What are the benefits of an end of tenancy cleaning?

Have you always dreamed of a housekeeper in cleaning, but you can’t afford it? Well, the time of relocation is the best time to hire professional cleaners to polish the whole house. Not only will you find it more profitable, albeit at a relatively high price, but you will notice the difference in cleanliness, you will save time and the unpleasant feeling of fatigue. 

What are the benefits of an end of tenancy cleaning?

The advantages of the professional service “cleaning before moving” or end of tenancy cleaning London, are extremely many and can make life easier for each tenant:

Provides the size of the bonds

If you are looking for the safest way to receive the entire deposit amount, professional cleaning is the right solution. It cannot be compared in half with self-hygiene, not to mention the time that a housewife will have to spend in different rooms. Ensure your peace of mind and higher efficiency. 

Specialists do such cleaning almost daily and face all sorts of challenges. They are trained in various deep cleaning technologies and can handle almost any task. Your goal is also their main mission – to get the amount withheld during the transfer and inspection of the home you have lived so far. 

Maintains the standard of cleanliness

Choose a cleaning company with many years of experience or on the recommendation of your relatives and friends and you can rest assured to let them do the end of tenancy cleaning for you. They will be able to meet your every requirement, have a specific view of things and will do so in a very short time. No training is required on your part, because they will arrive at the specified address fully equipped.

The price for the service includes a complete cleaning of the property, as the standard is quite high – it should shine with cleanliness. Hygiene and refreshment of the property includes the use of non-toxic cleaners, machines and equipment of the highest class. Guaranteed maintenance of the standard of cleanliness – dusting, cleaning of hard and soft flooring, cleaning of furniture, disinfection of all rooms, especially sanitary and kitchen, cleaning of kitchen appliances and others.

shine double oven after tenancy cleaning

Saves time and effort

The trained expert or team of them does everything twice as fast and purposefully as the time you could handle. They move along the end of tenancy cleaning checklist to ensure maximum efficiency for the return of the deposit amount. They will complete their task on time, but be sure to request at an earlier stage. 

The expert cleaning service does not want anything from you – it includes planning the work process and arriving on site with the equipment needed for cleaning. No effort or waste of time is required of you.  

Uses modern equipment

One of the great advantages of professional cleaning is the innovative equipment they have. All machines are designed specifically for professional use, are expensive and achieve the expected perfect results. These include modern machines such as a vacuum cleaner and a rotary dry cleaning machine, a steam cleaner, special brushes, equipment for cleaning windows, blinds and curtains, carpet cleaners and more.

Thanks to these high-quality facilities, you, as end tenants, will be satisfied, as well as your landlord. This will contribute to a clean relationship and end without conflict. 

Uses soft or environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

Proven companies in the field care not only about quality cleaning, but also about human health. Therefore, they rely only on effective detergents that have a natural composition. Companies are environmentally oriented to contribute to both the cleanliness of the environment and the good general health of a person.

Ecological conversations and soft detergents are a priority and are quite aggressive, so they can remove stains and mold in one fell swoop. The so-called “green detergents” work in the following direction – they extract dirt, but do not cause unpleasant consequences because they protect people from chemical elements. You can rest easy for both your pets and children.

Simplifies the removal process and reduces the level of stress

Moving is a very stressful process, which is associated with finding a new home, packing luggage, transportation, cleaning the old rental home and arranging everything in the new one. This requires a lot of effort and a lot of time. Some of the tasks can not be assigned to someone else, but no doubt the cleaning can be done by a professional or a group of such.

You just need to find reliable partners who will guarantee you securing the deposit while you do something just as important in the relocation process. They will help you simplify the removal process as much as possible, allowing you to concentrate on application. Reduce stress by saving on rubbing carpets or kitchen appliances, buying all sorts of detergents and equipment, and more. 

Saves money

The end of tenancy cleaning service is paid, but it can still save you a lot of money instead of cleaning yourself. How does this happen? Professional hygiene and fragrance is an almost certain sign of return of your deposit. You also save time on wandering and wandering in search of the right detergent for the carpet, bathroom, kitchen and furniture. You also save on the cost of buying machines. 

This is how a paid service is actually more cost effective in terms of time, money and effort, instead of trying to do it yourself. In addition, the results will certainly be different, because experience and skills always stand out. More cleaning companies even offer discounts on subscription services, for additional cleaning service, etc.  

Cleaning before removal becomes not a recommended but a mandatory service for every tenant and landlord. If you, as a tenant, want to return your entire deposit amount, this is the best solution. On the other hand, as a landlord, if you do not want to lose money while your property is uninhabitable, make it look more attractive – through appropriate furniture and a glow of cleanliness.

bright and fresh living room after end of lease cleaning

Tips for Periodic Maintenance and Choosing a Professional Cleaning Company for Rental Property

Professional cleaning is the surest way to perfectly clean your home when you move, but sometimes that alone is not necessary to return your deposit. You should also take some routine care while living in the property:

  • Try to clean the surface at least once a week – this regular maintenance can save you part of the final amount of cleaning and contribute to the good appearance of the property, which is a key factor in returning the deposit amount when moving
  • Do not leave too much dirt in the kitchen (especially on kitchen appliances), because subsequent cleaning is difficult
  • Clean the bathroom and toilet at least once every two or three weeks – if you notice mold and mildew, take some current solution
  • Observe carpets and in case of stains, react immediately – some old and deep stains may become impossible to remove.
  • Monitor the condition of the property constantly if you have a small mischief or pet – they can create a big mess, which certainly will not it came out cheap. The most vulnerable are hard and soft flooring, furniture and walls.
  • In case of accidental damage, non-functioning appliance and others, inform your owner – it is possible that some of the appliances are still under warranty, and there is a possibility that they will exonerate you for some damages, if you say on time. 
  • Look for a reliable professional cleaning company for the final cleaning before moving – check on the Internet, read comments, ask relatives and acquaintances.
  • In case you stop at a specific brand, you could hire specialists in advance for some minor cleaning, which will not cost you dearly. The idea is to get acquainted with their way of working, whether they are correct, whether they fulfill the commitment on time and others.F
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