How to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Choosing the right carpet cleaner can be a bit tricky and depends on factors such as services offered, methods, products, and price. Other things to pay attention to are whether the company has a license and whether their cleaners would keep your belongings safe and secure. Whether you are looking to hire a professional cleaning service or currently have one, there are certain expectations that you should have and here are some of them.

Cleaning Products

Most cleaning companies provide the necessary equipment and cleaning products to meet your requirements. Whatever the carpet that you have in your home or office, you shouldn’t be paying extra for the detergents and supplies needed to get the job done. And with all the chemicals that can be harmful for your children, pets, and home, it is important to check what type of products they use for carpet cleaning. Reputable companies offer green options, which is always a plus and can sway your opinion on which service to use.

⦁ Flexible Scheduling

Your work hours may not be the same as cleaning businesses in your area. Or you may not want to have cleaners invading your home while you are at work. Whatever the case, you need a commercial cleaning company that can accommodate your requirements and offer different options and timeframes.

⦁ Pricing

Some people go for the lowest priced service but as you surely know, you get what you pay for. Rather than hiring the cheapest provider available, ask whether they have a money back guarantee. Commercial companies that are confident in their services and quality of cleaning offer a guarantee. Some homeowners are tempted to hire a cheaper company that doesn’t provide a guarantee or refund. They may end up paying double when they need the job redone by another service provider.
Also, check whether they offer quotes over the phone or when they visit your home. Companies that offer quotes over the phone may give you inaccurate pricing. The best way to calculate the price is to examine the carpet firsthand. Keep in mind that over the phone quotes tend to be somehow overpriced.

⦁ Type of Equipment and Method Used

The main cleaning methods that professional services offer are steam and dry carpet cleaning. How dirty your carpets are is the main factor to consider when choosing between both methods. Low moisture or dry cleaning involves water and chemicals and is faster than using steam. At the same time, it is not as efficient as steam cleaning and is a better option for homeowners who don’t keep really dirty carpets.

⦁ Bonding, Licensing, and Insurance

Any service provider that comes to clean your home or office carpeting must be bonded. They must also have a valid license and insurance meaning that their cleaners have had a background check. So if an accident happens and they damage your furniture or belongings, they are prepared to pay for the damages.
The appearance of the company also matters. Check whether their vehicles have a phone number and a logo. Providers using vehicles that are not clearly marked are often operating illegally. The chances are they are not licensed and legally bonded.

⦁ Consistency and Reliability

There is nothing worse than expecting to return to a home with perfectly clean carpets, only to realize that your carpeting has stains and missed spots. Consistency matters and the provider should be able to clean with the right level of care to meet your standards. And if you are a commercial company, dirty, stained carpets will reflect poorly on your reputation and business.
Reliability also counts, whether you need your carpets to be cleaned annually or twice a year. Staff should turn up as scheduled to ensure that your office or home gets the attention it needs.

⦁ Professional Service

This is especially important for office and commercial buildings as staff may have to come during work hours. That being the case, you should expect cleaners to be acting professionally because they are also representing your business.

⦁ Professional Experience

Finding the right carpet cleaner may take some time and research. One thing to check is their professional experience. Cleaning companies that have been in business for many years are usually good at what they do. If you choose to go with a new provider, you may want to check their references. Read positive and negative reviews as well and if you find more negative ones, better stick with a veteran provider.
Most reputable companies have a website, Google Business page, or Facebook page where you will find reviews.
It is also reasonable to expect that their cleaners are properly trained and know which methods and products work best for your situation. They should know how to use their equipment effectively and safely.

⦁ How They Handle Customer Support

If you have a problem with their services and need a re-clean, you should be able to contact their customer support and discuss the issue with them. Inquire how you can get in touch with them and if they have after hours customer support. This is important in case of an emergency. Ask if they have customer support that can help you to resolve an issue in a timely manner. If they just have a receptionist answering general questions and handling appointments, you may want to look elsewhere. Additionally, reputable cleaning services have a district manager or dedicated manager who handles customer accounts.

Good companies also want to hear feedback from customers. No one is perfect and even cleaning companies with extensive industry experience may find themselves in a situation where a business or individual customer is unhappy with their level of service. A reputable carpet cleaning company will want to hear constructive criticism or feedback to ensure that your needs have been fully met.

⦁ What Other Services They Offer?

In addition to basic services such as dusting, vacuuming, and waste removal, good companies offer specialized services to help you maintain a clean, orderly, and pleasant environment. Additional services may include:

⦁ Supply replenishment and management

⦁ Pest control

⦁ Electrical/HVAC

General handyman maintenance

⦁ Plumbing

⦁ Landscape maintenance

Questions to Ask

Before selecting your new cleaning company, there are some questions for you to ask to find out if they are a good fit.

What size(s) and types of carpets do you clean? If you have a large office space with a lot of carpeting but they only do small jobs, look for a company that can handle that type of workload.

⦁ When are you available? Are they available after office hours or on weekends? How flexible are you? How flexible are they?

What cleaning products and equipment you use? If you have environmental concerns or health issues such as asthma or allergies, you need a cleaner that uses green products.

How many years of industry experience do you have? Companies with extensive industry experience are not necessarily better at what they do, but it is good to know how long they have been around.

Can you provide a quote? They should be able to give you a quote before the clean so that you can figure out whether they are within your budget and price range.

How quickly do you respond to phone calls or emails? You should be able to get in touch with them to discuss things like services, bills, schedule, and cleaning times.

In addition to the questions above, you may want to share some information with your new cleaners to decide if they will be a good fit for you.

Types of services you need – if you need oven cleaning in addition to carpet cleaning, ask if they offer this particular service. They may also offer a discount if you need additional services.

Your goals – if you are a business owner, you probably need more than just clean carpets and hope for good office environment, increased productivity, and improved employee morale. Let your cleaners know what your goals are to find out if they are realistic and possible.

With so many cleaning companies available, you may find it hard to choose a service that will work well for you and your home or workspace. You need a cleaner that not only offers a high level of service but will protect your belongings or business assets. The things to take into consideration include skills and equipment, cleaning products they use, safety and security procedures, insurance coverage, and customer support. Good cleaning companies want to hear feedback, are knowledgeable and dependable, and pay attention to detail. Professional cleaners also enjoy what they do and take pride in their work. Providers that just meet the bare minimum are clearly to be avoided. Finally, look for affordable cleaning services that fit within your budget. A professional carpet cleaner will offer a schedule and plan that works well for your budget, needs, and requirements.





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