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Whenever you need carpet cleaning Richmond, TW9, TW10 are regularly serviced by our professional technicians. We can help you clean the dirtiest carpet and will effectively treat and eliminate stains, dirt, allergens, and pathogens.

Our domestic cleaners in Richmond, TW9, TW10 are aware that soft floor coverings are jam-packed with bacteria that can be a health hazard, especially for persons with weakened and immature immune systems. It is true that carpets offer functional and decorative advantages such as minimising foot and leg fatigue, preventing slipping, and better acoustic and thermal isolation. At the same time, multiple studies show that dirty carpets are associated with an increased risk for allergies, asthma, and illness. Allergens such as cat and cockroach dander and dust mines are associated with childhood illness and asthma. Allergens that contain pathogens are also a health hazard because they transmit infections. Every environment that is occupied contains pathogens but levels vary depending on factors such as size, location, ventilation, activity, and cleanliness. The risk of exposure to dangerous pathogens increases in disorganized, unkempt homes, especially in damp dwellings where fungi thrive on carpets and cause headache, respiratory problems, blocked nose, and nausea. We know that the last thing you want is microbial roomies that cause sickness. Our domestic cleaners in Richmond, TW9, TW10 will help you to eliminate bacterial endotoxins and mould that can make you will.

Regular carpet cleaning is especially important in homes with more occupants. This is because more people release particulates and microorganisms found in their respiratory tract. Combined with shedding of skin cells and humidity, these result in a high concentration of pathogens in indoor environments. And while carpets made from polyester, polypropylene, and nylon are less likely to support the growth of fungi and bacteria, soft coverings made from jute, cotton, and wool provide nutrients that facilitate growth. We know this and offer carpet cleaning in Richmond, TW9, TW10 and other districts in London to help homeowners eliminate health hazards, including airborne pathogens and fungal spores. When microorganisms are left to thrive in indoor environments, they are out of balance and result in illness, deterioration, staining, and odours. We know that this is the last thing you want for your cozy home, and our local cleaners will help you to eliminate pathogens and their breakdown products from carpets and other soft furnishings.


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