8 End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

The process of moving out of a rental property puts lots of pressure on your shoulders. You have to prepare a long to-do list, starting with the end of tenancy cleaning. You need to leave the place sparkling clean, as this is usually the biggest cause of deposit deductions. 

The options are to hire a professional cleaning company, which will make sure the job is well done without any hustle on your part, or you can also choose to do the cleaning yourself. Whatever you choose, the end result must be a thoroughly cleaned property, ready to welcome the new tenants. 

If you want to DIY the cleaning, then be ready! From wiping the surfaces to scrubbing all appliances, furniture, and basically every little corner, this final cleaning will be long. If you are ready to face it, then prepare for some elbow grease. 

We always have your back, and today we are ready to share with you 8 useful tips to help you with the end of tenancy cleaning. Consider this information before starting the process.

Top end of tenancy cleaning tips

1. Give yourself enough time for cleaning

First and foremost, give yourself some time to prepare and execute the end of tenancy cleaning. The worst you can do is wait until the last minute and do it in a rush, this is the formula for losing your deposit. 

2. Ask for the end of tenancy cleaning inspection checklis

Before starting, contact the landlord or the property agent and ask for the final move out cleaning inspection checklist. This piece of information can be your guide. You can calculate your cleaning work in advance and get to know which parts you need to emphasize and which ones you can just skip. Trust us on that one, you will never regret it! 

3. Make a tenancy cleaning plan

Create a logical and detailed plan. You need to think about which places accumulate the most dirt and which areas have high traffic. Those will be a pain, so delegate more time to them. Which rooms do you use the most? Clean them at the end. All these tiny details are super important. Think about it!

4. Stock up with the right cleaning tools

end of tenancy cleaning equipment

End of tenancy cleaning is very different from regular cleaning. You need to deep clean and sanitize every surface, this can’t be done with baking soda, dish soap, or simple detergent. You need to stock up on specific cleaning solutions and a powerful vacuum cleaner, and in case you need to clean the carpets and upholstery without professional services, you will need to rent some equipment. Think about it, try to find the best solutions, and prepare everything in advance. 

5. Take care of the damages

If you find any damage on the walls, furniture, and flooring and try to fix them; if you can’t, better call a professional. It will cost you some time and money, but if you leave this damage and the property manager sees it during the final inspection, they will send you the bill, and it will certainly be higher than you would expect. Take care of this yourself and don’t deal with unfortunate situations. 

6. Spend extra time to clean the kitchen appliances

Did you know that the oven is usually the first item that the agent checks during the final inspection? If you aren’t ready to put extra effort into cleaning it, don’t even start. You can simply make the situation worse! We know this cleaning job requires a ton of hours and so much energy, as well as working with harsh agents, and that is why in most cases, tenants decide to call the cleaning professionals. If you choose to do it yourself, you must clean it thoroughly.

The same goes for the washing machine, dishwasher, and fridge. Check to see if they have mould or visible bacteria. Appliances are an expensive part of the home, and you need to make sure they look good and work well. Clean them to their best ability!

7. Clean the windows

windows cleaning with brush

This part often gets underrated, but windows make the first impression of the general hygiene of our property. Imagine walking into a room with muddy windows, you will definitely get the idea that this place is not clean. The landlord will have the same thought, so don’t give them the opportunity to deduct money from your security deposit. Pay attention to the windows, especially inside, you can clean them with vinegar or alcohol to get the best results. 

8. Special buildups


Your rented home is full of special areas that are bound to collect all the dirt that crosses their path. It worsens over time as more grime accumulates, bacteria grow, and the environment becomes polluted, which is unsettling. It is good to pay attention to those buildups even while living there, as they can be a threat to your health. But in case you didn’t know, just take care of them now, when you are leaving.

Examine all of the neglected areas for stubborn dirt hiding there. We advise you to spend some extra time in the bathroom, around the washing machine, and behind all your sinks, where you will probably find some limescale or mould buildup. This problem is now yours, and you need to get rid of it as much as you possibly can. All those nasty problems can be managed with harsh chemical products, so please be really careful during the process, read the labels, and take some measures for your safety.

Those were all the important tips we have for you, now it is time to get the work done! The end of tenancy cleaning is not a joke, so think twice before starting. If you are unsure that you have the time and energy to complete the task properly, save yourself the trouble and hire a professional cleaning service. When choosing a company, make sure it is reliable and trustworthy. We are one of those professionals on the market, ready to come and do the job for you. With a well-trained team and high-class equipment, we guarantee the results will impress your landlord and win you your security deposit back!

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