Is it worth hiring a carpet cleaning company?

Usually, when it comes to spring cleaning, annual cleaning, or autumn sanitation, people remember that taking care of their carpets is also a very significant part of that process. Unfortunately, other people don’t remember that even when it’s time for that they just neglect the carpets or think that simply vacuuming is enough. Many people even use a professional carpet cleaning only when they moved into the property and service is part from the whole end of tenancy cleaning. Well, it is not right! To keep the carpets in their best condition for as long as possible, they need to be thoroughly washed and cleaned, and professionals even recommend it a few times a year! But here comes the other question – should you hire a professional carpet cleaning company or do it yourself? Let’s see both options!

DIY carpet cleaning VS professional carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning vs professional carpet cleaning

The main difference between DIY carpet cleaning and professional one is that experts use proper industrial-grade high-quality equipment to do it. This means a deeper clean will take place and the life of your carpets will be prolonged. You can also apply some home methods to clean your carpets, but the truth is you will never be able to do it as thoroughly as a professional would. Unless, of course, you buy expensive top-notch equipment, which to be honest, won’t be worth the investment. 


Not to mention, different types of carpets require different approaches for cleaning so that they are not damaged during the process. You can read all about them and try to prevent unwanted results when applying different detergents, but an expert carpet cleaner will know right away how to treat your carpets the right way.

Also, this all means that the work will be done a lot faster than if you choose to go with the DIY cleaning. It also means that the dry time will be a lot lower and quicker drying will help you enjoy your clean carpets and home sooner than if you take up all the work yourself. 

Do carpet cleaners also vacuum?

In the process, professional carpet cleaners use different approaches and methods to clean your carpets. This always includes a vacuum because for a carpet to be prepared, it needs to be first vacuumed (and rid of dust, crumbs, etc.) so that the rest of the methods (steam cleaning, shampooing, high-quality equipment cleaning, or else) can be applied without any obstacles. 


As you know, vacuuming is the main activity that homeowners do themselves, and you probably do that on a regular basis. However, professional cleaners have strong vacuums that work on higher frequencies and do the job way better than a regular household vacuum does. 

How much does it cost to hire a carpet cleaning company?

Carpet cleaning has different pricing according to what the condition of the carpet is, what it is made of, how many carpets need to be cleaned, and the time you expect it to be done. That’s why this service price range can vary, but usually, it is from 30£ to 100£. Sometimes companies charge for a room, other times for total carpets in a property. A furniture removal is also an extra fee for a lot of carpet cleaning companies, so keep that in mind when making your choice of experts. Anti-insect treatment and pre-treatment are the other two common extra services that you can book additionally. 

How long does a carpet cleaning last?

Another reason why people choose to hire a carpet cleaning company is that they don’t have the time to do it themselves and there is a reason for it. Expert cleaners can take around 30 minutes per room (if there is more than one), which can also vary, of course, if there is a need to remove furniture or if the floors are stained. The best thing is, you don’t have to stay there if really don’t have the time! Many companies can come on-site, and you can leave them there, only to find your perfectly clean carpets when you return home later.


Keep in mind that after that cleaning time, a drying time is also needed, so that’s another 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the carpet. The best thing is to wait 24 hours before you start using your carpet, to avoid moisture and mould, so don’t step on the carpet too soon just in case.

Is professional carpet cleaning better than doing it yourself?

With everything said so far, you can see for yourself that it is worth it to hire a carpet cleaning company to take care of your floor coverings! Not only will it come out cheaper at the end, but it will save you time and effort. Carpet cleaning experts will clean the carpets more thoroughly than you can, it will help your carpets last longer (so saving money on carpet replacement is also on the cards), and it will make your carpets smell better, look brighter, and create a loving home space!

Furthermore, having your carpets cleaned professionally also means you won’t have to do that deep cleaning every time you clean your home because the excellent equipment and thorough approach of the experts will leave them better than ever, keeping their great condition for a longer period of time.


DIY cleaning is also a good choice if you don’t want to hire a company right now, but keep in mind that sometimes there is a risk of damaging the goods of the carpet, which only leaves you in a position to replace the carpet. And let’s face it, that will cost you a lot more!


To sum up, we recommend you trust the efficiency of a professional cleaning company so that your carpets are in their best condition! Save yourself the trouble, book now!




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