacuum cleaner (disposal of garbage from the container), etc.
  • Specifically, for a more pleasant aroma, you could use a recipe with proven good results. It includes baking soda and cinnamon, your favorite dry spice, cloves, lavender or other favorite flavor. Observe the proportion, which is two equal parts of soda and of the selected aromatic ingredient


E, whatever you buy, do not forget to always keep stock of baking soda in the kitchen cabinets. Sooner or later they will find application for something in your home. 

Cleaning carpets with baking soda

Some time ago, when there were not so many carpet cleaners, they used mainly what is available. However, the methods used have been very successful. This encourages some people to continue their traditions and clean with various household ingredients. Baking soda is one of the most ancient products, widely used today in a household. 

In terms of sanitizing and eliminating odors from carpets, especially in combination with other ingredients, it can work wonders. Even if you take a slight look at this statement, it won’t cost you anything to try. Do not neglect the easy and harmless ways to clean carpets. Use brands of detergents, fragrances, etc. after you have tried cleaning with baking soda.


Universal carpet cleaner with baking soda and other ingredients

This is a cleaner that you can keep in constant stock at home or prepare it in no time in crisis situations. Its effectiveness has been proven, as well as the completely harmless composition – without chemical elements that harm the health of man. It is suitable both for direct treatment on the floor and for placing in a steam cleaner. As you can see, you do not need to spend money and wonder for a long time what choice to make, and here is our suggestion:

The solution includes only two or three ingredients – baking soda, water and liquid soap (optional). Usually liquid spawn comes to the aid of already dried and aged spots. Soapy water is suitable for removing stains of any kind. The resulting consistency – water and soda or water, soda and soap can be placed in the steam cleaner, if you have one or have hired for deep cleaning. 

If you treat the stain directly, without a steam cleaner, be careful with scrubbing. With light, circular movements, only in the area of pollution. 

This method of cleaning is quite common and applied. It is due to the fact that everyone who tries it, then shares it with family and friends. Of course, it is still important what the fabric of the carpet is and how it interacts with the detergent, but you can try it on a very small and inconspicuous area before you start cleaning the stain. 

Removing stains from the carpet from spills

cleaning stains with baking sodaThis includes a fairly large group of the most common stains you can get on the carpet. These include juice, coffee, tea, wine, beer, various other hard alcoholic beverages, milk and more. All of them, in one way or another, leave behind color shades in different shades, as well as typical odors. This can be detrimental to the carpet, even if the situation on the floor does not look so bad. 

You need to take measures by following these steps:

  • First, take a few packets of soda and sprinkle the resulting stain profusely – somewhere you may encounter this stage as “powdering the stain”. Keep in mind that it means exactly the same
  • Second, take a small amount of hot water (it must be hot and in a small amount) to lightly smear the stain. It’s as if you have a floor cleaner.
  • Third, leave the carpet with soda and water for at least a few hours. However, it is best to stay up all night – for better results in terms of stain absorption. If you leave it overnight, lock the room or close it so that your pets or someone in the family does not accidentally enter by mistake.
  • Finally, the next morning, you are required to make a precise vacuum. First, go over the treated area, then along the entire length and width of the carpet. Then you will notice if the effect is satisfactory. If there are still spills, repeat the process. In case of re-cleaning and visible stain, contact a professional cleaning company.

Removal of greasy stains from the carpet with baking soda

This type of stains is characterized by the fact that they are much more persistent to remove. However, it is a completely different consistency. Fatty contaminants cover both individual fatty and fried foods (flavored salads with olive oil, french fries, etc.) and individual fats – oil, olive oil, butter, grease and others. Despite the slight difficulties you will encounter, cleaning all this is not a mission impossible. 

Load up with a little patience, make the necessary efforts and things will work out. This method of cleaning involves a larger volume of steps, but its application is easy and possible for anyone who wants to deal with the problem on the carpet:

  • First, get everything you need for the cleaning process to be under hand. This includes clean and white rags (towels, paper, etc.) and baking soda, of course.
  • Then immediately take the towel or rag and try very carefully to pick up with it the amount that has not yet fallen into the depths on the carpet. It is also important not to spread the amount of fat in a larger area, so let the movement be in the direction from the outside – in. The
  • second step again the familiar action of the previous method, namely sprinkling with soda. Experts recommend leaving the absorbent for as long as possible (at least 3-4 hours to one night). Keep in mind that this is a key moment for the successful removal of grease from the floor.
  • The third thing you need to do is vacuum the next day. After you suck the soda from the area you will notice what the results are. In case you are not satisfied, do not be pessimistic. Repeat the process or just apply a little faith on the affected area and rub lightly. This is a trick that quite successfully deals with grease. The
  • fourth step is rinsing (apply only if you have resorted to vero for extra cleansing). For this you need a small container, some water and a clean towel. Treat only the affected area, again with gentle movements, not pressing and rubbing. You can do this with a few dips in the towel to make sure the soap is completely eliminated.
  • Wait for the carpet to dry completely. According to the fabric, it may take from a few hours to a day.
  • To finish, you can again spray with soda, and then vacuum. This is only at your discretion, according to the results you have achieved. Here you no longer need to wait all night, but only 2-4 hours.

Neutralizing pet odors with baking soda

As much as we love pets because they become part of the family, probably everyone has encountered the difficult training of some habits. That is why common stains on the carpet are urine and animal feces. These pranksters are so cute sometimes, but they can also get you a lot of work to do. You have to get to work very seriously, and instantly.

There is hope, so see how to deal with it:

  • Start by sprinkling baking soda on the area where your pets often lie. The stay of the ingredient should be at least 3-4 hours, but the best results will be achieved if it stays overnight. At this time, the animal should be outside the room where you are treating the carpet.
  • The next day (or after the period you have been waiting for), vacuum every corner of the room – the carpet and the hard floor. Soda has the amazing ability to neutralize unpleasant odors, due to its main absorbent effect.
  • If you see an effect, but not satisfactory, repeat these simple steps again. It will not cost you much effort, but it will contribute to the freshness of the carpet and its colors.

baking soda carpet cleaning tips

Tips for proper care and refreshment of the carpet, applicable at any time.

Some people think that carpets are just things that are located on the floor and have a decorative purpose. . However, this is not the case at all. Their appearance is very important for a good atmosphere and quality of life. 

In addition to deteriorating the appearance of your home, they can develop all kinds of bacteria, parasites and other pests that can lead to allergic reactions, respiratory and other problems. Even just the dust particles that attract the carpet on a daily basis can be quite harmful. This is why you need to take care of the expensive investment much more often than any other item in your home:

  • Apply a regular vacuum – at least 1-2 times a week.
  • Do a deep cleaning (it is recommended to be professional) every 6 months – 1 year according to traffic.
  • Sprinkle periodically with baking soda for refreshment.
  • Try other homemade ingredients with good anti-odor effect – lemon, essential oils, essences and more.
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