How to Clean a Carpet By Hand

Carpet cleaning seems like a lot of work. Too often, something we’ve never tackled seems complicated. Today, however, it is quite different, because on the Internet you can find any information that interests you. This is the case at the moment.

Below you will find several home remedies that can be prepared in a negative time, as well as the steps you need to follow in the process of cleaning the carpet. There is no need for panic and fear – everything is described in detail and is easy to apply.

Tips for Beginners in Carpet Cleaning

Before you learn in detail about each step you need to follow in cleaning your carpet at home, it is good to know some eternal laws in this regard. This will help you save yourself headaches, not spend double money and not waste time wandering and not knowing what to do.

Here are our tips for beginners in carpet cleaning: 

  • Vacuum regularly – this is not only recommended but also mandatory. If possible, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Good vacuuming is important to remove dust particles, kill some bacteria and purify the air in the room. You need to turn on the vacuum cleaner at least twice a week. More frequent vacuuming is also not a mistake, but a good thing for your expensive item.
  • Choose the right detergents to use for cleaning carpets – you can’t use any detergent. It must be designed specifically for carpets. For even better results, use more specific detergents. For example, if the stain is greasy, use ones for stubborn stains, with flavors included, and so on. The types of preparations can be in the form of foams, powders and liquids (solutions). You can also focus on home-made detergents – you will save money and have the opportunity to try at least a few until you find the right one.
  • Be careful with the content of cleaning detergents – most of those available in commercial networks are harmful chemicals. This could significantly impair the air quality in the room. It is also dangerous for young children, pets, asthmatics and people suffering from other respiratory problems.
  • Leave the detergent on the floor overnight for more stubborn stains – you probably know that if you have not dealt with stains appeared at the moment, you will now have to make more effort. It will take longer to clean, apply several methods, and maybe repeat some of them. For starters, start with a longer waiting time for the non-detergent action – overnight
  • To deal with unpleasant odors, take extra precautions – sometimes cleaning goes hand in hand with fragrance, but sometimes you have to do something extra. The aromatization is usually done towards the end of the cleaning. You can use specialized products or rely on some homemade ingredients. These include mostly baking soda, lemon, vinegar, etc.
  • Do not allow small children and pets to enter the room until you have completed the cleaning procedure and until the carpet is completely dry – they can get dirty very quickly just that the cleaned carpet and your efforts were in vain. It can also be dangerous to their health if they swallow any detergent left on the side or roll on the carpet. It is best to close or lock the room for at least one night


Easy steps for proper home carpet cleaning

Step 1: Make a detergent or get one from the store

Whether you decide to start preparing the detergent or not, important is to have a suitable tool. It is important only if it is purchased, to be an organic product and to deal with the current stain, if any (for example, if there is animal urine on the floor, choose a special one for pets to be with more powerful ingredients) .

If you want to make a cleaning solution yourself, then choose the right ingredients or just call an end of tenancy cleaning company. Get them and just mix them in the specified proportions and in a suitable container for this (bowl, bucket, etc.). Here are some effective recipes for homemade preparations:

Recipe 1:

The necessary ingredients for the preparation of the preparation are:

  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons (13 g) salt
  • 15 drops of essential oil – lemon, lavender, pine or anything else of your choice (according to the aroma you like)
  • 2 glasses of water


This solution is easy to make, does not require many ingredients, is environmentally friendly and is suitable for eliminating unpleasant odors. It can be said that it has become a favorite of many housewives and they prepare it regularly. Great solution for cleaning the carpet with minimal financial resources.

Recipe 2

The following suggestion is a powder cleaner. Its composition includes:

  • 1 cup baking powder
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 5 bay leaves to give the smell
  • Sprinkled dried rusks (they are a supplement, but it will not be a mistake if you do not add them)


As you can see the ingredients are easily found in any grocery store, and perhaps in most households they are present constantly. To prepare the powder, take a small bowl and mix the indicated amounts of all ingredients. Works well for some spills and heavy dirt, such as grease

Recipe 3 The last suggestion is actually a more aggressive detergent, which is a salvation for more difficult to remove dirt. To make the recipe you will need:

  • ¾ glass of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1½ glasses of water
  • About 5-10 drops of essential oil of lemon or other optional


Take a container (preferably a clean bucket) and put everything inside the sequence in which they are described (hydrogen peroxide, water, essential oil). This detergent should work wonders with the look of the carpet, and your home will smell nice and fresh afterwards.

These were 3 top suggestions that undoubtedly do an amazing job in cleaning carpets. Of course, there are a dozen more that are based on these and other additional ingredients. You just need to look in more detail and know what the fabric of your carpet tolerates. For starters, try one of the top suggestions above.

Step 2: Transfer the resulting detergent to a spray bottle

This is optional, but highly recommended. Except for your greater convenience in cleaning, it will reduce the likelihood of spilling too much of the solution on the carpet. And this, on the other hand, can do even more damage, because it is possible to damage the substrate, to begin to form mold and mildew, etc.

Using a spray bottle (capacity does not matter, use whatever you have) will result in even spreading in small amounts. So, transfer the already obtained mixture or liquid, close it well and shake again before treating the specific contamination.

Step 3: Test the product you have decided to use

Personal judgment on whether the product is suitable or not is the best thing you can do. No matter what you read on the label, in a blog on a website, etc. it is important to test the detergent. To do this, choose a final piece of carpet and smear or spray a little on it. Wait a while and see the reaction on contact with the tissue.

The solution may be suitable, but do not risk direct action on the contaminated area. For example, bleaching ingredients should not be used for colored carpets because they will deteriorate the colors – they are only used to treat white soft floors.

Step 4: Go to the treatment of the stain and the whole carpet

Here the most important thing is the amount of solution, powder or mixture, as well as the rubbing motion (which will be discussed in the next step). Since it is a matter of self-cleaning (without the presence of a steam cleaner), you must take all this into account. Therefore, apply a thin layer, starting with more serious dirt (if any). Put more effort there.

Then divide the carpet into several smaller areas and start treating it with detergent – again carefully and evenly spraying (spreading) the area. Experts recommend that you start cleaning from the inside of the room and walk to the door.

Step 5: Let the detergent work

Here you will probably wonder how long you have to wait for the detergent to work. In fact, it is relative – there are clear instructions on the packaging of purchased preparations, but for home-made ones it takes from 10-15 minutes to several hours (for more persistent contamination).

It is best to watch the reaction – it can usually be complied with. However, a longer period is always recommended. In this way the carpet will be sufficiently moistened, and then the detergent will do its main job – absorbing dirt and neutralizing odors.

Step 6: Rub the area

Start with a finer scrub – with a towel. If you do not see the results you expect, then bet on a suitable brush (soft brush) or toothbrush. Rubbing with these tools should be in a circular motion, not to press and rub indiscriminately in all directions.

The use of brushes is considered to be more aggressive rubbing, but it also leads to higher efficiency. Keep in mind that you can suffer a little with the toothbrush because it is too small, but you can use it mainly for the area where the stain is located.

Step 7: Rinse

For this step you will need clean towels or rags and some water. Soak the towel, squeeze it well and start wiping the soapy water from the floor. You need to continue until you are sure that the carpet is just wet from the water. Here, rinsing is also important to do with a minimum amount of water to avoid soaking. Then it leads to damage to the substrate – decay, the appearance of mold, mildew and odor.

Step 8: Waiting for the carpet to dry

During drying, nothing is required of you, just do not step on the carpet and do not allow anyone else to do it. Usually without additional funds the carpet dries in about a day. However, if you make a draft, turn on dehumidifiers, direct the included fans to it – then the drying will be much faster.

It is important not to make the mistake of taking it outside and hanging it on a wire. It can break very badly and be damaged by sunlight if the label does not state that it is resistant to UV rays.

Step 9: Vacuum

This is the last step of manually cleaning the carpet. If you have reached this point, then the results are good and the carpet looks good. In case you have not managed to do brilliantly the first time, you can always repeat the process. It is advisable to do it now, and not to postpone it, no matter how difficult it may seem to you.

A good vacuum is also important for success. If you have the opportunity, vacuum with a machine with a higher suction capacity and use attachments for some hard-to-reach places on the carpet. It is important to make sure that you do not miss a single corner of it. The vacuum cleaner aims to remove all fine dust particles and other debris from the process of cleaning the soft accessory. Going several times in a row (2-3) gives you confidence that you have succeeded.

It is important to do it well, because wet and freshly cleaned carpets are able to attract twice as much dirt.

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