Health benefits of proper carpet cleaning

Our beloved carpets bring so much style to the home, but unfortunately, it is inevitable that they also bring some dirt. No matter how careful we are, even if we keep all doors and windows closed, dust keeps creeping in, and it gets trapped in the fibres of our carpets. But the big problem is not that the house looks dirty. You need to be informed that all these trapped contaminants can threaten the health of everyone living in this space.Let’s see why carpet cleaning is so important

Is Regular Vacuuming Enough to keep your carpets clean?

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Proper cleaning service can improve the appearance of your carpet. It can extend the life of this expensive home item. But don’t forget, it will also definitely improve your family’s health in the long term. It is crucial to maintain a very high level of hygiene and reduce all the dust regularly, especially when there are household members who suffer from allergies or conditions that affect breathing, such as asthma or even snoring.

We can recommend vacuuming your carpets at least twice a week, but is this enough? Well, it depends on many factors, such as the material, whether it is situated in a high-traffic area of the home, and so on. We definitely recommend having them professionally cleaned every now and then; the results are incomparable. It is all up to you, but let’s see first what the main threats that are hiding in our carpets are and how we can benefit our health from properly removing them.

First and foremost, proper carpet cleaning will improve the air quality of your home

Sometimes we think of dirt as a stain that we can see, but the reality is that it can be invisible, and it moves all around us through the air. The fabric fibres can hold dust, particle pollution, dander, gas, and multiple sources of cockroach allergens, which can make toxic airborne gases adhere to them and get caught in the carpeting. All this will impede the airflow in the household. If you don’t clean your carpets on a regular basis, this contaminant can easily settle deep into the fibres and endanger the health of everyone who breathes it on a daily basis. So definitely try to vacuum and deep clean regularly; it will improve the quality of the air in your home!

Regular carpet cleaning prevents the growth of mould in the fibres

Mould on the carpet is a nightmare we don’t want to bring into reality. In most cases, it is impossible to take it out, so we end up replacing our favourite carpet piece with a new one. This may not only be extremely expensive, but it is also dangerous for our health. Mould is a common allergen, and it is also a risk factor for causing asthma and other respiratory ailments. We seriously don’t want this problem to be created by neglecting the hygiene of our carpets!

So let’s see how to lower the chance that the carpets may develop mould growth. First, don’t put your carpeting in areas of your home where the humidity level is high. When wetting and cleaning with liquids, always make sure that the surface and the pads of the carpet are completely dry before using them again. We really recommend you use professional services for proper deep cleaning, as they will use equipment to suck the moisture out of the fibres.

Clean carpets can help to improve your mental health

We’ve all experienced the joy of unwinding in a freshly cleaned home! Many people say that this can also help us clean our minds, rearranging all the thoughts that are stressing us daily. The opposite is also true. A dirty home with stained carpets can make us feel frustrated. This stress alone can affect our mental health.

A happy life must be shared with family and friends, but imagine welcoming guests into a dirty home. Even if they are your close friends, it is still a little bit humiliating, so we tend to skip inviting good company out of fear that they will find a mess. Instead of living with those fears, you can maintain a simple cleaning routine regularly and enjoy your life to the fullest! If you have too many responsibilities, delegate the ones you can, such as carpet cleaning. It is so easy and effective to hire someone to do it for you, and due to all the information above, it is worth investing in it!

Believe it or not, clean carpets can improve your sleep

This is not a joke! When sleeping, our breathing decreases and becomes steadier, which also means we need a good quality of air. Again, there are high-risk groups of people with breathing problems. For them, it is crucial, but even if you don’t experience these kinds of issues, you are spending 7 to 8 hours of your day sleeping to recharge your batteries. This time will affect your energy levels, your productivity, and your quality of conscious life, so make sure you do the best you can to get the most out of your sleep!

How to keep our carpets clean?

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As you can see, the health benefits of carpet cleaning go beyond your expectations. If you have no time for this task, you can give us a call. Our professional team will be happy to help your family create a safe place to relax and enjoy your time! Professional carpet cleaners know how essentially important it is to keep your carpets in their best condition so that you can enjoy the health benefits from it. Trust the healthy products that experts use, and you’ll be all set!

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