5 ways to keep your home always in the best condition

Our home is a place where everyone wants to have conditions for full relax. Imagine coming home after a busy day, opening the front door and immersing yourself in an atmosphere of cleanliness and freshness. And this is easily achievable. How? With investing effort and time!


They say that chaos for some people stimulates creativity. Well, if you don’t have a problem with your creativity, I advise you to choose cleanliness and order in your home to provide a corner for relax. You know that you can’t clean and tidy once and trust that everything will stay that way. You will need to spend 20-30 minutes maximum to keep the atmosphere pleasant constantly. 


That way, you won’t be startled by unexpected guests arriving if the doorbell rings. The atmosphere will always be welcoming. If you have small children, a clean and tidy home will be achieved by involving them in some cleaning activities, make it fun, but not so much that the favourite game of the little ones is “clean and tidy.

Here are 5 ways to keep your home in the best condition 

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1. Consistency in cleaning


Take some time each day to clean up. If you vacuum regularly, you will notice that less dust collects on the furniture. Dust regularly. Put a rug in front of the front door to wipe shoes and not bring in mud and dirt from the street. Wash the floor. 

No matter how much you want to lie down after dinner, find the strength to wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher. Don’t leave the sink full of dirty dishes for the morning. Dried food will require more effort if you wash it by hand. 


After cooking, polish the electric and kitchen counters. Wash the sink too. In order not to deal with the annoying removal of preparations, brushes, and gloves, you can stock up on several packages of wet towels, which are suitable for cleaning any surfaces. There are also ones specifically for oily spots. 

Don’t forget to clean the bathroom too. When everyone goes to bed, spray the toilet bowl and the chrome surfaces with detergent, wait the necessary time and wash. Arrange the accessories, and in the morning, you will have a welcoming and sparkling clean space. You will see how much easier it is to clean everything that was cleaned 2-3 days ago than 102 days ago. Believe that small efforts are not in vain.

2. Make it a habit

It would be great if you could make it a habit for all family members to make their beds immediately after sleep. 

And also, if someone gets up from an afternoon nap, let them fold their blankets and straighten their pillows. It may seem like an insignificant action to you, but it creates a tidy look for the room and a sense of order. 

3. Let everything in your home have its place

Arrange things immediately in their places as soon as you bring them into the house. For example, all purchases. Distribute them to the cupboards or the fridge as soon as you buy them. Hang your bag and clothes in the designated places. Well, after a long party outside, when you come home at night tired and find that in 2-3 hours you have to get up for work, you can casually throw your dress somewhere and throw away the high shoes. But let this be an exception!

Stock up on boxes to put the many knick-knacks that fill almost every home. If they are not put away but scattered around the rooms, they create chaos. Today, there are also practical and beautiful boxes available in the market in all sizes to store your jewellery, keys, chargers, etc. You can organise the boxes by colour, by size, and they become a beautiful part of the interior.

You take something and then put it back – make this a rule for everyone in your home. That way, nothing will be lost, and you will find everything even with your eyes closed. The order created in this way will greatly facilitate your daily life. If you have children, teach them immediately after playing to collect their toys in the appropriate box. Create this useful habit for them, and you won’t have a mess

4. Free your home from everything unnecessary

According to Eastern teachings, this is how you create space for the new in your life, new acquisitions, new friends, etc. Ruthlessly dispose of any old papers, boxes of things, brochures, old clothes, shoes, towels with stains that cannot be washed, old warranty cards, instructions for obsolete appliances, bottles, cosmetics, etc. Just open the cabinets and dig around. Do you know how much extra stuff is hidden in there!? And some of the things to throw away must be lined up on the shelves, just gathering dust. There are things that just take up space – they are neither useful nor make you happy. Get rid of them!

5. Place a beautiful “box for everything” in each room

When you don’t have time (because there are days like that) to put things in their places or you wonder where to put them, collect them in this box. That way, they will at least be put away and not create a mess. It’s about all sorts of trifles, notes, etc. that keep popping up from somewhere. Once a week, empty the box and distribute everything from it to the appropriate places. 

Get into the habit of cleaning as soon as you notice something dirty

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It’s easier to wipe it off now with a cloth, napkin or special wet cloth than after a few days to scrub like crazy, especially if it’s a stain on furniture or carpet. In the end, the idea is the following – to clean and arrange often with less expenditure of energy and effort. Almost no one has enough time in today’s hectic world, but with good organisation of tasks, you will still find your 20-30 minutes a day. 

Don’t forget that you can always trust a tenancy cleaning company to take care of the detailed and high-qualtiy cleaning of your home, providing the best conditions for you and your family.


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