How to clean carpet at home?

The cleanliness of the carpets contributes to a better appearance, better atmosphere, more comfort and a healthy environment for the residents. Light dirt or color stains caused by various spills, grease or animal damage significantly impair the lifestyle at home. The variety of types of cleaning depends on the type of floor mess, but there are a few basic steps in carpet cleaning that every good owner should follow. It is also very important to be regular – do not delay cleaning soft surfaces for too long.

carpet vacuum cleaning

How to clean carpets at home?

Method 1: Vacuuming the carpet

Step 1: Preparing the room

In short, this means clearing the floor and around it. This includes storing and arranging all kinds of toys, small items, slippers or shoes, papers, clothes, socks, etc. You must make sure that there are no obstacles when you turn on the vacuum cleaner. 

In addition, start cleaning the blinds, curtains, windows, sills, if you decide to do more detailed cleaning. Otherwise, all the dust will end up on the already cleaned carpet. Also check for some small objects (coins, bolts, etc.) that the vacuum cleaner will instantly suck out, but this can cause damage. In addition to clearly visible places, look under the furniture.

Step 2: Use the vacuum cleaner attachments to clean hard-to-reach places

The edges of carpets, as well as cramped areas of furniture, need additional fixtures to perform a satisfactory carpet cleaning. The nozzle attachment, as well as the extension cord, are a great solution for removing dust and reaching the hard-to-reach places under furniture that cannot be moved so easily.

Step 3: Perform a vacuum in the horizontal and vertical direction

Here again, some order must be observed, but for the precise cleaning of the carpet you need to put more effort. To do this, make a vacuum along the entire length of the carpet, then turn the vacuum cleaner and do the same in the direction from left to right. This will guarantee you better results and eliminate any hair, moss and dust from the soft surface.

Step 4: Don’t neglect the regular vacuum

The period for a regular vacuum is relative, as the frequency depends mostly on the occupants of your home – the number of family members, whether there are small children or pets, etc. In any case, it is necessary to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week, but in general the more often, the better. Observe the type of carpet and run a vacuum cleaner when you notice slight dirt, debris and hair. In case any member of the family has respiratory diseases, asthma or others, frequent cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

Clean the soiled area of ​​the carpet

Method 2: Clean the soiled area of the carpet

Step 1: Use a clean white cloth

This rule should be well remembered by every host. Always, but always soak or rinse the carpet only with white rags, towels, napkins or paper. It is important that they do not have patterns or color motifs that can remain in the beautiful and saturated colors of your carpet, because it can be detrimental to its appearance.  Also, do not use harsh brushes that can damage the bristles. The movement you perform during cleaning should be soaking and lightly rubbing in an outward-inward direction. 

Step 2: Choosing the right carpet cleaner

Some skills and good cleaning products are needed to get good results. There is a variety of carpet cleaners available everywhere, but choose them in a convenient package and focus on eco-friendly options. A spray bottle would be a great solution, although it is possible to transfer any detergent to a spray bottle if you have one in your home.

When choosing a carpet cleaner, emphasize the content and its main purpose – there are universal means, for cleaning stubborn stains, for animal contamination, etc. You can also get some fragrance for finish and freshness in your home. 

In case you decide to try some home remedies, prepare a suitable preparation according to the type of stain on the ground. The main ingredients used are soda, vinegar, detergents and vero, lemon, essential oils, hydrogen peroxide and others. 

Step 3: Testing the product on a small part of the carpet

No matter how long you have chosen the carpet cleaning product, this is not a guarantee that you have made the right decision. To make sure, use a small part of the detergent on the end of the carpet or on a hidden part under the furniture. Wait a while to see the reaction. 

Some cleaners lead to bleaching or other troubles, which will lead to the need for a new investment. So all experts advise not to miss this important detail before proceeding to the essential cleaning.

Step 4: Treat the contaminated area

Once you have tried the product and found it to be suitable, you can then apply the stain. This is done by moistening a clean white cloth with the detergent and smearing directly on the stain. Use the right amount of detergent, but not too much, because this can lead to negatives for the carpet. Wipe gently without pressing and rubbing too hard. Avoid such actions, because the stain can penetrate deeper into the fibers.

Step 5: Rinse

Take a clean white cloth and clean water again and rinse the affected area. The goal is to free the detergent from the substrate and fibers, and the carpet should already be clean. Be careful only with the amount of water you use for rinsing. It is strictly forbidden to pour directly on the substrate, because it will cause rot, mold and mildew

Step 6: Drying

Here you also need to be careful. Depending on the fabric of the carpet, the drying period is different. To speed up the process, you could make a draft or turn down fans. It is important not to let the carpet hang on the wire while it is wet, as it may break. Do not allow anyone to step on the carpet until it is completely dry. Close the door so that your pets do not enter.

steam carpet cleaning service

Method 3: Deep clean the carpet with steam

Step 1: Prepare the room for cleaning

Make sure to clean everything in the room. Not only the floor, but also additional objects that can inadvertently push and break. For a deep cleaning, you also need to remove the furniture from the carpet so that you can reach every part of it. Some furniture (sofas and armchairs) can make it difficult for you to move, so you may need an assistant. As a last resort, you could simply place plastic or other guards where the feet are to protect them from getting wet.

Step 2: Prepare the carpet for the actual cleaning

Here you mean that you need to make a vacuum from one end to the other – in length and width. Start with the lengths, then from left to right. Do not miss a single corner, because the vacuum is an important step in the precise cleaning of the carpet. 

Step 3: Get a steam cleaner

There are several options for dealing with this type of situation:

  • First, borrow from a neighbor, relative or friend.
  • Second, hire a quality steam cleaner to do the ongoing cleaning.
  • Third, make an investment by buying a reliable steam cleaner that you will be able to use it when you need.
  • The solution depends entirely on the capabilities of each household, but it is certainly never superfluous to have a good steam cleaner for cleaning carpets. 

Step 4: Buy or rent a carpet cleaner to put in the steam cleaner (shampoo)

If you rent a steam cleaner, it usually comes with a shampoo used for professional purposes. You can find one in retail chains as well as in specialty stores, but it is good to choose it carefully. It is a good idea to be familiar with the cleaning procedure and possibly diluting the detergent beforehand (especially if you rent a machine). This will save you time in the cleaning process, and the rent will be lower if you return the steam cleaner for a shorter time.

Step 5: Prepare the solution according to the explicit instructions for use. The

proportion includes water and detergent (according to the explicit instructions on the bottle). Be careful with the added amount of shampoo so as not to spoil the machine and not to ruin your carpet from soaking. Even less is better than an excessive amount.

Step 6: Clean the carpet without shoes

This step may sound insignificant, but in fact it is not. Dirty shoes or slippers can attract dirt and your work can be in vain. So take off your shoes and clean your socks. You can also use stockings, but socks will be most comfortable. Do not walk barefoot, as some products may irritate your skin.

Step 7: Use the machine properly to have the desired effect

Many users have difficulty using a steam cleaner for the first time. However, you must be careful to clean well and extract the maximum amount of water afterwards. High humidity is detrimental to the good appearance of carpets, so do the right thing. This includes proper loading and proper maneuvering on the carpet. When pushing the machine back, you should proceed more slowly. The machine will then draw the most water from the pad. 

Step 8: Allow the carpet to dry well

Leave the carpet on the floor to dry. During this time, leave the room uninhabited. If the weather is warm or at least not humid, ventilate the room. Complete drying of the carpet is just as important as the cleaning itself, so don’t give up in the end. Drying can take from 6-12 hours to about 24 hours.

Step 9: Assess the situation and consider re-cleaning

Sometimes the desired results are not obtained the first time. Sometimes the rinsing is not as good as it should be and you have to perform some procedures again. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to leave soapy water in the carpet at all – it will attract twice as much dirt and can damage the substrate. For this purpose, you could use a solution with a composition in a ratio of 50:50 water and white vinegar. This will certainly help to remove the remaining detergents. 

Also, in case of bad colors and visible remnants of stains, repeat the whole cleaning. Do deep cleaning or hire professional end of tenancy cleaning company once or twice a year, taking into account the traffic in your home and the deterioration of the appearance of the carpet. This will be important for extending the life of your investment.

Preventive measures against dirt on the carpet

Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful the carpet is with its decorative function, it requires very careful treatment and regular care. That is why the owners can not just enjoy its appearance, they must follow some basic rules, among which are:

  • Put the carpet in a safer place – the fact is that the carpet under the dining table stands well and contributes to a more pleasant atmosphere . In such a situation, however, he will face the greatest danger. Food and beverage stains on carpets are the most common, so be careful. Separate the nooks and crannies from the beautiful accessories.
  • Be constantly on the lookout for possible damage if you keep pets and small children. They are big pranksters and like to spend a long time playing on soft surfaces. If you have a cat, dog or small baby, it is possible that the carpets will get stains from urine, blood, feces, vomit and a lot of hair. Take care to clean your pets regularly when they come home from playing outside (in the yard or in the park).
  • Do not walk on the carpet with shoes. Only slippers that you do not go out in the yard are allowed. In case you invite guests, also ask them not to come in with shoes, if possible.
  • If an unpleasant situation occurs and your carpet is dirty, then clean it, following the most important instructions – do not rub, but absorb using only white towels, napkins or household paper, so as not to contribute to additional staining of the floor.
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