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Offering professional cleaning services Wimbledon, SW19 is one of the many areas that we service in London. We strive to maintain high standards and always keep updated on the latest industry trends to offer superb quality services. Our team members go through rigorous training to ensure that they have the skills and experience to tackle any cleaning task. You can always count on us for top-notch services, meticulous attention to detail, and professional attitude.

What We Offer
Our local cleaners use advanced systems and formulas to deliver amazing results. They are mobile and highly professional and have great references. At Cleaningsure, we have the manpower and equipment to give your property a thorough clean, regardless of size.
Our technicians will leave your home refreshed and superbly cleaned, ensuring that all premises are spotless. No task is daunting or tedious to them, whether last-minute, spring, end of tenancy, or one-time cleaning. They offer customizable services to cater to customers with busy schedules and help ensure that their place is enjoyable, relaxing, and presentable. We will ensure that every corner and space looks sparkling clean so that you enjoy the level of cleanliness that you deserve.

Our staff members offer cleaning services in Wimbledon, SW19 and cater to properties of every type and size. They will tidy and sanitise all premises that you ask them to clean. In the kitchen, they will wipe down all cabinets, counters, and appliances and will wash and clean the floor. The blinds, shelves, and hard surfaces in the living room will be dusted, wood polished, and upholstered furniture and carpets vacuumed. We will also sanitise and polish the fixtures in the bathroom, wipe down glass and mirrors, and clean the shower, tub, sink, and toilet.

Providing highly professional cleaning services Wimbledon, SW19 is an area where we clean office buildings and commercial spaces on a regular basis. We follow a detailed checklist to ensure that all premises are thoroughly cleaned and always look presentable, ordered, and their best. This helps prevent spreading workplace illness and reduces sick leave in the office, as dust, allergens, and germs are eliminated.

Our professional cleaners will take care of all tasks, big and small, and will ensure that all premises are properly dusted, sanitised, and cleaned. They will dust and wipe all desks, clean receptionists’ desks, and empty the trash receptacles. The window shades, lamps, chairs, and tables will be dusted, and marks and fingerprints will be removed from the doorframes and light switches. Office furniture and file cabinets will be dusted, and the hard surface floors will be damp moped. We will also take care of the breakroom and kitchen and will spot clean all appliances, wipe down the chairs and tables, and sanitise the water coolers and drinking fountains. In restrooms, we will clean splash marks from the basins and walls, sanitise the basins, dust off partitions, and wipe down and polish mirrors. The whole building will be left impeccably clean and fresh smelling to ensure that it is a safe and healthy place for customers and employees.


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