Why should you choose end of tenancy professional cleaning instead of investing in expensive cleaning machines?

End of tenancy cleaning requires a lot of dedication to the process, and only people that have been through it before know how much it can take up your time and effort. And that’s just one of the reasons why many people choose the professional end of tenancy cleaning and trust the experts to deal with everything. As tenants, you should know that in order to get your security deposit back, it’s essential that the place responds to all expectations of the landlord. The property needs to be sparkling clean, and everything needs to be working properly as if brand new. 


Cleaning the property is the most important part of the process to ensure getting your deposit back from the landlord. And while professional cleaning companies are the best way to go, some people think they can deal with the process themselves. Often, those people invest in expensive cleaning machines and think that this will save them money from hiring experts and will get the job done as well as them. However, that’s not the case.


Buying cleaning machines VS hiring professional end of tenancy cleaner

not professional cleaning machine used instead of cleaners

There are many new products on the market that ease the process of domestic cleaning. But those machines are way too expensive and yes, they might do a good job cleaning your place, but think about how many machines you’ll have to buy to cover everything – equipment for vacuuming and hot steaming the floors, machines for wall cleaning, for dust gathering, for carpet cleaning, for upholstery, for kitchen appliances cleaning, and so on, and so on. 

If you want to take care of the end of tenancy cleaning process yourself and use high-quality equipment for the purpose, you’ll have to invest in a lot more products and machines and then still invest your time and effort to actually use them. Plus, in the end, you won’t have the guarantee that your landlord will give you back your deposit.


And on the other side, hiring an end of tenancy cleaning company means investing in smaller fees for cleaning, no heavy machines to use and transport to your new home, only to wonder when you’ll be using them again (and if you are going to use them again at all). Also, think about the time you’ll be saving to actually deal with your other responsibilities during this time – packing, transporting your belongings, and figuring out many things about your new residence. 

Another important advantage is the fact that when you hire professional cleaners for the end of tenancy services, they also provide services guarantee. This means that when your landlord decides whether to give you back your deposit, your cleaning company has a guarantee for the services provided. If the landlord decides that the place is not clean enough, the professional cleaners will come back for a re-visit of the job. But that’s hardly the case. Usually, that’s why a guarantee is provided – the experts are certain of the quality of the work.


Hire professional tenancy cleaners

move out cleaning machine

Yes, the market is now full of high-tech cleaning equipment and there are so many products that can blow your bind. Cleaning detergents for each part of your home and each with its specifics for appliance and process. And yes, those products and machines can do a great job but think about it – is it really worth it? It’s a huge investment, and you will be stuck with so many machines that you’ll have to transport and store.

Actually, a common practice is renting such equipment and this might be smarter than actually buying it. You can rent a few machines and clean your apartment, but you’ll still have to give a lot of money and do the job yourself. The satisfaction of having someone else do it for you is greater. And also, you’ll be certain that the job will be done how it’s supposed to! 


End of tenancy cleaning takes longer than simple domestic cleaning because there are more corners to go over. It’s not just about the property premises; it’s about each part of the apartment or house that needs to be taken care of.  There is far more included in this process – removing furniture, dissembling appliances, doing small fixes, and covering each inch of the place. This is essential to the expert’s checklists. They always include every small detail to make sure they won’t miss a thing. Something you won’t be sure of when you try to do everything yourself.

At the same time, professional end of tenancy cleaners make it look like this is an easy task! They are experienced and know how to handle everything on your property so that when they leave, it looks like you didn’t spend years living there. It’s almost as good as new. You’ll be satisfied, the landlord will be happy, and everyone will get what they want. 

Don’t hesitate any longer! Find your end of tenancy cleaning company and book the services for your moving-out day!

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