What do you need to do at the end of your tenancy?

If you are a renter with a tenancy that is coming to an end, your life can get into a very hectic mode. You need to go through so many steps, take care of so many tasks, and make sure all the aspects of this move are going as expected. The main key to a smooth handover is preparation.

You need to make a precise plan before your end of tenancy, and we are here to give you information about all the necessary tasks and questions that will come up on your way. Use this article as a guide to help you during the whole process.

Give your notice for the end of tenancy 

Start by giving your notice to the agent or the landlord of the property. Check your rental agreement to make sure how much time in advance you need to do it. The average is one to three months before leaving the property, but this is not a strict rule; it is upon arrangement.

Make sure you give your notice the right way – most agreements insist that you provide this information in a written form. We advise you to send the notice by email and, immediately after it, give a call to the person you need to notify. It is double work, but this step is important in order to prevent any misunderstandings.

We will quickly add here that you are fully responsible for paying your rent for the entire term of the tenancy. There are some exceptions, but they are individually arranged with the owner of the property.

Prepare to host viewings before you move out

Once again, check your contract for this specific information, but in most cases, it is written that you must allow access for viewing during the period of the end of the tenancy. If you agree to it and then refuse viewings, it will cause problems, and the landlord may refuse to return your security deposit.

However, there are some rules on your side. The viewing with potential new tenants can take place only upon request and at a reasonable time of the day. We advise you to give the property manager a timeline for when you can be on-site to ensure everything is going smoothly.

End of tenancy cleaning

three cleaners work hard during an end of tenancy cleaning service

If you have to prioritise your duties, one of the main tasks is the end of tenancy cleaning. You are wondering why? Well, it is among the main tenancy deposit disputes, and many people get in trouble for neglecting it. Perform this step well, and not only will you be able to get your money back, but also you can ask the landlords for references in the future if needed.

End of tenancy cleaning is the final cleaning before the tenants move out. They should leave home in the same condition as when they first saw it. They must take out all their personal belongings, return the furnishings to their original places, and make sure all the areas of the property are sparkling clean. 

This is a deep cleaning of all rooms: halls, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It includes removing all the dust and grime from surfaces like walls, windows, shelves, sinks, flooring, and tiles. Don’t miss the hard-to-reach places of the property. You need to make sure all the appliances are as clean as possible: the oven, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, and so on. Some contracts include the upholstery and the outside areas. Check if you have those additional tasks. 

You can choose to do it yourself or hire professional services. The second option will definitely take some stress from you. If you choose to go with it, give the cleaning company a call at least a few weeks in advance. The demand is high, and the best companies on the market have busy schedules. Before the cleaning, provide the professionals with a check, including all the tasks they need to do. Make photos of all rooms after being cleaned and keep the receipts as evidence you can provide to the landlord in case they have some claims.

Arrange a move-out inspection

move out cleaning checklist inspection

You need to arrange a move-out cleaning inspection, which means a final walk around the property with the landlord or the agent. It must be held close to the expiration date of your contract. During this meeting, they will check out the condition of the home, all the furniture, and appliances, and also make sure the end of tenancy cleaning is performed to the standards mentioned in the agreement. 

This inventory check will be used as evidence by both sides in case a problem occurs. If your landlord hasn’t been able to arrange a meeting date before the end of your tenancy, keep in mind that they will struggle to dispute deposit deductions afterwards. 

Give the keys back.

On your move-out date, you need to return the keys. Again, you need to arrange the meeting with the other party. It can be beneficial to ask for written confirmation that you completed this last step. 

After the inventory check has passed successfully and the keys are returned, you can expect to receive your security deposit back.

Delegate the end of tenancy cleaning to a professional cleaning company

We have one last but essential tip for you. The end of a tenancy can be super stressful and chaotic, which can contribute to making mistakes on the way. We would advise you to get some help. Try to delegate as much as you can. We advise you to hire some professional services. This will make a difference that can win you a large sum of your security deposit back. 

The easiest and most reasonable step is to hire professional cleaners for the end of tenancy cleaning. You can rely on our services if you are looking for a trustworthy cleaning company! We have invested in the best equipment and a well-trained team of professionals that will bring your rental property back to life! Our offers are hard to resist. Check them out now! 

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