How to Get Your Deposit?

Do you know what it takes to return your deposit when you leave? No matter what your current status is – student, working or family, you need to take this task seriously. Conflicts can always arise in the end, but the most important thing is that you have been a conscientious tenant throughout the period of residence in the property, until the delivery of the key. What this means – keep reading.

What do you need to do to get your deposit back?

As a general rule, you can specify the most important condition – hand over the property in the condition in which it was provided to you at the beginning, at the conclusion of the lease. The flawless appearance – cleanliness and the absence of the need for significant repairs, will guarantee you almost complete or complete return of the deposit amount.

The most common examples of withholding the deposit are the following:

  • Unpaid last rent
  • Unpaid bills for a month, two or more
  • In case of damage to some items
  • In case of non-working appliances, which were found to be the cause of the tenant
  • Lack of inventory
  • Poor property
  • Burned carpet, etc.

To stay satisfied, we will show you the main steps that you should follow:

  • Read the lease at least twice
  • Prepare for removal from the application
  • Notify your intention to export to your landlord – orally and in writing
  • Remove current minor damage
  • Do not forget to pay rent for the last month on time
  • Independent or professional cleaning
  • Return the keys to the owner or a person authorized by him for this, in time
  • Wait for the deadline to return the deposit before making claims

Read your lease at least twice

Before signing the contract, read carefully each clause written in it. Focus more on the small print. Emphasize the part with the termination of the contract and especially the following conditions:

  • in what period should be your notice
  • in what form should you hand over the apartment
  • you should know that there can no longer be an obligation to clean, because this condition is removed

In case that you find it difficult to understand the rental agreement, look for a competent person (if you have an acquaintance, friend or relative, it would be best to talk to him).

Prepare for removal from the application itself

This sounds strange, but now you will understand what exactly we mean. Everyone who took the steps below was a step ahead of the other tenants. To increase your chance of returning the deposit at the end, you need to prepare from the beginning. Here’s what to emphasize when applying:

  • Review the prepared checklist and then sign the contract. Also keep it until the last day.
  • Take pictures of every room and especially of the corners that do not look so perfect.
  • Be careful with the property – during each cleaning, carefully knead the furniture, pull the carpet from places where it is very possible to get serious dirt, clean kitchen appliances more often and the bathroom, etc.
  • Be in order with the payments – electricity, water, cable and internet, rent, property maintenance, etc.
  • Do not drill new walls unless the owner has specifically instructed you to do so.
  • Invite the landlord for a final inspection – it is good to attend the inspection and comment together on everything.

Inform your landlord of your intention to leave – orally and in writing

Be correct to the end and do everything possible to return your deposit without any problems. Make the export notification as it should be. Prepare your release decision in the form of a letter and send it to the owner’s address. There is a specific form that you can see on the internet. It is called a letter requesting a refund of the deposit.

Once you have completed this task, call him on the phone or ask for a meeting with him to tell him in person.

Regarding the letter, to be sure, always ask for a return receipt and make a copy, because it is a document that can be used in court if necessary. Be sure to put your current date and signature.

Eliminate any minor damage

The first rule here is – whatever you do, notify your landlord immediately. By minor damage and repairs is meant to really fix some small things. We advise you, if your appliance breaks down, the boiler refuses to work or something like that, not to try to repair it yourself.

Take the rental home as your own and in case of any problems with an appliance, in case of accidental spills on the carpet or something else, take quick measures. Keep in mind that some problems can be eliminated if you act quickly. Otherwise, you may need to part with part of the deposit or the entire amount.

Here are some examples of problems that would be good to deal with at the moment:

  • clean instantly inadvertent spills on carpets and upholstery, as this type of cleaning is one of the most expensive, and stagnant stains are very difficult to remove.
  • if you have inadvertently broken an item, look for it or buy a similar one
  • you can replace some burnt out light bulbs or batteries to feel comfortable during your stay, and in the end you will make a good impression.
  • paint some walls if they are visibly more dirty as a result of your life.
  • clean the bathroom and toilet regularly – the more often you do it, the less mold you will need to remove. This will make the last cleaning easier.
  • keep the kitchen in good condition – do not let the oven and small appliances sink into grease and dirt.

Pay the last rent within the specified period

Strictly follow all deadlines to be a step forward if there are subsequent problems with the return of the deposit. Make the payment even a few days in advance. Be sure to then request a receipt, a copy of the check, etc. The last rent is extremely important, as it repairs some damages, pays the bills, hires a company to re-refresh the property, etc.

Independent or professional cleaning

There are two cleaning options – individual or professional. Cleaning by a company, years ago, could have been a must, but not today. Now it’s all a matter of personal preference and financial resources.

In professional cleaning, specialists come equipped with the necessary machines, with environmentally friendly detergents and protective equipment. They do not miss a single corner, they are extremely detailed in their work. Perfect cleaning is almost guaranteed.

Self-cleaning is many times more labor-intensive and time-consuming. You need to prepare in advance – with the necessary detergents, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, etc. We recommend that you start cleaning at an earlier stage and after you empty your apartment. If you have the opportunity, get helpers to save time.

Return the keys to the owner or a person authorized by him for a period of time.

Return all the keys that were provided to you during the application – those for the locks on the front door, the block, the mailbox, etc. Keep them in a special place so you know where they are at all times.

Otherwise, it will cost the owner to change the lock, which will most likely be accompanied by a deduction from your deposit. Prepare the keys for delivery!

Wait for the deposit to be refunded before making a claim

Before taking any action, wait for the period in which your landlord is entitled to provide your deposit. Many owners try to do everything possible to keep part of the amount and even the whole. In the absence of such a ground, it must occur within 30 days.

If during this time you have not heard and understood about the return, look for a way to contact the landlord. A safer way is to do it in writing, in the form of the same letter – to request a deposit. Save a copy of the document and a return receipt again.

In the event that no consensus is reached, you should proceed to the next step – an immediate visit to court and a civil case. The law is often on the tenant’s side and after providing the set of documents (on your part), you will get your deposit back.


At the time of signing the lease agreement you are bound by all the obligations of a typical tenant.

Do you want to return your deposit in any way? Follow our extensive guide, trying not to make mistakes in any direction. Then your landlord will have no reason to ask you for an account of the condition of the property and will have to return the entire deposit amount. Even if you go to court, it is almost certain that you will win.

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