End of tenancy tips for cleaning and packing

Prepare to ending your tenanc


Ending a tenancy lease comes with many responsibilities and tasks that you are not always prepared for. You need to think about sorting all of your belongings, transporting them, finding the best way to pack them securely and practically, and in the end – cleaning in details the whole property so that you can get your security money deposit back. All of this can be overwhelming, considering how many things you need to be thinking about. Time management is an important skill, but if you lack it, chaos will be the leading force.

That’s why we’ve prepared this guide for you, full of tips and insights on how to best organise the whole process of ending your tenancy and moving to a new place.

And before we dive in, we quickly want to remind you that professional end of tenancy cleaning company is the best way to save time and effort, at least in one part of the whole process of moving from one location to another.

Give your notice to the landlord and make sure you know his requirements


When you decide to take that step and move to another tenement or a newly bought apartment or to live with a spouse, the first thing you need to do is give your notice to the landlord and discuss the next steps he will be needing from you. 

How long is that notice (two weeks, a month, two, or else); what else is expected from you at the end of the tenancy – how clean it should be, what furniture needs to be removed or else. When you are familiar with all the requirements the landlord has for you, it will be easier for you to start organising. 

Have a strategy for packing


Another very important part of the whole process is the packing of everything that needs to be moved. This means carefully sorting glass, breakables, clothes, appliances, etc. everything needs to be well thought through so that you are able to pack your belongings in a smart way – with no possibility of anything breaking or taking too much space, creating more and more boxes.

Start room by room; pack first the things you won’t be needing until the moving day comes. And then, don’t forget to get rid of everything you won’t be taking to your new place of living. You can’t leave anything behind (unless it’s a nice piece of furniture that the landlord doesn’t mind keeping), so you will have to recycle, give away, or trash what you no longer will be using. 

When you are packing and going over all places of the property, take the time also to check if what was originally in the apartment is still working properly and if anything might need fixing. Shower handles, door handles, sinks in the kitchen or bathroom, or anything else that you can repair or have someone repair for you. This will help you ensure even more that the landlord won’t have a reason not to give you your deposit back.

Clean the whole place properly

move out cleaning equipments


It is best to move all of your stuff first and then do the final cleaning because this way, you will be able to really see the whole space – empty and ready for a deep clean. It’s called the end of tenancy cleaning for a reason. You need to note that this is the time when you are leaving the apartment, and someone else will take your place, which means it needs to be sparkling clean and ready for a new tenant. 

To do so, make sure you load up with the right cleaning products, the right machines that will assist you in cleaning floors and carpets, and also the right checklist with all the steps. Every room you will go through, every corner that needs to be taken care of – all small or big places, and in general, every inch of the apartment. 

Just like with the packing methods, you’ll need a structure – a list to guide you and keep you organised. There is a lot to be done at this time, so don’t get lost wondering where to start. 

Make a checklist for each room and follow it strictly.  Start from up and go down – clean dust from shelves and furniture, clean the walls, the doorknobs, etc. Then, finish with the floors – mop, clean, and vacuum. Take extra time with the bathroom and kitchen, as you’ll have to clean off any residue or mildew, you’ll have to dust and polish all surfaces, and clean mirrors sinks, drain holes, plugs, and taps. 

Make a plan to ending your lease and follow it

plan for end of lease

Ending a tenancy takes up a lot of your time and effort, so make sure you have a plan for action. How to start with the packing, how to properly do it to keep everything safe, and then – how to deal with all appliances, and how to clean the whole property so well that the landlord will surely give back the deposit. 

Of course, of each of that, there is a company that can assist you and save you time while doing it for you. Cleaning services can even be cheaper for you to book, instead of having to buy all products and machines to do the proper clean up.

In general, don’t wait until the last minute to deal with everything that your previous or new home awaits. Trust the professionals, or call your friends and ask for help from them – you’ll for sure need the extra hands when dealing with everything on your checklist for moving out.





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