How to take care of wool carpets?

Wool carpets and rugs are among the most preferred floor coverings chosen by not only interior designers but by many people that seek comfort and beauty in their homes. The reason why wool carpets are so often bought is that they are really warm and cosy, and at the same time, they usually have a long life due to the organic fibres. However, as with any other rug, wool ones also attract dust, grow bacteria in dept, and are a victim of accidental stain disasters. To keep their great quality for a longer time, to have a clean home and sparkling fresh, looking carpet, you need to learn how properly to treat your wool rug so that you don’t ruin it, but rather than that – you improve it. Well, let’s find out everything you need to know about taking care of a wool carpet and cleaning wool rugs accordingly!


Why does the wool carpet need extra care

white shoes and brush on a wool carpet before deep cleaning


Although it’s one of the best solutions for home floor decoring, wool carpets still come with disadvantages sometimes. For example, wool carpets absorb a lot of water, and after cleaning, they are hard to dry (or at least it takes a really long time). This can lead to mould or an unpleasant smell from moisture. And not only that but long drying and/or heat cause the wool carpet to shrink! That’s why it’s really important for it to be treated the right way to avoid shrinking or unpleasant smells. 


How often does a wool carpet need special cleaning?

Wool carpets tend to collect dust and grime over time, regardless of whether they are 100% wool or a blend of natural and synthetic fibres. Regular cleaning is essential for them to be kept in the best condition for as long as possible. It is important to clean your carpet regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating deep inside the fibres. However, you should not overdo the cleaning; otherwise, you could end up damaging your carpet. 


To prolong the lifespan of a wool carpet, it’s best to be treated professionally at least twice a year, and if not professionally – twice a month. This means that if you are simply vacuuming or using a hot steam cleaning method with household equipment and products, then once or twice a month will be good for your rug. However, professional carpet cleaning includes a more thorough and deep cleaning of a carpet, so it’s necessary to be applied once or twice a year. Depending on how often you use the carpet (if it is a holiday house or your apartment in the city), whether you have kids and pets, or else. 


How to clean wool carpets – the right way!

very clean blue wool carpet

Let’s see what methods you can use to clean your wool carpet and increase its lifespan, keeping it perfectly clean and fresh!

Shake out the dirt and vacuum

Taken your carpet isn’t from the largest ones, you can take it out and hand it on something convenient. Then use a broom or a rug beater to hit the carpet over and over again to remove deeply stuck dust and dirt. You might want to wear a face mask while doing so because if you haven’t done that “beating” soon, you’ll be surprised how much dust will come out. 

Of course, vacuuming is also mandatory for keeping your wool carpet clean. If you combine the two methods, it will even lead to better results. After you are done shaking or beating the dust out of the carpet, vacuuming it will eliminate more of what is left from the lint. It will be best if you can use a high-quality vacuum cleaner with soft brushes so that you don’t damage the wool rug. 

Hot steam cleaning and avoiding moisture


Wool carpets tend to be a victim of mould. If kept in a room with humidity or if washed with the shampoo cleaning method or another wet carpet cleaning method, the slow dry process can cause the rug to grow mildew or have some sort of an unpleasant smell. That’s why we do not recommend using these types of cleaning methods when it comes to wool rugs. Instead, you can try hot steam cleaning – it’s still wetting the surface but not as deep. However, the steam eliminates bacteria and disinfects the floor covering. 

Still, it would be best to trust a professional carpet cleaning for such treatment of your wool carpets. They can decide when they see your rug what the best type of cleaning method will be best appropriate. Also, don’t forget they would have the best equipment too! 

Be careful with stains and urgent treatments

There are many home solutions to stubborn stains or stains from grease, wine, pet urine, etc. Some of those nasty stains are really hard to remove, and some people with a passion for DIY suggest home remedies for treating them. This includes treating stains with baking soda, vinegar, dish soap with hot water, and other similar products. However, we do not advise you to do that if your carpet is wool. Using some of those products might harm your rug without you intending it. It’s important to remember to always clean with water stains as soon as they appear and to never rub but to blot! 

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