How to maintain your carpet in-between professional carpet cleaning?

We’ve already shared with you how important it is to have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year, not only once when you did your move in cleaning. This prolongs the life of the rugs and keeps them in their best condition. But you need to know that having them cleaned professionally once or twice per year doesn’t mean that your work is done. You need to learn how to properly maintain your carpets in-between cleanings so that you ensure a safe and healthy environment with a clean home and fresh smell. There are a few tips from the experts that you can follow and some things you’ll need to do in order to keep your carpets in good condition, clean and sparkling. Let’s find out!

Here are few simple carpet cleaning tips you can use to extend the life of your carpet:

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1. Follow a good routine and keep carpets in good condition

We’ll start with the basics. You know that in a home with floor covering it is best to avoid stepping with shoes and walking around with dirt. That’s a rule, and we know you might sometimes be in a hurry, but dirt from the outside can be harder to remove afterwards. Also, if you have pets make sure you train them well so that no accidents happen on the carpets – pet urine is also hard to remove from the carpets and what’s even harder – is the smell from pet urine. Good maintenance will also include you having to keep your kids from spreading unwanted dirt on the carpets. They might want to play on them, which is the best for them – it’s soft and comfortable. However, make sure you don’t let them eat or drink on the floor because spilt food and beverages can cause damage to the carpet that might be irreversible.

2. Vacuum regularly

Maintaining the good condition of your carpets requires regular vacuuming and with the proper equipment. Cheap vacuums might be profitable, but they won’t do as good a job as the more expensive ones. They are more powerful and effective so use a machine that offers maximum effectiveness and has filters. Don’t forget to also regularly clean the bags with dirt to achieve even better results. Vacuuming should be done once or twice a week, depending on how many people you live in the home and how often the carpets are used.

3. Clean stains immediately

When accidents do appear, make sure you treat the stains right away. This will help prevent the dirt from soaking deep into the carpet and the harder removal afterwards. Treat stains with water first, then if using detergents always try them at hidden spots to see if the fabrics will get a reaction. Also, don’t forget you shouldn’t rub the place but always blot on it. Use microfibres or colourless cloths. 

4. Take care of the common spaces

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What people often neglect is that the dirt that soaks into the carpets often comes from moisture or dust. Common areas and the environment always affect the carpets and their condition. For example, always make sure to regularly change air filters as otherwise, the dust spreads around. Also, avoid keeping carpets in places with high humidity such as bathrooms. Don’t put the carpets in places where there is too much direct sunlight as the light also affects the colours of it.

5. Use steam cleaners if possible

If you have a steam cleaner, it will be best to use it for your carpets. This method best removes dirt from the carpets from all DIY methods when it’s too soon to call a professional cleaner. It helps not only remove dust and some basic stains but also sanitises the surface and keeps the carpet in good condition.

6. “Beat” the carpets from time to time

This method might be old and even funny to some people, but it is actually very effective. If you take your carpet somewhere outside (if the balcony is not convenient, then a garden or in front of the property) and hang it down so that you can beat it with a racket (or a broom, or another hard instrument) you’ll be surprised how much dirt will come off. This method is still used exactly because it is effective and gets out all of the dust from the carpet.

7.  Don’t miss on professional cleaning

There might be a year or a season when you think you don’t want to spend money on professional carpet cleaning and want to skip it, but it’s important that you don’t. Professional carpet cleaning with the high-end equipment that experts use is a must if you want to enjoy your carpets for as long as possible! Do your research and book a trusted and well-established cleaning company that will treat your carpets exactly how they should be treated and will leave them in the best condition possible. 

Now, enjoy your clean home with sparkling carpets and a healthy cosy home!

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