Cleaning Tips for Different Types of Carpets

What Are the Differences Between Synthetic and Natural Carpet Fibers?

There is no doubt that carpets can bring so much cosiness and warmth to the home! Nowadays, we use them mainly as decorative pieces, but they have had a long-lasting historical purpose. Since ancient times, floor covering has been isolating cold surfaces, bringing real warmth to homes and making the floors easier to walk on. For centuries, people have been using all kinds of natural sources to create rugs.

Today we have a wide choice of carpets in all sizes, shapes, colours, and, of course, materials. This variety may be appealing when shopping, but few people realize how much maintenance a beautiful rug requires. Depending on the fabrics and material of the fibre, the cleaning of the textile may give you pleasure or a bad headache.

If you are not aware of the different methods you need to use in order to clean your carpets depending on their type, we will spill the tea for you with this article. Just keep reading.

Identify the material of the carpet

Identify the material of the carpet

Each fabric demands a different cleaning process, so the first thing you need to do is identify the material of your carpet. You can find this information on the manufacturer’s label. 

Usually, you have two options for the fibres: synthetic or natural. As we already said, for centuries, people used all of the natural resources available to them to make carpets. Still, lots of customers prefer natural materials like wool and leather. They are considered to be higher quality, but also much more delicate when it comes to cleaning. With the evolution of manufacturing, synthetic materials are trying to replace natural ones. You can find so many options for carpets made of nylon and polyester nowadays. These are more cost-efficient, but are they easier to maintain?

Synthetic fibre carpets

Yes, synthetic fibres are considered to be the easiest to keep clean! Let’s take a look at a few examples. 


This type of synthetic material is the best when it comes to stains. It is made of oil-based fibres, which makes it so easy to remove anything water-based from the polyester rug. Just be careful with spilling other oil-based products like makeup and natural oils; it will be hard to remove those. In general, these kinds of fabrics are super manageable. They are a very good option for pet owners.


Most people consider nylon to be the easiest material to manage. The fibres are tightly packed, which makes them durable and resistant to wear. They also easily bounce back to their original shape after cleaning. The nylon is also manageable with stains, you can remove them quite easily.


The best option for high-traffic areas is polypropylene fibre carpet. It is very abrasion-resistant. You can scrub the dirt out of them and be calm. Your motions will not affect the rug. Polypropylene, also known as Olefin, is considered to resist mould and moisture. If you have this problem at home, try it!

Carpets with synthetic fibres can last you for years and years. You can regularly vacuum, brush, and use most of the commercial detergents while cleaning them. Having said that, we always recommend you first read the label to check the manufacturer’s recommendation, then try the detergents on a small patch beforehand to see if there is any reaction. After the cleaning is done, make sure your carpet is totally dry before using it again. This is the final step, but do not overlook it as you don’t want mould problems. Either air dry or use a specific tool to vacuum up the moisture. 

As you have already read, synthetic rugs have lots of pros, but keep in mind that they do not have the same sensory and thermal qualities as those made of natural materials.

Natural fibre carpets:

Natural materials have so many qualities that they might be beyond durable, giving you pleasure when you step on their soft fibres. They are mainly made of cotton, wool (classic or cashmere), and sometimes silk. Those rugs can last for years if you take proper care of them. But cleaning natural fibres can turn into a nightmare. Those textiles are much more sensitive and do not tolerate deep carpets stains

You can vacuum plant fibre carpets, but removing a stain can cause more damage than the stain itself. They can easily absorb liquids, so if you spill some, hurry up and absorb it fast with a clean cloth or towel. Don’t experiment with cleaning products. Choose only those that are suitable for the specific material, try it on a small patch, and also be super gentle while scrubbing. 

Due to the drying process, natural fibres are more complicated as they need to be air-dried. There is no way to speed up the process.

Animal leather carpets:

Animal leather or fur carpets are getting rare, but still, have lots of fans who want this kind of rug. They can be the most demanding and delicate to take care of.

It is not recommended to vacuum it. You need to brush it with a special, super fine brush with bristles made of animal origin. In the case of a stain, you can only try to dilute it with water or dry cleaners intended to deal with leather or fur materials.

Avoid placing it in high traffic areas, as well as spaces with long-term sun exposure and damp areas with excess moisture that can cause mould.

Does that sound like a lot of work?

If you are a carpet lover but have no time and no mood to take good care of your rugs, consider hiring professional help. This investment will pay off as the cleaning specialist will take good care of your carpets and help them serve you well for a long time ahead. 

Let us help you! Our friendly team can provide high-level services, using the best equipment and gentle detergents on your carpets. Save your favourite pieces to look great for years to come, allowing you to be a satisfied homeowner!




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