What Is the Best Method of Cleaning Carpets?

There are many different ways to clean your carpet, but are you looking for the most successful one? There is no definite answer for sure. Rather, it is important to make the right decision, taking into account the degree and type of contamination, and especially the type of carpet fabric. Hire professionals cleaners to take care of your carpet – so you will not have any commitment in this regard. However, if you are trying to take on the task yourself, you will probably encounter a lot of difficulties and hesitations. 

Below in the article we are talking about the recommended methods for cleaning carpets used by companies offering this service. Regular maintenance is also key, but you can handle it yourself, the important thing is to have the desire.

Technologies are constantly changing

As in any other field of activity, professional cleaning is constantly improving. If at the time only one way of cleaning was offered, today more care is taken in this direction. That is why more and more detergents, powerful machines are being developed and new successful methodologies for carpet cleaning are being discovered. 

The innovations come to help deal with heavy dirt on carpets with beautiful and saturated shades. The fact is that there is a variety in the new production of carpets, which requires special care. Soft flooring is an expensive investment, which is a prerequisite for each fabric and color to be treated differently. 

There is a change towards more environmentally friendly cleaning, improvement in the technical characteristics of high-class professional equipment, rich composition in detergents, etc. Even the convenience of the service is improving – the experts try to comply with their customers as much as possible – at a time convenient for them and are ready to travel many kilometers to the specified place. 

In short, today the impossible can be done to remove any dirt from the carpet. You may think pessimistically that you will return the old look of the carpet – with saturated colors, no food and drink stains and fragrant, but this is just a myth. 

carpet cleaning methods

2 most effective methods of cleaning carpets

Many people would like to hear clearly and unequivocally a solution to each question – what is the best choice for carpet for the home, what is the best method of self-cleaning, which is the most the best method for deep cleaning hygiene? Well, that’s impossible, because you have to act according to the situation. Professionals most often use two methodologies that work successfully. Here are the following:

Dry cleaning – what it is and when it is applied

dry carpet cleaning serviceThe dry cleaning method is born in moments when there is a need to clean carpets with minimal humidity. Some fabrics simply cannot withstand cleaning with water – they are in danger of severe damage. These are most often wool, silk carpets and other more delicate works. Of course, you know that they are a serious investment, so you need to approach them much more carefully to sanitize them.  

That is why professionals today offer this type of cleaning. The technology here is similar to traditional steam cleaning, with the difference being in the products and machine used. The detergents are in powder form and the machine has a brush that performs rotational movements. After each procedure of the dry cleaning method, a vacuum is applied thoroughly, without missing any corner. 

This type of methodology is a bit more superficial, sometimes it doesn’t do very well with the most stubborn or stale stains. That’s why you can always do something useful for soft accessories – at least to act instantly in case of accidental spills and other types of dirt.

Dry cleaning can also be found as “local cleaning“. This means that it is an extremely recommended methodology for treating a specific area. It is applicable not only for a specific contaminated area, but also after repairs or slight refreshment of the villa, your home, commercial premises, etc. 

If you also want to refresh and sanitize the beautiful accessory in the office or in your home, then dry cleaning would be a great solution. That being said, however, there are probably already many doubts about the effectiveness of this deep cleansing method. In fact, there are many positives. 

At the very least, it could be done as a truly extreme cleaning in case you are expecting guests and the carpet is in an unpleasant state. It is also suitable for cleaning carpets in offices without having to disrupt the work process. It saves time and effort to move furniture and other items, and the carpet is dry for a very short period. 

This dry cleaning is best done by a professional end of tenancy cleaners in the field, although nothing can stop you from learning some basic things and buying a few detergents. Keep in mind, however, that dry cleaning prevents deformation and shrinkage of the carpet, and retains its attractive appearance only if applied correctly. You get good, safe hygiene, but if you act wisely.

Steam cleaning – what is it and when is it appropriate to apply?

dry carpet cleaning serviceSteam cleaning is a more commonly used method than dry cleaning, ie whenever experts decide that it can be done. Hiring a professional company is a highly sought after service both for the home and for offices and other commercial premises. 

The work process goes through inspection and action according to the type of pollution. Professionals have extremely powerful equipment and can come to any corner to clean the carpet on site. They are trained to deal with all kinds of stains, so the effectiveness is certain. 

The methodology follows the same steps – vacuum, pre-treatment of the contaminated area to loosen the stain, proceed to cleaning with a steam cleaner and extraction of moisture. All this happens in a relatively short time, and you have no commitment. You can rest and then just evaluate the work done. 

Steam cleaning gives very good results and leaves minimal humidity, but it is also completely environmentally friendly. It saves a number of headaches for the hosts, as well as time and money to buy various detergents, rent a machine, etc. Also, if you try to do it yourself, there is no guarantee that you will not do wrong and ruin the beautiful accessory. 

Do not hesitate! Hire a well-researched company to take care of the annual deep carpet cleaning London. They are ready to deal with any color spills, unpleasant stains caused by pets, grease, paint and more. They will destroy the accumulated bacteria and other pests thanks to the powerful steam cleaning. 

The steam cleaning method can only be applied with water heated to a certain temperature, as well as the addition of various detergents and fragrances to deal with heavier contaminants. It is suitable for any room – whether it is a property or the good appearance of the business environment.  

Advantages and disadvantages of dry cleaning 


  • Dry cleaning is a relatively inexpensive method of professional cleaning – for a relatively reasonable amount you can get a clean and beautiful carpet. The fee for such cleaning is much lower than steam cleaning, so do not delay the application, but hire reputable experts.
  • Any type of fabric can be treated – it can be applied to more unpretentious fabrics, as well as to more delicate (silk, velvet, wool). It will not damage them, lead to shrinkage, mold, mildew, etc.
  • The method is suitable for all situations – for deep hygiene, for dealing with specific contaminants, for more frequent cleaning, for refreshing colors, etc.
  • It has a wide application – it can be used both for the treatment of carpets and on the upholstery of furniture, cars and others. This is one of the reasons why the service is so often sought after.
  • The carpet dries in a very short time – because no water is used, you can step on the freshly cleaned carpet again in just a few hours. It is possible to proceed with cleaning even if you remember that you need to take care of it shortly before welcoming important guests


  • The technology is not suitable for combating heavy pollution – the method is effective, but great results cannot be expected for old, untreated stains and heavy dirt. 
  • do not expect to achieve great results with stubborn and old stains
  • It is not very successful in removing odors from the carpet and upholstery of the furnitureadditional actions are required against strong and unpleasant odors from urine, feces, cigarette smoke and others. Lighter and unobtrusive odors will eliminate, but it is also listed


Advantages and disadvantages of steam cleaning


  • Appropriate technique for deep cleaning of carpets – uses powerful equipment that is able to deal with the most stubborn stains. It must be applied at least once or twice a year to eliminate fine dust particles, bacteria, parasites, fleas and other microorganisms harmful to health.
  • In most cases, the method is allowed – there are some emergencies, but they are not very . Any professional in the field can very quickly decide whether accurate steam cleaning can be applied. They do a lot of cleaning every day, which shows that the technique is quite harmless – you just need skills, appropriate equipment and detergents. 
  • Steam cleaning is suitable for everyone – professional steam cleaning is completely environmentally friendly and harmless for asthmatics, people with allergies and respiratory problems. Allowed even in the presence of a pregnant woman, children and pets. It even contributes to providing a healthier living environment in the home.
  • Eliminates old and stubborn stains quickly and effectively – it can be said that this technique is the most successful at the moment when it comes to stubborn and colored stains. Removes damage of any nature – food, beverages, sauces, fats, paints, make-up, etc.
  • To eliminate any grease, only steam cleaning is recommended – as they belong to the heavier contaminants, more powerful methods are needed to eliminate them. from the carpet. If you come across oil, olive oil, grease, sauces, fried foods, etc. on the carpet, seek professional help immediately. Before that, however, get the most out of the amount of fat that is still on the surface.
  • Hot water extraction successfully eliminates heavy odors – some odors are not only unpleasant, but downright unbearable. By steam cleaning they can be eliminated and then the carpet can be scented. In this way you will successfully get rid of such unpleasant “smells”


  • More expensive method – the price for professional steam cleaning is higher, but it also achieves much greater efficiency. In order not to burden your budget, you can save a few months before, but to be sure that your carpet will be in safe hands
  • The process of carrying out the technology is a bit longer – because more often the situations when calling for help professional services are heavy, which requires more aggressive and prolonged treatment. Pass through vacuum, pre-treatment, steam cleaning and soapy water extraction. Sometimes it is necessary to wait at each stage, as well as to repeat a specific section.
  • The carpet dries longer – this is probably the biggest drawback, but the wait is worth it. Drying is an important step for good results, so take the necessary measures. It is not necessary to step on it until you are sure that it is completely dry.

As you can see, each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is important to take the necessary care of the carpet. Get down to business now!

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