Magic Carpet Cleaning Tricks

How To Clean a Carpet?

People have used carpets to decorate and give more character to the areas they live in since ancient times. Nowadays the carpet choice is huge. There are one colored and multi colored carpets, some are made of natural materials and others of synthetic ones, their shapes, patterns and textures also could vary. Therefore you could really work with you imagination to give your living room for example a unique individual character that will make you feel cozier when watching your favorite TV show.

Before heading towards the home depot to buy a carpet make sure you know, that the carpets are not like other decorative elements, they need to be taken good care of. If you do not treat your carpet properly, it will get ruined very quickly and in the process the quality of the indoor air will also decrease, which could lead to rising health problems including allergies. The easiest ways to maintain your carpets are:

Place a doormat at the entrance of your home, and use it every time you walk in. You wouldn’t want to bring in all the dirt and soil from the outside. Frequent vacuuming is the key to a clean carpet. Vacuuming twice a week won’t allow dirt and soil build ups, however when cleaning make sure to focus on the heavy traffic areas of the carpet.
You should treat all spills and stains momentarily, the quicker you take care of the problem, the easier the stains will get removed. When a spill occurs use a clean absorbent towel to blot the spill. Do not rub or brush as you could end up damaging the carpet and always work from the stain corners to its center otherwise you will spread the stain all over. Wait until the spill is being fully absorbed, if necessary repeat the process, but get a new clean cloth. If the stain is solid use a knife or spatula to remove it.

Magic Carpet Cleaning Tricks (Part One)

Unfortunately, there are magic carpets only in the fairy tales, what we will give you here are magic cleaning tricks for normal carpets. Learn how to get rid of every kind of spill there is in an easy and effective way, just like magic.
When it comes to carpet cleaning, the first golden rule is to act as quick as possible. Removing a fresh stain is much easier, then dealing with an old one. According to professional cleaners CleaningSure, once it sets in, it can became a permanent spot on your carpet, and you don’t want that, do you ?

Carpet stains shouldn’t be rubbed directly, because that leads to weakening of the fibres and the spot will have a worn look after. Other than that, instead of removing the stain, you will do the exact opposite – rubbing the spot will not only make it spread around, but will also help it get deeper in the carpet’s fabric.

There is only one magic thing that your carpet can do, and I’m afraid, it’s bad. There is a possibility for the stain to reappear after you already treated it. It’s because liquid can work it’s way back to the top. In order to avoid this, cleaners CleaningSure advice is to put a relative thick towel on the spot and weigh down with something heavy, like a brick or a book.

You can learn more magic carpet cleaning tricks in the next part of this article, where you can find out how to treat the most common stain types. Prepare to be amazed how oil-based stains can disappear overnight and how red and white wine can work successfully together.

Magic Carpet Cleaning Tricks (Part Two)

In the previous part we mentioned how to do magic when dealing with carpet stains. Making them disappear has never been easier, following our magic carpet cleaning tricks. You already know the importance of an immediate action in a stain situation, as well as the right movements for a successful carpet cleaning. Now we continue with even more advice on how to get rid of the most common stain types.

Oil-based stains on carpets must be treated with an absorber. Baking soda is one, so use it wisely. Sprinkle some on the affected area and leave it stay overnight. Vacuume in the morning. If there are still visible traces form the stain, cleaners from CleaningSure recommend to blot with a mild dish washing liquid until the area is completely clean. Rinse by blotting once again with a sponge, soaked in water, or a damp cloth.

Carpet stains from unknown origin can be removed with the use of non other than a club soda. Pour some on a clean cloth and blot. Don’t forget that rubbing will make the situation even worse, because the stain will get bigger and set in deeper in the fabric.

People say we shouldn’t mix different kinds of alcohol when drinking. However, that doesn’t applies to carpets. In a red wine spilling accident we can use white wine for neutralizing. Simply pour a glass of white wine over the red spot and it should disappear.

You don’t have to be a magician in order to deal with stains successfully. Just follow this magic carpet cleaning tricks, recommended by professional cleaners CleaningSure and you can become a carpet cleaning guru.

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