Moving out during the holidays

How to clean and organise everything?

Moving out can be a difficult task, and it can be especially challenging when this matches the holiday season. If you have to end your tenancy due to unexpected circumstances or just things worked out in a certain way, you will be facing a lot of responsibilities and things to go through. That’s why a plan is mandatory to keep you organised and, well, sane. 

You will have to predict how things can go, be prepared for surprises, and at the same time, take care of everything that is needed for you to end your tenancy and move to the new location. To make sure you are prepared for all of that, we’ve gathered some useful tips and insights to help you ease the process and even make it exciting.

How can the holidays mess up your end of tenancy plans?


The winter season is unexpected in many ways due to stormy weather and blizzards, due to shops with fewer working hours, being crowded when open, people overshopping and more out-of-stock items as a result. All of these factors can really affect the moving out process and come in the way of you proceeding with your plans. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for all outcomes, and unless you found out you have to end your tenancy on short notice, do most things, if possible, in advance.

The factors we listed above can affect you directly. For example, if you need cleaning products for your end of tenancy cleaning, detergents and supplies might be out-of-stock, and you won’t be able to do the cleaning yourself. Everyone knows that for an end of tenancy cleaning, it’s essential that it is done perfectly so that the landlord gives back the deposit money. Of course, in this case, you can always call a professional end of tenancy cleaning company, and they can do everything for you. 

And even if this is not the case, it’s better to think about booking experts in the first place. Their proficient knowledge will be of significant importance to the end result. This is because ending a lease has more requirements about the property’s condition than a normal cleaning will be up to. Professional cleaners are familiar with all of this and can do the best possible job so that you’ll for sure get your deposit money back. 

Another important note we’d like to highlight is the fact that during the winter, it’s way harder (if not impossible) to dry out carpets or clean windows. If you decide to wash the carpets in the property, it will be very hard to let that carpet dry out without mould growing in the process. The weather simply doesn’t allow it. But if you book professional services for the purpose, they have machines that use hot steam or other methods to best treat each surface. 

The same goes for window cleaning – you’ll probably feel obligated to take care of it because you can’t leave the place with dirty windows, but to avoid slipping and frost, it’s best to choose professional cleaning help.

What to plan in advance to avoid the stressful holidays?

As we said, if it’s not a short notice end of tenancy, it’s best to be prepared in advance by making a plan that will get you easily through the days in December. This includes creating a checklist for end of tenancy cleaning, a checklist for packing and sorting your belongings, creating a timeline for when everything needs to be done, etc.

Time management will be very important for what expects you. If you have previously changed locations and you know how the end of tenancy works, then you’re familiar with the small tasks that take up your time, and you need to be prepared for them all. And if you haven’t done that before, here is a quick overlook of what you will have to take care of:

  • Pack and sort all of your belongings, labelling them properly and accordingly;
  • Recycle, give away, or throw away any unnecessary items;
  • Disassemble appliances, wrap furniture, and prepare everything for transportation;
  • Do all necessary fixes in the property so that the landlord doesn’t use them as an excuse not to give the deposit back;
  • Clean perfectly the whole place after all belongings and pieces of furniture have been moved out;
  • Arrange the transportation of all of your belongings to the new location you’ll be moving in;
  • Deal with documents necessary to the landlord and leave everything clean – in the property and with the documents.


Enjoy stress-free holidays while moving out

end of tenancy during holiday season

The holidays are stressful enough; let’s be honest about it. Moving out is also just as complicated. You don’t need to get overwhelmed by everything! Just take it easy and trust the process. If you want to ensure even better results with no effort, time-consuming dedication or else, then trust the professional end of tenany cleaners and allow them to do most of the work for you. 

It will be easier for you to coordinate everything, and while the professional cleaners take care of your old property, you can use the time to move your belongings, unpack them, or spend the holiday time with your family and friends.

Ending tenancy doesn’t have to take all of your energy and become an unpleasant moment in your life. Quite the opposite, enjoy this process and think of it as a new beginning that will lead you to a new chapter of your life.



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