Who is responsible for end of tenancy cleaning?

You don’t want to move into an apartment with poor hygiene, unwashed dishes, and a refrigerator full of moldy food, do you? That would deny you. That’s why the final cleaning is so important – show attitude towards the property you have lived in as tenants. 

The final cleaning is a big responsibility, because it depends on the termination of the relationship between tenants and the landlord. If you want everything to be fine, to get your full deposit back as tenants, then you need to take on the task early. Not very pleasant, but necessary. We will introduce you in more detail to the process and each step that is your commitment. 

What is the standard of cleanliness at the end of the lease?

Many disputes are the result of poor hygiene. In the process of living, the landlord may close his eyes, not make frequent inspections of the condition of his property, but not at the end. The rental agreement, which is concluded when renting a specific property, clearly states some basic rules for each party. 

The landlord must hand over the property in good condition, for which a list is usually prepared. The lease agreements provide for the tenants to leave the property in the same condition. The standard of cleanliness can be expressed in a very different way, but it is best to lead by the type in which you have applied. Of course, the depreciation process of the home is taken into account, but there is also garbage, uncleaned premises, windows, porch, damage, etc. They probably won’t be forgiven. 

In short, you are not expected to make repairs or improve the condition of the home, but to leave it the way you found it. This is the desired standard that every tenant should strive for when leaving. 

What are the penalties for inadequate completion of rental cleaning?

If you are wondering what to expect if you do not meet the specified cleaning standard, we will now introduce you to the downside. Detailed final cleaning is required to restore the full deposit. As we have said, this part has given rise to many disputes, as according to The Tenants Voice, in England they account for about 56% of all vacated homes in the last year. 

Owners are dissatisfied with the efforts of their tenants, which involves partial or full retention of deposits or litigation. If it comes to court, the winner is the one who presents more evidence in his defense. The results are very different and with an unexpected twist.  

Cleaning can become a big deal, so do your best, as tenants, to handle this task well. 

Who should clean the property?

From everything you’ve said so far, you’ve probably figured out where things are headed. The end of the cleaning is the task of the tenants, unless you have some other arrangement with your landlord. But, in 99% of cases, things are this way. Of course, you have the absolute right to decide on cleaning – individually or professionally. 

The good news is that after June 1, 2019, things changed in favor of tenants. According to the Tenants’ Fees Act 2019, it is not legal for landlords to ask in the lease agreement for a number of enforceable fees. Including clauses for mandatory professional cleaning service of the property. 

You can hire cleaning specialists to help you, but you can also save that amount by cleaning in person. Decide correctly what would be more profitable and less stressful for you, and act. It is important that there are results at the last inspection of the owner or his authorized person, so that you have every reason to request your deposit. 

Tips for tenants in the final cleaning due to vacant rental

If you are about to move out for the first time, we would like to help you by giving you some valuable advice. You must be well acquainted with the last cleaning, because it is very detailed. Any damage will have to be paid (except those that do not depend on you such as damage to the stove, washing machine, etc.).

We recommend that you follow the following tips:

  • Do not leave your current home, leaving it in poor commercial condition – follow the standard from the moment of application. Leave it as you received it to stay on good terms with the owner. This is the key to returning your deposit and your good reputation as a tenant.
  • Find out exactly what is expected of you – landlords are extremely demanding in terms of hygiene in their property. They will forgive you almost nothing. Pay close attention to soft floors and kitchen appliances.
  • Do not miss a single corner, for your convenience – follow the list of the condition of the property – do not underestimate the cleaning, whether you clean yourself, you will hire a friendly or parental team. Take out the list and start the rooms one by one. Keep in mind that you will lose the most time and you will need the most effort for the kitchen and bathrooms. 
  • Take care of any damage immediately – do not delay the repairs for the end. This way every expense will be rescheduled and you will not have to pay large sums at once.
  • Require a note for each payment you make – for each repair, of any nature, be sure to request a document (if you had to fix something yourself) . This is an indication that you have maintained the property in perfect condition. Of course, do not deal with things that are the responsibility of the owner, so consult with him about everything. 
  • Consider a professional company if this is the way to get your deposit back safely – often this is the best solution, despite the higher investment. Cleaning is much more thorough and uses much more powerful tools and equipment to remove any type of dirt. 

Hiring a professional cleaning company

Some time ago, when landlords had a choice – to oblige tenants to do professional cleaning or not, there were several options. Now it is the tenants who decide what to do. However, they often turn to professionals – from the very beginning or after failing to cope on their own. 

The only disadvantage of this type of cleaning is the high cost. However, the investment is worth 100%. It can save you a lot of nerves, worries and will guarantee higher results in hygiene. And, of course, last but not least – the landlord will refund your deposit. 

Otherwise, if you do not meet the minimum cleaning requirements, the landlord should not hire a professional cleaning service company. Only this will ensure a safe quick re-rental. Therefore, he will not pay, but will most likely deduct the corresponding amount from your deposit amount. 

Here’s something extra you need to know. If the landlord hires a professional company, he will most likely look for the best for his property. Which, on the other hand, means a higher fee for you. So do your best not to get to this point. 

Here are some more tips from us regarding the choice of a professional company:

  • do not trust low offers, read well the specialists,
  • agree in advance on the day and time of cleaning, so as not to cause any misunderstanding. 
  • ask relatives and acquaintances for advice and recommendations, if they have used such services
  • do not save money on quality cleaning, professionals can be your ticket to the return of the deposit.


In conclusion, we should summarize that over 90% of cases are responsible for the final cleaning. Therefore, consider the situation as an obligation from which there is no way out. This does not necessarily mean rolling up your sleeves and rubbing the floor for three days in a row, but be neat. And remember that one of your chances of success is professionals.

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