What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Do you want a clean, tidy and undamaged rental apartment? Every landlord is obliged to provide it for you, but are you aware of your task after you apply? No one can force you to clean thoroughly once or twice a week, but over time, a lot of dirt accumulates. 

However, before you leave your current home, one of the most important things is to hand it over in the same form. The terms of the contracts are very strict, and the return of the initial deposit is guaranteed if you leave the property in perfect condition – clean and without damage. 

What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?

The last cleaning is a procedure typical for each rented property. Probably many who rent a “roof over their head” have a number of requirements, both for the location and for the furniture, size and fresh appearance of the home. All these criteria are achievable and visible to the tenant from the first view. However, after the application and conclusion of a lease agreement, each of the parties to the transaction has certain rights and obligations. 

End of tenancy cleaning is always present as a clause in the written relationship and it can read both standard and some different requirements. Usually a list is made of the current appearance of each corner of each room, the last inspection being made following it. Tenants must make sure that they receive their property again in a well-sanitized and undamaged manner in order to offer it again to subsequent tenants. 

The end of tenancy cleaning London service may be the work of the tenants, ie. they should take care of the implementation of everything on the list, as well as it should be explicitly stated that it should be done by a professional cleaning company. These are internal agreements that should be specified and accepted by both parties. 

Be prepared for such a standard procedure every time you leave a rented apartment to get back the original deposit that is in storage with your landlord!

Who and what should clean?


Tenants are persons who rent a particular apartment within a building or house. Upon leaving them, after the expiration of the lease agreement, they can be held liable if they do not bring the property in good hygienic condition, if there are non-working appliances, damaged furniture, etc. Cleanliness is important not only for good appearance, but also for the prevention of risks of disease, insect breeding, mold and mildew infections. 

Dealing with all this is a big challenge for the owner and for this reason it will cost him dearly. Therefore, part or rather the entire deposit amount of the tenant will certainly be deducted. To prevent all these troubles, take regular care of the hygiene of the rented home.

Tenants should be well acquainted with the maintenance of outdoor areas adjacent to the property – patio, alley, garden or outdoor yard. They are usually their concern when it comes to a house, but the rental price may include their maintenance by an outsider or company.  


In shared buildings, condominiums and residential complexes, the obligation to clean the entrance, garden and others is an obligation for landlords. The monthly maintenance for them is paid or performed directly by him. Other types of specialized services, such as gutter cleaning, lawns, etc., are also the responsibility of the landlord. 

What does pre-vacancy cleaning include?

If so far you have not been very diligent in cleaning due to lack of time or other reasons, now is the time to try. Cleaning before inspecting the landlord and handing over the key must be detailed and very precise. To find out exactly what cleaning involves, check out our detailed list of each room, appliances and furniture.  

Bathroom cleaning / Baths

  • Cleaning the bathtub
  • Cleaning the toilet, bidet (if any)
  • Cleaning the sink
  • Cleaning water glasses, soap dispensers, toothbrushes and toothpastes
  • Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Wiping and polishing the heating fins, hangers and towel accessories 
  • Cleaning and polishing of faucets for sinks and baths, shower faucets
  • Removal of limescale and mold
  • Cleaning the sewer – in case you have problems and is described in the rental list
  • Cleaning the tiles – floor and walls

Kitchen cleaning

  • Polishing on the worktop, back of the worktop, faucet and sink
  • Cleaning cabinets, drawers and shelves – outside and inside
  • Rearranging cutlery and other similar accessories on kitchen cabinets and shelves Inspecting
  • kitchen utensils – tell the landlord if there are many broken things, and do not leave unwashed plates, cups, bowls, etc.
  • Clean kitchen appliances – oven, fridge, freezer, washing machine, microwave, dishwasher, gas hob, ceramic hob
  • cleaning cooker
  • Removing lime scale and mildew between tile joints
  • Wiping thresholds and sills
  • cleaning door handles and windows
  • cleaning switches and sockets for lighting
  • Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner (mop)
  • Disposal of collected garbage from the kitchen – food, drinks, bottles, boxes, etc.
  • Washing the trash can if necessary

Bedroom and living room cleaning

  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Wiping wardrobes, shelves, nightstands lockers, – on all visible sides (front, top and inside)
  • Dusting doors, picture frames and others
  • Polishing mirrors, photos and wall hangers
  • Cleaning blinds, rails, thick curtains, drapes
  • Cleaning available accessories and decorative elements in the room 
  • Cleaning the window sills in the bedroom and living room
  • Wiping and polishing keys and locks
  • Cleaning of contacts and extensions
  • Repainting of dirty and damaged walls, due to the tenant’s stay
  • Cleaning with vacuum cleaner and mop / steam cleaner on the floor


  • Wiping and use of detergent for tables, exposed countertops and other surfaces
  • Vacuum of the sofa, pillows to it , as well as all decorative pillows
  • Detailed vacuuming under the sofa, armchairs and other furniture
  • Cleaning stains from furniture in the presence of such


Carpets are a feather on the list that landlords want to check. Do your best, because they can make you clean it again, and professional cleaning services are quite expensive.

  • Removing or moving all furniture and other objects that pinch the carpet
  • Thoroughly vacuum the entire carpet – lengthwise and widthwise, even the areas under the furniture
  • Steam, mop cleaning, etc.
  • Treatment of stains from various contaminants – for this purpose, try some suitable household detergents or other environmentally friendly cleaners. If you are stubborn like blood from pets and other withered discolorations, then consider professionals to clean their 


  • cleaning blinds, drapes and curtains appropriately – note what matters to them to make them sanitize properly
  • Wiping dust from windowsills
  • Cleaning the windows of grease, fingerprints and other visible – on inside
  • final drying with a dry cloth

Drawers, cupboards and shelves

  • emptying drawers, cupboards and remove items from shelves
  • Wiping inside and outside


Electrical appliances are often used and can be damaged while you are renting in the apartment. Sometimes it’s not your fault, so let your landlord know right away. If you do not report this until you leave, they will probably not charge you any amount and will send you a repairman to fix it. Otherwise, it may be damaged, with good reason, and you will have to pay the repair amount in person or you will be partially deducted from the deposit. 

Refrigerator and freezer cleaning

  • Cleaning of the refrigerator and the freezer of foods and beverages
  • Remove caked dirt from the shelves – in case they are wet and dry, use a conventional detergent  
  • disassembly, cleaning and rinsing the Lond, the bars and the shelves, which are located in the refrigerator and freezer
  • Wiping the outside and the handles with a soft cloth

Washing machine cleaning

  • Cleaning the filters
  • Cleaning the drum 
  • Washing the drawer for detergent, fabric softener and other cleaning agents – very often you have to soak it beforehand because the residue is dry
  • Wipe the rubber seal
  • Wipe the outside of the washing machine – dust and knobs

Dryer cleaning

  • Cleaning the appliance on the outside and inside
  • Cleaning the drawer
  • Cleaning and checking the condition of the rubber seal
  • Checking for dirt in the filter and removing it if present

Dishwasher cleaning

  • Preparation for the actual cleaning – with thorough cleaning of Fr. food and soap deposits
  • Removal of all dirt, mold and mildew
  • Cleaning the filters of the appliance
  • Wiping and checking the condition of the rubber seal
  • Washing the drawer for placing tablets or detergents
  • Wiping the handle of the machine

Toaster cleaning

  • Removing the remnants of bread and other items way 
  • Removing the appliance and cleaning the area under and around it
  • Cleaning, wiping and polishing the outside

Oven and microwave cleaning

  • Cleaning the collected sticky food residues and other deposits
  • Cleaning the inside of the oven, in the area of ​​the fan, hob and grill
  • Cleaning the inside of microwave – for this purpose you can use homemade cleaning agent, environmental or other effective product for cleaning ovens and microwaves 
  • check and wipe the rubber seals
  • washed with water and washing-up liquid or other preparation of fasteners oven – tray and grill
  • demisting on the mount s elements
  • Cleaning the oven and microwave on the outside part – surface knobs and handles

Other small appliances cleaning

In the event that the landlord took care of complete comfort of its tenants and has provided a wide range of appliances, it should not neglect more the small technique. Such are, for example, chopper, nutribulet, grills and others. Wash every large and small appliance, rub the grills with a suitable detergent and tool to rest assured that no conflicts will occur. 

Tips for tenants and the end of tenancy cleaning

Are you about to move to a new home and you don’t want to clean the old place at all? Well, unfortunately you will have to, if you want to keep the originally provided deposit to your landlord, as a guarantee!

  • Do not neglect the last cleaning – many tenants are left on the current and hope the landlord will not notice significant defects in the home – especially in terms of cleanliness. Don’t neglect cleaning before you move out, because that’s the only way to get your deposit back and leave a good impression.
  • Move through the application list so you don’t miss cleaning in a significant place, appliance or furniture – it’s normal to clean chaotically or miss one. an important part of cleaning, which, however, will cost you money. Find the described list of the condition of the property before moving in and act on it – step by step. Start with the more labor-intensive rooms – bathrooms and kitchen. They will cost you the most effort, and can be cleaned a few days in advance.
  • Ask relatives for helpthis is the best option in which you will save time and money. Assemble a home team and do expert cleaning in no time – from all windows, curtains and lighting, to floors and joints.
  • Hire a professional company if you think it will save you a lot of effort and timemany tenants avoid using professional cleaning services due to the high price. Sometimes, however, this is the surest way to return your deposit and end the relationship with the owner in the best way. Consider, however, that everyone wants to keep their property in its original form for as long as possible. Look for better offers for hiring professionals to be sure about the return of the deposit amount.
  • Claim if there is no damage and hygiene is up to standard, but the landlord does not want to return the depositonce you know how much effort you have cost, you may have used and help, it must get back the entire warranty amount. There are times when conflicts will arise, but don’t give up if you know you’re right. Consider carefully whether the owner’s remarks are justified or not. Claim your rights if he does not want to refund you.
  • Do not leave the detailed cleaning at the last minutethis is one of the most common mistakes of tenants, although it is understandable, given the search for new housing and preparation in it. Just make an action plan in advance. Leave the last day for a final inspection and only cleaning the floor and disposing of garbage.
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