What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Who wouldn’t want to live in a clean, modernly furnished and tidy home? You will probably have no problems with the interior furniture, there are many and varied rental homes. But, in terms of cleanliness, there are two ways – self or professional cleaning.

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for withholding deposits is due to improper transfer of the property? Well, the end of tenancy cleaning is a professional service that can give you reliable results and return the deposit amount. See what it is and what its benefits are.

What is the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

In England, and in many other countries, final cleaning is an almost mandatory procedure when vacating a rental home. In most cases, tenants are responsible for this task, because it depends on the return of the initially withheld amount. However, there are times when the owners hire specialists in the field of cleaning – when they want to prepare the home for rent and make it friendly.

In short, renting a life has extraordinary commitments – beyond the monthly expenses. Last cleaning can be key to the good attitude you are parting with your landlord.

Final cleaning usually appears as a specific clause in the lease. It can include both standard requirements and some additional ones. As tenants, never forget to read this text before signing the agreement. Most often, a list is prepared with the current condition of each room, and at the last inspection (before the final removal of the tenant) the property is checked. Be prepared that your host will be detailed.

One piece of advice to the tenants – when entering the rented apartment, go around every corner with the landlord and make sure that the list is in order. You may have accidentally or deliberately missed a fault that may later be attributed to you.

The final cleaning is the same as the deep cleaning, but is designed specifically for rental homes. Covers hygiene and refreshment of each corner, and you can provide a list of professionals you have hired. Professional cleaning is much more efficient and will save you a lot of time and effort!

What does cleaning before renting a rental home cover?

The professionals who will take care of the specific property will come with the full equipment for a perfect cleaning. They move on the list of the room prepared by the owner to ensure complete orderliness of the site. .

For all of you who are wondering why the service costs so much, see what it covers:


  • Polishing the countertop, back of the countertop, faucet and sink
  • Cleaning cabinets, drawers and shelves – outside and inside
  • Rearrangement of cutlery and other similar accessories on cabinets and shelves in the kitchen
  • Inspecting kitchen utensils – tell the owner if there are many broken things, and do not leave unwashed plates, cups, bowls, etc.
  • Clean kitchen appliances – oven, fridge, freezer, washing machine, microwave, dishwasher, gas hob, ceramic hob
  • Cleaning cooker
  • Removing lime scale and mildew between tile joints
  • Wiping thresholds and sills
  • Cleaning door handles and windows
  • Cleaning switches and sockets for lighting
  • Vacuuming and steam cleaning or mop
  • Disposal of collected rubbish from the kitchen
  • Washing the rubbish bins if necessary

Bathroom / Baths

  • Cleaning the bathtub
  • Cleaning the toilet, bidet (if any)
  • Cleaning the sink
  • Cleaning water glasses , soap dispensers, toothbrush cup and toothpaste
  • Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Wiping and polishing heating fins, hangers and towel accessories
  • Cleaning and polishing faucets for sinks and bathtubs, shower faucets
  • Removal of limescale and mold
  • Cleaning of the sewer – in case it causes you problems and is described in the list of Emane
  • Cleaning tile – floors and walls

Bedroom / bedrooms and living

  • Removing the cobwebs
  • Wiping wardrobes, shelves, bedside tables – all visible sides (front, top and inside)
  • Dusting the doors from within the paintings and other
  • Polishing mirrors, photos and wall hangers
  • Cleaning of blinds, rails, thick curtains, drapes
  • Cleaning of the available accessories and decorative elements in the room
  • Cleaning of the window sills in the bedroom and living room
  • Wiping and polishing of keys and locks
  • Cleaning of sockets and extensions
  • Repainting of paint , as a result of the tenant’s stay
  • Cleaning with vacuum cleaner and mop / steam cleaner on the floor


  • Wiping and use of detergent for polishing tables, outdoor countertops and other surfaces
  • Vacuum on the sofa, pillows and all decorative pillows
  • Detailed vacuuming under sofas, armchairs and other furniture
  • Cleaning stains from furniture in the presence of ta kiva


Carpets are one of the most viewed details in a property. As they get dirty quickly and their professional carpet cleaning is not cheap at all, the owner must be convinced that he will not have to invest in additional cleaning. Therefore, he is willing to withhold part of the amount of the deposit if he is not satisfied with the form in which he found it.

  • Removing or moving all furniture and other objects that are under the carpet
  • Cleaning the entire carpet with a powerful vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning with steam or other equipment that is suitable for soft flooring
  • Treatment of stains from various contaminants


  • Cleaning of blinds, curtains and drapes the right way – keep in mind what is the matter to sanitize them properly
  • Wiping the dust off the sills
  • Cleaning the windows of greasy stains, fingerprints and other visible traces – on the inside
  • Final drying with a dry towel

Drawers, cabinets and shelves

  • Emptying of drawers, cabinets and removal of elements from the shelves
  • Wiping the outside and inside

Appliances and kitchen appliances

You should know that professional companies will take care of cleaning, but not the repair of a particular appliance. If you find a problem while living in a place, it is better to contact the owner at the moment. Otherwise, he may interpret it as concealment and retain part of the deposit.

Here’s how to clean the most important, and often the most contaminated, appliances:

Refrigerator and freezer

  • Cleaning the refrigerator and freezer from available food and drink
  • Removing dried dirt from the shelves
  • Disassembling, washing and rinsing the lounges, grills and shelves that are located in the refrigerator and freezer
  • Wipe the outside and the handles with a suitable cloth


  • Cleaning the outside and inside
  • Cleaning the drawer
  • Cleaning and checking the condition of the rubber seal
  • Checking for dirt in the filter and removing it if available

Washing machine

  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning drum
  • Washing the drawer for detergent, fabric softener and other cleaning agents – very often you have to soak it in advance because the residue is dry
  • Wipe the rubber seal
  • Wipe the outside of the washing machine – powder and knobs


  • Preparation cleaning – old wiping to remove food and soap deposits
  • Removing deposits, mold and mildew from the machine
  • Wiping and checking the rubber seal
  • Wash the drawer for tablets or detergents
  • Cleaning the filters
  • Wiping the machine handle


  • Removing the residue other garbage collected in an appropriate manner
  • Removing the appliance and cleaning the area under and around itmachine
  • Cleaning, wiping and polishing the outside


  • Disposing of coffee waste
  • Washing the container with water, if any
  • Washing and drying its individual removable components

Oven and microwave oven

  • Cleaning of the collected sticky food residues and other deposits
  • Cleaning of the inside of the oven, in the area of ​​the fan, hob and grill
  • Cleaning the inside of the microwave oven – for this purpose you can use home-made cleaner, ecological or other type of effective cleaning product on ovens and microwaves
  • Checking and wiping rubber seals
  • Washing with water and washing-up liquid or other preparation of the fastening elements of the oven – the tray and the grills
  • Demisting fasteners
  • Cleaning of the oven and the microwave oven from the outside part of them – the surface, knobs and handles


The end of cleaning is not a mandatory service, but is recommended for any tenant, as well as a landlord who wants to rent out their property quickly. The impossibility of good cleaning is a sign of loss of money for both parties. So do some research and choose the best professionals who serve the area in which you are.

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