Cleaning your home with a system

If you are a Friends fan, you probably know how explicit Monica was about her cleaning systems and organising methods. And while that was a lot of fun to watch, it is also something that makes sense in life. There is a reason why it works for the best. Having a cleaning system and an organised set of rules to follow will, surprisingly, help you a lot with your cleaning routines. That’s why professional cleaning companies for end of tenancy or carpet cleaning have a checklist. Especially end of tenancy cleaners – they are always prepared with a checklist. The reason for that is that there are way too many things to consider when cleaning in dept an apartment, a house or an office. 

End of tenancy cleaners need to go through every corner of the property and clean so many things that without a checklist, it would be impossible to remember all. While the big and obvious parts of a house are easy to remember, it’s not the same with small details like door knobs, skirts, etc. 

To help you create a system for yourself and ease the process of cleaning your home, we’ve created a system that we’re going to share with you. Here is how you can be prepared next time you need to clean your home in depth! 

End of tenancy cleaning or just regular cleaning here you go some tips

Tip #1 – Start the cleaning with one room – from top to bottom

move out cleaning services started from the bottom to the end

It’s important to always stay organised while cleaning up the entire place. If you start with vacuuming the floors in each room and then removing dust from surfaces or mopping, you’ll soon get really disorganised and forget what and where you’ve done. It’s best to stick to one room at a time. For example, start with the kitchen or the living room (depending on if they are in joint space or not). 

Then, remember to start cleaning from top to bottom. This means that first, you’ll need to clean the countertop, the shelves, the table, or any other surfaces, and then move your way to the bottom – the floor. This way, you’ll be sure that when you vacuum and mop the floor you’ll be doing it only this time. Otherwise, you’ll vacuum and clean the dust, which goes directly to the floor again. Why does the double work when you can stick to your system? 

Tip #2 – Remove anything unnecessary before the cleaning

This is not exactly a system point or an organisational problem but a checklist bullet point. It’s important that before you start cleaning any room, you choose to be your first, to hold off the cleaning process and first tidy up. Get all clothes to their place – the laundry or in your wardrobe. Get rid of anything you don’t need, and if you are not sure about something – just think about the last time you used it, and if it was a year or two ago, you don’t need it! Recycle it, donate it, give it to a friend, or throw it away. But don’t hold on to things you don’t need! Once you’ve removed all unnecessary items and you’ve tidied up, you’ll be all set to start the cleaning process

Tip #3 – Don’t miss out on the yearly cleaning maintenance

When you start cleaning, you’d be a lot happier if, earlier in the year, you remember about your carpet maintenance and window cleaning. It’s best to contact professional carpet cleaners and windows cleaners to come to your home once or twice a year and ensure that when you do your in-depth cleaning, you won’t be pressed to call in a hurry because you missed the maintenance. Always have it on your checklist to book appointments in advance and clean your carpets and windows in the spring, and in fall. Seasonal cleaning is mandatory, but you already know that.

Tip #4 – Enjoy the cleaning process

Once you are done with your custom checklist and the system you create for cleaning your apartment (condo, house, or anything), you will find it easier to stick to it and follow a path. Put on some nice music, wear your most comfortable clothes and get started! You’ll find the rewarding glass of wine at the end a lot more satisfying! 

Keep an open mind for different choices- no matter move out, spring cleaning or just light clean

customer hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company in london

If cleaning never sounds fun to you, don’t forget that there are other ways to ensure a sparkling clean home with fresh looks. You can always call a professional cleaning company and lay back while the professionals do all the work for you! 

Choosing professional cleaners to deal with your home can save you a lot of stress, effort, hard work, and even money because while you are paying for the service, it’s sometimes cheaper than getting all the needed supplies for you to do the job yourself. That’s why we advise you to check all possibilities and make an informed decision. Having a system sometimes meaning being prepared with all the needed knowledge! 




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