How do you know it’s time to change the carpets at home?

Carpets are always one of the best ways to improve the home interior by bringing cosiness and a warm feeling. However, even the best carpets sometimes lose their bright colours or need replacement because of overuse and getting outworn. While regular professional cleaning service can increase the carpet’s lifespan, it still comes the time when you’ll need to change the carpets (even if it’s after 10 years of enjoying them). How do you know it’s time to replace the carpets at home? Here are a few signs that may not be so obvious but will tell you that the time has come.


5 signs you need to replace your carpet


Carpets can last for a long time, even 10 to 15 years, of course depending on the carpet type, but eventually, they too get worn out. Even the best quality carpets show signs of age and their threads wear, the shades shift, and stains get harder to remove. If you want to determine if it’s time to replace the carpet at home, check out these 5 signs that will tell you if you need a new carpet.


#1 Stains that are not coming out

stains on carpet

There are some really stubborn stains that are really hard to remove, especially if left to dry out for too long. If you tried professional carpet cleaning services and those stains still didn’t come off (because let’s face it, even the best technicians are not magicians), then you might start thinking of new carpet replacements. If the stains are minor and you can hide them in some way, that will save you some time before it’s time to change the rug, but covering the stains won’t be a long-term solution. 

But remember, before you proceed to buy a new carpet, try professional cleaning. Most home solutions, detergents or products will only clean the base of the carpet so that they don’t damage the essence. However, expert carpet cleaners know how to treat even the most stubborn stains with in-depth treatment. 


#2 Water damage


The truth is, water can cause damage to many parts of your home and floods are a scary event to think about. And still, if water damage is done to your carpet, you will probably have to replace it. If the rug stays wet for 72 hours or longer, then it’s likely to grow mould. It spreads fast, and it is really hard to get rid of it. Even if you treat it somehow, the odour is likely to remain even after all attempts to get rid of it. So, in case of water harm to your carpet, you will most likely have to replace it with a new one because treatment would be almost impossible. Remember, mould is also bad for the health environment at your home, so don’t risk leaving the damaged carpet for too long there. 


#3 Bad odours won’t go away

Speaking of mould odours, there are also other smells that are foul and can cause the environment to be unpleasant at your home. If you have tried professional carpet cleaning and you notice that after the deep clean, the smells are still present, then it could be because of the floor beneath or the padding. Bad smells in the carpet can be caused not only by mould but also by missed pet incidents or grease that was removed later than needed. If the odours are not going away, then you will most probably need to think about a carpet replacement.


#4 Worn-out carpet and visible damage


Rips and tears are a common happening with the rugs when you have been using them for a really long time. As we said, even the best quality carpets get damaged after years and there isn’t much you can do about it. If stains can be somehow removed and odours eliminated, then tears are really not something that can be fixed, unfortunately. Matted carpet and significant wear on the walkways are a clear sign that the carpet had served its time and a new one is in order.


Even if small tears and rips have the chance of being fixed by professionals, some of the big ones – not so much. Still, a tear on the carpet is a clear signal that it needs to be replaced – not just because it doesn’t look good, but also because it indicates that soon it will become a bigger problem and more tears will appear. 

#5 The carpet is ageing


After 10 or 15 years of using a carpet, it is only natural that you start noticing that the carpet is not as good as it was a long time ago. If professional carpet cleaning services are also not able to revitalise the condition of your carpet, then you know – it is too old. Even with good care and maintenance, carpets don’t last forever. If you start noticing colour loss and fading, matting, ripples and lack of padding support, then you will have to start thinking about carpet replacement. 


There will come the time when a professional quality cleaning just won’t do the trick anymore. Ripples and wrinkles are a clear sign that it is time to say goodbye to your favourite carpet. 


N.B. Remember that it is always best to first try all alternatives to save your carpet. Think about professional carpet cleaners and fixers as a way to prolong the lifespan of your favourite floor covering. Try all ways to save its condition and if nothing works, and you know it’s been a long time since you invested in a new carpet for your home, then it might be the time to consider it.

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