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Easy Way to Clean Christmas Decoration

If you want to use your Christmas decoration again after 11 months, you have to be very careful, when you clean it. If the storage room is damp, large part of the decoration won’t survive.

Cleaners London advise to give careful thought to where everything goes. Follow the instructions bellow to learn how to clean your Christmas decoration properly.

  1. Separate all painted ornaments so you can clean them one by one. Pick them up by their hangers. Use a feather duster to dust each ornament. Wear rubber gloves, because the oils in your fingers will damage the paint.
  2. If you need to clean glass ornaments prepare a glass cleaner. Spray it onto a cloth and wipe very carefully.
  3. You should use also the feather duster to clean crystal and porcelain ornaments. Gloves are recommended again.
  4. Wood ornaments can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Use it to wipe across the surface.
  5. It’s very easy to clean garlands, using a hair-dryer.
  6. Cleaning the Christmas decorations before storing them will ensure you that the next year they will sparkle.
  7. You should put the more solid ornaments on the bottom of the box, in which you will put all the decoration. Be sure that the box is not very large, but also not very small. It should be big enough to be useful, but not heavy. Lay the delicate ornaments on top of the sturdy ones. If you want to prevent damages and breaking of the decoration, don’t pack the ornaments tightly.

Cleaners in London have a lot more to share with you, so if you have any questions on how to clean your Christmas decoration or something else, call them.