How long does an end of tenancy clean take?

Is the moment approaching when you have to move out of the rented apartment – are you excited or worried? You are probably overwhelmed with a bunch of tasks that you have not done yet, but you are mostly bothered by the last cleaning. Well, you will probably have to make a quick decision – self or professional cleaning.

Make the right judgment according to your views. Get acquainted with the essence of the professional service and the time it could take you if you take on your own and hire specialists in the field.

What is the end of tenant cleaning?

End of lease cleaning is a relatively newer specialized service offered by various cleaning service providers. It is a similar way of cleaning with that for deep hygiene, with the difference that here follows a specific checklist prepared in the application of the tenant.

It is signed as a clause together with the lease agreement. It is prepared in bilateral form, leaving one copy for each – both for the owner and for the tenant. It describes every detail of the property – the condition of each room.

Before evicting the tenant, the landlord walks around the entire apartment along with the list. If he finds irregularities – broken objects, poorly cleaned areas, carpets, etc., he has the right to withhold part or all of the deposit.

This is one of the main reasons for tenants to use professional cleaning services at the end of the lease. Cleanliness is a guarantee for the return of the deposit amount, which amounts to one month’s rent. It is given at the beginning, as a guarantee for such incidents and poor maintenance of the property.

Usually the final cleaning with a personal choice – you can take on this commitment yourself, but there are some cases in which it is explicitly stated that the last cleaning must be professional. For which the owner wants to receive a document. Therefore, be careful when concluding a contractual relationship and read every fine print.

The contract is an official document with legal status, which serves to protect both parties to it. To avoid final disputes, do everything necessary to part with the owner in a good way. If necessary, call a company!

As you can see, final cleaning is not an easy task. It includes perfect hygiene of each room, and among the most difficult places are the bathroom, kitchen, windows and carpet cleaning.

We want to give you another piece of advice – if you need a professional, choose the company yourself. There is an option in which the landlord chooses experts if he is not satisfied with the condition of the property, but he will certainly hold on to a popular company, and this will probably cost you much more.

How long does it take to finish cleaning tenants?

The time it would take you to clean depends on many factors, such as:

  • total degree of pollution
  • total area of ​​the room
  • presence of stains on the carpets and more serious dirt on the furniture
  • last cleaning of appliances, bathrooms, windows and others
  • whether you took your luggage , orn’t
  • you dohave an assistant, etc.

One thing is for sure, self-cleaning will be much more time consuming, time consuming and you will need many different detergents. Of course, you can use some of the ones that are available to you, but you also need to get new ones that are more effective.

Maybe you should prepare that it will not be easy and a few days before the export you will deal mainly with this. The cleaning time depends mostly on your choice – individually or professionally.


You will need prior preparation if you rely on this solution. You need to set aside money to buy detergents, gloves, a cleaning device, etc. You should be detailed and get a complete list if you are missing something. The positive thing is that you will then move them to your new home.

Here’s what a market list includes in such cases:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • small dustpan
  • steam cleaner (if there are carpets)
  • rubber gloves
  • glasses
  • face mask
  • old clothes
  • detergents – for the bathroom and toilet, for individual kitchen appliances, etc. You can make some home remedies. If possible, choose more reliable and environmentally friendly options. Test them in advance so as not to ruin carpets or anything else in your quest to clean more aggressively.

Spend enough time in the kitchen and bathroom – they will take you the most. We recommend that you clear everything from the floor in advance, it is best that you have taken out most of your luggage. Do not miss any element – clean kitchen appliances (outside and inside), cabinets (outside and inside), windows, windows, blinds and curtains, carpets, faucets, joints, etc.

You will have to work harder and become experts. Load up with more patience.

Advantages of self-cleaning

  • You do not pay for professional service
  • You can clean at any time, do not comply with the working hours of the company

Disadvantages of self-cleaning

  • You have to buy all detergents and necessary equipment, which can be a considerable amount (depending on what you have so far)
  • Prepare for a lot of work, cleaning should be detailed and achieve good results
  • You will need much more time than hiring a cleaning team
  • There is a danger of improper cleaning and ruin of some items in the property

Professional cleaning

Basically professional cleaning is perfectionism, good equipment and skills of specialists. If, after much thought, you have settled on this option, choosing a reliable company to begin with.

The experts work on the same scheme every time – you arrange a day and time, specify an address and they arrive fully equipped with everything you need for cleaning. The positive thing about them is that they have a lot of professional references, much more powerful vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners and they know how to act in case of any kind of pollution. Whether it’s the floor, carpets, some heavily soiled kitchen appliances or anything else.

The “working bees” you have hired will not get tired and will go through the list throughout the property – in just a few hours. They usually do not leave work for the next day, so you can arrange with them in the last days before moving out.

However, they are one sure sign that they will refund your deposit. Except in cases where there is no major damage that no one could handle. Well, book this ticket to refund the deposit amount

Do not hesitate – this is the best solution if you are worried that you will not do it yourself and especially if the contract has a clause that requires hiring a professional company. The good thing is that you always have an additional option and you can rely on good professionals to take care of the most inaccessible places, as well as heavily polluted areas.

Advantages of professional cleaning

  • Do not waste a minute of cleaning time, because the specialists will take care of everything for you. You also have the option of partial cleaning if the offer for complete cleaning on export seems too expensive. For example, cleaning carpets, windows, etc.
  • You get sure results – they will do everything possible. They will not miss a single corner or hard-to-reach place
  • Almost certain return of the deposit and no disputes
  • You do not have to buy anything, because the offer is calculated all the necessary funds
  • You do not have to hire relatives, friends and friends to help you with the last cleaning.

Disadvantages of professional cleaning

  • Relatively high fee – yes, you will have to spend a considerable amount, because it is a matter of complete hygiene, but the investment is worth it. Much depends on this fact, whether you will lose or take back your deposit.


No matter what solution you choose for the final cleaning, take it seriously and responsibly. Do everything on time and do the impossible to hand over the property in a clean and diligent condition. The performance of the contract is an important part of the return of the deposit and the separation with a friendly attitude.

In case the contract explicitly mentions – “professional cleaning”, do not underestimate the importance!

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