Easy Spring Cleaning Tricks and Tips for a Tidy and Organised Home

Spring is the perfect time to clean and re-organise your living space and transform it into a welcoming place and a relaxing haven for the whole family. Below are some easy tips and tricks to make domestic cleaning a breeze.

 De-Clutter and Organise Your Space

messy living room before move out cleaning service

We all know that clutter causes anxiety and stress. Studies show that 1/3 of people avoid going home after work because of the clutter and mess they have to clear. Clutter is also costing you money as you need to make duplicates and replace stuff you cannot find. People living in messy homes spend extra time looking for tools, keys, papers, etc., and searching through stuff only adds up mess to clutter. To de-clutter your living space, it is best to tackle mess in stages. You can start with the kitchen, for example, and empty all cupboards and drawers while checking the expiry date on labels. Throw out-of-date items and sell or throw stuff that you never use. Wipe down the cupboards while still empty and put back the things you plan to keep. You may also purchase a basket or two and collect items that make clutter worse as they have ended in the wrong place. This is not only a way to keep your home more organised but will help you kick your clutter habit. And if organising is really not your thing, oh well, a professional domestic cleaning company can help you keep your place organised.

Be sure to place stuff in a way that is pleasing to the eye and is logical and makes sense. You can buy drawer organisers for the kitchen and bathroom. To de-clutter the play corner, keep kids’ toys in a laundry basket or tub. Donate toys that your children rarely use and buy some bins to keep small toys. This way you can also teach your kids to take one bin at a time instead of throwing all toys on the floor.


Organise Your Wardrobe

messy wardrobe before cleaning service

Organising your wardrobe also helps to de-clutter your home by getting rid of shoes, jackets, blouses, and other items you haven’t worn for a long time. If you have an expensive pair of shoes that you totally forgot about, you may sell it online. Other pieces you can give away or pass to a thrift shop or charity to give them a second chance. If you have tons of accessories such as scarves, jewelry, and sunglasses, you can keep them in built-in drawers or storage baskets. And if you have items that you wish to keep but you do not have enough wardrobe space, what you can do is attach towel bars to the inside of wardrobe doors. This way you will create a storage unit for belts, scarves, and other accessories.

Clean Household Appliances

very clean appliances in kitchen after domestic clean

An unclean kitchen is an unsafe place as bacteria thrive on cloths, utensils, and appliances and can breed at an alarmingly quick rate. More about kitchen cleaning you can see here. All surfaces and items that come into contact with food products or human hands need to be cleaned on a regular basis. These include the handles of the kettle and hot water dispenser, switches, door handles, etc. Most kitchenware and appliances can be cleaned by using equal parts of water and vinegar. Pour 1 – 2 tablespoons of baking soda into warm water to remove built-up grime and stains. If you find stubborn stains that are hard to remove, you may want to contact professional domestic cleaners to help you tackle this. Professional housekeepers in London can handle the most difficult stains on walls, tiled floors, and appliances, including wine, fruit juice, wax, and tar stains.

While cleaning kitchen surfaces, pay special attention to the sink and bench tops around it as this is the place where people often put old sponges, food scraps, food leftovers, and raw meat. A dirty sink is the ideal breeding ground for salmonella and E. coli that can spread to food items and make you sick. In fact, Long Island College Hospital Director of Infection Control Eileen Abruzzo warns that a kitchen sink may be dirtier than a toilet bowl. Make sure that you give it a thorough clean.

Dusting Throughout

nice and clean outdoor space for break

You can be surprised by the amount of dust that electronic devices, computers, game consoles, TVs, picture frames, and ornaments can gather. Make sure that they get a good dusting. Dust on electric devices is not only a fire hazard but also a health hazard that causes allergies. If you or any of your family members has a dust mite allergy, make sure you carefully wipe down all surfaces, especially neglected areas. Calling local cleaners is also an option to help avoid more serious problems such as eczema and asthma.

Needless to say, you should also include vacuuming and damp mopping in your spring clean agenda. If you find stubborn stains on carpets, professional carpet cleaning can be a good solution.

Go Shopping

cleaning equipment and materials

While this may sound strange at first, there are some things to buy and make regular cleaning easier. Look for fabrics such as hemp, silk, linen, bamboo, wool, and cotton. Such a cleaning materials are made from natural fibres unlike synthetics such as rayon, nylon, and polyester. Natural fibres offer plenty of benefits in that they are easy to clean and maintain and are biodegradable, durable, breathable, resistant to mould, and hypoallergenic. These materials are safe and better for health, especially if you have young children or some of you have allergies. Organic-certified items are free of dangerous chemicals and are good to use if you have a baby or toddler. Plus, given that natural materials are biodegradable, you also help reduce environmental pollution by using them in place of synthetics.

As you can see, there are some easy tricks and tips for a through spring clean to transform your home into a cozy, clean, inviting, and warm living space. By de-cluttering and organising, cleaning appliances, dusting throughout, vacuuming, and opting for natural materials, you will make your home a tidy, healthy, and safe place to relax, play, and enjoy life.

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