How much does end of tenancy cleaning cost in UK?

The hectic life and urgent commitments make it very difficult for all tenants to clean their homes regularly. There are many different cleaning services available because every household needs help. The main criterion when renting the end of tenancy cleaning London service is the price. Unfortunately, there is no fixed price list for cleaning on departure.  

Criteria for forming the price for end of tenancy cleaning when renting in the UK

Professional cleaning companies work with individually prepared offers, which include a standard price for the respective procedure according to hygienic and additional criteria. In particular, the cleaning upon vacating a rented dwelling is calculated according to the following criteria:

  • Area – below you can get acquainted with the average prices for different sized dwellings. They start at £ 195 and go up to £ 370 per house or apartment for over 4 bedrooms. 
  • Degree of contaminationthis is one of the most important factors in determining the end of tenancy cost of cleaning. Sometimes a large house can be cleaned in a few hours if maintained regularly, but there are cases in which even a small apartment requires almost daily scrubbing and treatment of various contaminants with multiple detergents and machines.
  • Time required for cleaning – the hourly rate for cleaning depends directly on the above two factors, but it is good to be mentioned separately. The time required for perfect cleaning is important, as every hour is an important resource and costs money.
  • Location – The service usually covers the whole of UK, but very often a company can charge you more for a more remote area. Take this factor into account when looking for professionals for end of tenancy cleaning.
  • Need for express serviceusually cleaning companies are always busy, but also respond relatively quickly. However, it is a good idea to start searching and booking a day and time at an earlier stage to avoid unforeseen situations. If you decide to hire professional cleaners at the last minute, you may succeed, but it will probably cost you a little more for the express service.

cleaner in london mopping a floor in a living room at the moving clean service

How much does cleaning cost to end your rental in the UK?

United Kingdom is the country where cleaning services are among the most regularly used. The tendency in the country is for a large number of residents to be rented, as there are many emigrants, properties are high, etc.  

The end of the rental is a detailed cleaning procedure, which has two options – with or without compliance with the prepared list when renting. This is, of course, discussed with the client, as most leases have such a document, but may not.

It is too relative to indicate a specific price for the end-of-rental service, as the area and degree of pollution can be very different. Otherwise, the price includes complete refreshment, sanitation and aromatization of the apartment or house. It passes through each room, the most detailed being the cleaning in the kitchens and bathrooms, where the pollution is most significant. 

What is the average price for cleaning a property when leaving the UK? 

Each company has its own cleaning individual price list for this type of service. They are usually approximately the same, with some minor exceptions. Although price is one of the main factors for choosing a company, it should not be considered only. Very often the slightly higher price brings you security, because you use first-class service, which is associated with proven good results. 

Conversely, very often the lower price is associated with “cluttering the work”, missing key corners for cleaning, use of less efficient cleaners and others. Of course, this is not always the case, so you need to do an advanced search for the best cleaning company. If you have used such services before and you are satisfied, you could trust them again. 

The average price for end of tenancy cleaning in the UK currently varies as follows: The

  • average price for a studio varies between £ 95 to £ 240, with an average of £ 195
  • Apartment with one or two rooms – £ 140 to £ 315, with an average of £ 250
  • Two or three bedroom apartment – £ 155 to £ 380, the average is £ 315
  • Four or five bedroom house – £ 185 to £ 525, the average is £ 370
  • Property with six or more bedrooms costs the most – starts at £ 230, the average is around £ 415

Once you are familiar with the average values ​​for the last cleaning when renting, maybe your search will be made as easy as possible. Make sure that your offer varies in this value approximately, according to the size of the home you want to be perfectly sanitized.

Difference between end of tenancy and standard cleaning

Perhaps some of you are wondering what makes end of tenancy cleaning different from standard complete cleaning? That is why it is good to address and clarify this issue in this article.

The standard or so-called “Normal cleaning” is the regular care that is provided for a property. Regular cleaning is known to everyone and it includes wiping dust, wiping the kitchen counter, vacuuming and other similar activities. It can be said that it is a routine procedure that is performed once or twice a week – independently by the householder. In short, it is not a complete, deep hygiene clean, which is closer to the service “end of tenancy cleaning when renting a rental home”. 

The end of tenancy cleaning when renting a rental home for whatever reason or is much more detailed. Cleaning companies working professionally in the field have their own type of work. For some, there may be some minimal difference in the program being worked on, but it generally involves cleaning the following areas and rooms:

  • Bathrooms (Bathroom and Toilet) – includes cleaning cabinets, bathroom accessories, removing limescale and mold, cleaning bathtub, toilet, sink, shower, faucets and more. Finally, the interior windows (if any) and mirrors, tiles and joints are cleaned. 
  • Kitchen –  cleaning of all available electrical appliances outside and inside – oven and hob, extractor, microwave, refrigerator and freezer, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher. Go through the sink, countertop, cabinets and walls – dusting, floor and flooring – hard floors and carpets.
  • Living roomcleaning of hard and soft floors, cleaning of dust from the side walls and ceiling. Wiping and polishing of the windows on the inside, curtains, blinds, dusting of the sections, cabinets, shelves, tables and others. Cleaning upholstered furniture in the room with effective hygienic and aromatic cleaners.
  • Bedroom –  cleaning and polishing the windows on the inside, cleaning the sills, removing dirt and cobwebs from the walls and ceiling, cleaning dust from built-in wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside tables, shelves and more. Removal of dirt from the floor and on carpets, rugs, carpets and more.
  • Children’s roomcleaning is equivalent to bedrooms. Also includes thorough cleaning of available furniture, mattresses, windows, carpets, dust and more.
  • Corridorscleaning the windows inside and polishing (if any), cleaning the walls and ceiling of cobwebs, cleaning the stairs cleaning the sills, vacuum cleaner and mop (home steam cleaner) on hard and soft floors, etc.
  • Common parts of the propertycleaning of all switches and sockets, door handles, disposal of collected garbage from the buckets, washing of all bins.
  • Additional cleaningusually this type of cleaning is paid extra. Includes cleaning the windows and sills outside, cleaning the accumulated dirt in the ditch and channels, cleaning the yard and alley, railings and more. The good thing is that external cleaning is not always the responsibility of the tenant, so you should be familiar with this procedure in advance.

Although there is some indicative value for this type of cleaning that could be useful to any customer, there are many additional questions. Every good company will ask for more details about the hygiene – in addition to the number of rooms, it also covers the area and degree of pollution. Usually almost any dirt is achievable to remove, but there are some small exceptions that a magician could not handle.

That’s why an additional professional advice is to take care of your current one as much as possible – this will save you headaches in the end and may save you some costs when hiring professionals. 

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