Are end of tenancy cleaning prices high?

Are you moving out from your current place of residence and about to go live in another location? If you are ending your tenancy and you want to get your security deposit back, then you probably already know that end of tenancy professional cleaning is the best way to ensure that. Many landlords are very demanding when it comes to giving back the deposit. When doing the inspection, the landlord usually goes over every little corner and overlooks every inch. It has to be really perfect so that he or she decides to give back the deposit money. 


And as we all know, the only way to guarantee this perfection is to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company to take care of everything. Often, however, people are misled about the prices of such services. With so many companies offering end of tenancy cleaning, unfortunately, you cannot be sure which ones are safe and which ones are pumping their prices way too much. 

End of tenancy cleaning prices in London

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Speaking of the prices of different cleaning companies, the truth is, end of tenancy cleaning is not an expensive service. It is affordable, and yet the quality can still be high. 

Prices of end of tenancy cleaning in London can be between £25 and £40 per hour depending on different factors that affect the final price – the size of the property at most. The bigger the size of a property, the longer it will take for a perfect clean. And the longer it takes, the higher the price. So, this simple math can help you understand if you’ll have to spend a lot of money or not a lot at all. 

And to compare those prices to regular domestic cleaning, the fees, there are about £13-£18 per hour. It is cheaper, but this type of cleaning might not get you back your deposit. Why is that? Let’s see!


End of tenancy cleaning compared to domestic cleaning

There is quite a difference between domestic cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. The latter includes a lot more than the first one. End of tenancy cleaning requires a team of professional cleaners to deal with the property, while domestic cleaning is often done by one person. You can book this one person any time, while end of tenancy cleaners need notice, and you’ll have to set a day for an appointment (preferably soon before the landlord makes an inspection). Not only that, but the end of tenancy cleaners work with a checklist that has many detailed services included in the whole procedure. The service is wide and thorough. The end results are stunning, and the prices are justified. 

To put things right in a tenancy residence, you’ll definitely need end of tenancy professional cleaners. Experts know what landlords are looking for and how to overlook every detail before owners can have any claims. 

And speaking of the requirements landlords have, this is the best way to find out if an end of tenancy cleaning company is safe or not. Real professionals offer a guarantee for their cleaning work. If your landlord notices that something has been missed, you can always call back the cleaners, and they will make things right at no additional costs!

Are end of tenancy cleaning prices high?

To go back to the original question that people most often ask about the end of tenancy cleaning – are end of tenancy cleaning prices high, we’d say no. They are justified for the quality at the end of the service, and not to mention – you’ll get your deposit money back, which is a win-win. You’ll most probably get more money at the end than spend. So, hiring end of tenancy professional cleaners is more of an investment than anything else. 

How to choose the right end of tenancy cleaning services?

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If you are now convinced that these services are for you and when ending your lease, you want expert cleaning; you’ll have to make a choice. Looking through so many websites online, ads, and offers, only leads to confusion. There are many factors that can influence your decision – what are the prices, are there additional fees for extra services, is a guarantee offered, etc. There is essential because those details can form the final decision and affect the final result. You want to book a company that you can trust – a company that is established on the market and customers recommend it. If you want to make sure the property you are moving out from looks at its best, then you really need to be able to trust a proficient team of specialists to take care of every part of it. 

It’s important to also mention these end of tenancy cleaning services are not only suitable for people ending their lease but also for landlords that want to prepare a property for its next tenants. When renting an apartment, it’s best if it looks as if no one lived there previously. Of course, that’s not 100% possible, but the end of tenancy cleaners know how to clean everything so well that it looks brand new. 

When you think about the responsibilities end of tenancy cleaning workers, have, it’s understandable why prices are not the lowest possible, and some people may think it’s not worth the investment. However, if you want your deposit back when ending your tenancy, it’s best to trust a professional end of tenancy cleaning company to ensure that!

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