Why do people choose spring or autumn for deep cleaning?

In the spring, when the unpleasant cold is gone, the last pile of snow has turned into water, and the birds return from the southern countries to bewitch us with their merriment chirping, everyone seems to be waking up from a deep winter dream. The sun begins to often peer into our homes through the windows. The trees turn green, pink, and white from the blooming leaves and flowers. And we all wish we could bring this freshness and cleanliness to our homes. 


Spring is a symbol of new beginnings, the birth of a new life. It seems that fall has the same effect on us – it makes us feel like it’s beginning, not just a new season, but a new chapter. 


And precisely because of this symbolism, the desire awakens in us to thoroughly clean our homes and bring in our houses the motley of these seasons. Nature seems to live in a unique harmony between plants, animals and humans. And everyone wants to come home to a nice and fresh environment. That’s why homes are required to be clean and welcoming.


But what is it about spring and autumn that makes us so united in the urge to clean our homes deeply? As if the daily regular cleaning is not enough. 


Somehow, it is precisely in these seasons that our urge to engage in more of the serious work of getting our home in perfect condition. Then with enthusiasm, we open doors and windows wide when, of course, the warm weather allows this. It feels like it’s time to welcome the fresh air in our homes.


But with the new beginnings of new seasons, we often also come to think about all those things that are in our homes while they actually shouldn’t. We tend to collect unnecessary things during the summer and the winter, and then there comes the time to get rid of all that!

New seasons begin with leaving behind what is no longer needed to be cleane

Speaking of unnecessary items, most people start their deep cleaning by first removing everything that no longer serves them. Looking through all cupboards and shelves, getting rid of any left old and not important things. In order for the new to enter our lives, we have to make room for it by getting rid of everything old and unnecessary. 

And that’s how the deep cleaning begins. 

How does it continue? Let’s see!

What do spring cleaning and fall cleaning include?

cleaning equipment for autumn or spring cleaning checklist

Some of the maintenance you already know how to deal with. Basic cleaning is well-known to you. But here is a list of what people always need to include in their deep cleaning in different seasons: 


  • Getting rid of old and unnecessary things;
  • Cleaning all surfaces from dust, stains and any stains;
  • Washing or dry cleaning of carpets and rugs;
  • Washing the floors, cleaning and polishing the flooring;
  • Washing the windows as well;
  • Washing the walls or dusting them;
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of all cabinets;
  • Cleaning behind and under all furniture;
  • Washing of chandeliers and ceilings (all lighting fixtures);
  • Washing and disinfection of the tiles and everything else in the toilet and bathroom;
  • Cleaning the joints;
  • Cleaning everything in the kitchen until it shines – oven, hotplates, hood, sink, countertop, refrigerator etc.
  • Cleaning of all small appliances in the kitchen;
  • Washing thin curtains, curtains; damask; blankets;
  • Washing decorative pillows;
  • Washing the blinds and persiennes; 
  • Washing and arranging the terraces;
  • Cleaning and organizing the closet.
  • Reorganising and washing all clothes (with seasons changing, that’s a must)

Where does spring cleaning come from?

cleaning materials for spring cleaning vs end of tenancy cleaning

It’s interesting how the idea of ”spring cleaning” came about. Some think of this expression as cleaning the homes around the Persian New Year, which occurs on the first day of spring. Others make an analogy with the cleaning of the houses by the Jews before the Passover holiday and Christians – before Easter. At this time, the Catholic Church also thoroughly cleans the church altar and everything around it. 


Today “spring cleaning” is a wonderful tradition in most families. And if, for some housewives, this word combination evokes enthusiasm and exhilaration, and they boldly embark on the spring adventure, in others, these words bring turmoil and annoyance. For everyone who hates spring cleaning and considers this type of work too much for them, there is good news. Professional cleaning companies are a saver! They will help you no matter what reason you don’t want to indulge in such an activity – whether because it is unpleasant for you or because you are busy and not you can take a few days for a thorough cleaning. After all, we live in a dynamic world, and time is a resource.


It’s better to trust professionals cleaners in this field. They have high-quality cleaning machines, powders and cleaning preparations that are exceptionally effective and, most importantly – safe for the health of people and pets. In addition, they are very well acquainted with the specific interaction of the cleaning agents with every type of covering of the furniture and textiles in your home. So, you can be sure of the perfect end result and rest assured that you won’t find one not a single discoloured spot on your carpet or sofa or damaged surface. Using the services of a specialised cleaning company, your home will shine.


Whether you choose to have your deep cleaning in the spring or in, the fall, or any other season really, it’s important to take the time and effort and not miss a corner of your home. Of course, you can always trust the professional cleaning company to that for you!


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