How to Clean Dried Cat Urine From a Carpet

Raising animals is wonderful, but only until they do some damage to the house or home where you live. Anyone who has had a cat, for example, knows what odors it can carry, how ugly it can scratch furniture, upholstery and more. Perhaps one of the most horrible things, however, is the cat’s urine on the carpet. The fact is that even cats who go to school and are constantly trained at home tend to pee in the middle of a fluffy and expensive carpet. 

There could be several reasons, but you need to find out what prompted this sweet creature to do this great mischief. And now it is important to learn how to deal with the problem, as well as to prevent the appearance of such naughty behavior of the kitten.

Why does cat urine smell so unpleasant?

Cat urine is not as different from that of other animals, but owners often consider it one of the biggest threats to the carpet. Perhaps due to the fact that it often goes unnoticed, but rather smells (due to the terrible smell). It is therefore known among the population as one of the most severe odors. This requires a very serious decision to make a small, cute and defenseless kitten to keep indoors. 

Urine, by its nature, is a concentrate of metabolic waste. It is characterized by a yellowish color, which is due to the content of urobilinogen. It also includes a number of electrolytes, such as urea, creatine, uric acid, various detoxified substances, sodium chloride and others. 

One of the most annoying things that can happen in your home is not noticing the marked areas of cats. Although the typical yellowish color of urine, it is often paler and dries almost imperceptibly in the carpet. This is quite a big problem, as a longer stay in the pad is the crux of the problem. 

After a while, the bacteria break down the urea and emit an ammonia odor. The decomposition does not stop there, because the release of the compound mercaptans follows, which also contributes to the terrible smell. In general, you already know the composition and what happens in the decomposition process, but there are several additional factors that contribute to bad odor. Both the human and the feline organism are different. Male cats excrete urine that is more unpleasant to smell due to the presence of certain steroids, and older animals as well.

How to find urine?

You should immediately find the marked place by your cute kitten. In principle, you should not encounter any difficulty if the carpet stain is fresh. Look for a puddle, and the sense of smell will direct you to the right place. However, if the liquid has already dried, then you will notice an area with a different color of the carpet, as well as discoloration. The last way is to pull the curtains (during the day – the sun’s rays, which will penetrate, will cause a flash of pollution. There is another option for dimming, which you will learn later in the article.

How to deal with the problem??

Undoubtedly, you need to remove urine from the carpet as soon as possible.Below you will see in detail the various methods and cleaners that can help you in this challenge.Read carefully all the information and get to work!

Why is it difficult to eliminate a cat carpet urine?

The carpet is the most difficult surface to clean in general.When it comes to cleaning urine, then things get even more complicated.When penetrating urine into the carpet damages the surface (colors and good looks), threads and padding. As you wait for the cleansing, the urine goes deep and then there are even more difficulties.Whatever approach you take, you need to take care of each layer of carpet.

One of the biggest mistakes of most households is that they only clean the surface of the carpet without suspecting what is happening down in the mat. This is quite a misconception, although most packaging for cleaning products states the same in the instructions for use. Remember that the most important thing is to clean the carpet completely. If you can’t handle it, there are many reputable companies that will come to your aid.

Fresh spots

Sometimes fresh spots are difficult to detect, but try to treat them as soon as possible. Even if you see a very small puddle, absorb with a towel instantly. It is best to then use a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner, if you have one at home.  

Dry spots 

They can be treated instantly with a suitable product. For this purpose, you could start with a home remedy and, as a last resort, focus on an effective certified product with enzymes or combined ingredients. Test this product to make sure it is safe. This will prevent discoloration and damage to the pad. It is important to remove stains and odors in the most appropriate and delicate way.

Methods for cleaning the carpet from dried cat urine

Method 1: Carpet Cleaning with vinegar and water

Prepare a solution of white vinegar and water in equal amounts and fill the amount in a spray bottle. Apply directly on the stain until it is sufficiently moisturized, but not soaked. Wait about 30 minutes for it to work. Then try to remove as much dirt as possible. Vinegar has the ability to absorb terrible odors, but you may need to repeat the process two or three times. 

Method 2: Carpet Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

This technique is applicable at two different stages of carpet cleaning – as a stand-alone and initial method, as well as after treatment with vinegar and water. Start by sprinkling plenty of baking soda and let it work. Then mix 1/4 cup peroxide with 1 tsp. tea dish detergent. It is important to know that the permissible hydrogen peroxide is only 3%. The resulting mixture can be sprayed or spread directly on baking soda. Take a toothbrush and rub the dirt. When dry, clean the residue.

Method 3: Carpet Cleaning with carbonated water

This technology is recommended for cleaning very fresh stains. Very good alternative to vinegar or the previous method. This way you can save yourself from mixing porridge or making your home smell of vinegar for a while. All you have to do is pour gassing water over the stain. Then rub the area with a towel. In case you do not achieve satisfactory results, repeat the process. 

Method 4: Use of commercial products

The availability of commercial products on the market is wide. They are a great solution if you have not yet been able to deal with cat urine in the carpet. They include a specific enzymatic reaction – hydrolysis of urea. For those unfamiliar, enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions.

They are able to break down the presence of cat urine, but you need to act quickly. Keep in mind that these products have one major drawback – they have a very short shelf life, as enzymes lose their effectiveness over time. 

  • Enzyme treatments – consider the options available in retail chains and specialty stores. They neutralize odors and eliminate this horrible smell of vinegar. You may need to repeat the treatment several times, but this should not scare you – the preparations are completely safe for most tissues and highly effective.
  • Combined products – there are some products designed to deal with cat urine, which include enzymes, but also genetically modified bacteria. They are also among the top products that you could use.
  • Oxygen cleaners – these are the third type of products that are a great solution for recent stains. Be sure to test them in small portions before using them on the entire carpet.
  • General cleaning – if you have not yet found an effective way to neutralize cat urine, then consider a thorough deep cleaning. It includes vacuum, use of special machines, shampoos, etc. It is best to entrust this task to specialists in the field of carpet cleaning. They have the right equipment and will find the best solution for your carpet.


How to neutralize the stain and smell of cat urine from the carpet?

How to clean dried cat urine from the carpet?

Dry urine stains on the carpet carpet is a mess that almost every cat owner encounters. The yellowish hues and the horrible smell that can pervade your entire home is a real nightmare. If you are in this situation, you should follow the instructions for eliminating urine from the fluffy carpet:

  • This is the first step in detecting the problem. To begin with, darken the room. Then scan the carpet with a flashlight along its entire length and width. In the places where you notice shiny particles, there is a terrible stain. Be an observer and you will cope
  • Make a solution of equal amounts of white vinegar and water (this method, as well as several others are described above). This mixture should be spread well over the entire stain. If you think you have missed an area, moisten it as well.
  • Let the solution stand on the carpet for a while so that it can extract the dirt and odor as much as possible. The recommended time is at least 30 minutes.
  • After waiting 30 minutes or more, rub the stain with clean white towels or rags. Do not stop until the yellow liquid stops coming out. Change the towels often for better results (when they get wet)
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the stain in a thin layer and wait a few minutes while you continue to prepare the mixture.
  • Mix 1/4 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1 tsp. faith. This product works very well in contact with most types of fabrics, but still try it in advance on a very small corner of the carpet.
  • Pour the resulting mixture directly on the soda. The combination of all these ingredients is quite powerful and aggressive against this type of dirt.
  • Use a suitable brush according to the fabric to rub the affected area – the mixture should penetrate deep into the carpet.
  • Then let it dry for a few hours for several hours and thoroughly clean the remaining dust. carpet
  • Put the carpet in the washing machine if it is small. Add a glass of white vinegar to the softener container. It will serve to remove odors. If it is a large carpet, then you should consider a real deep hygiene (independently or professionally).
  • Dry the carpet outdoors without putting it on wire, or in your home with open windows and without allowing pets to it.

Prevention of re-execution from your cat

Every injured owner is looking for appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of the already known situation. The most important thing is to first make sure that you have managed to neutralize all odors. However, this will not teach the cat that it is not allowed to mark the area again. 

You need to be stricter and take some measures to teach her that there is a special place for this purpose. Also contact your veterinarian for guidance. Tell him everything, take the cat to him for an examination – there may be some health problems and urinary tract infections. 

Another trick to prevent re-urination on the carpet is to change the meaning of this area for your cat. For example, they like to be alone while eating, learn the place to play with their host, and so on. It is these places that the kitten marks and uses as a toilet that can acquire another purpose for them and stop causing damage. Put their food bowl or her favorite toys there.

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