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Carpet cleaning can be time-consuming and tedious and is not fun to do in your free time. Removing tough stains and deep-seated dust and dirt is one of the most disliked household chores, and we know this. We also know that your home is an extension of yourself, a place to rest, a fortress, and your public face. Your home is an investment that you feel attachment to and tells something important about you. Dirty carpets and rugs are the last thing that you want in a well-maintained and neat home.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning New Malden, KT3 is an area where we get carpet cleaning appointments on a regular basis. Our technicians come fully equipped to identify and treat problem areas and rejuvenate your carpets. They use advanced solutions and state of the art technologies to treat stains from wax, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, mustard, gravy, and food dyes and other common stains. Our experts use professional detergents for a deep and thorough clean. The solutions that you buy in stores are not as effective and potent as the advanced formulas that we use. Vacuum cleaners do not have the same power to remove dirt and perform a more general clean. If you have pets and children that are prone to accidents and frequent spills, then it is better to call a professional company to do the job for you. If the roof leaked or a pipe burst, water damage is a real threat. We will use professional restoration techniques to protect your carpets from water damage.

We promise to lessen your burden and ensure that no stains, dirt, or dust are found on your valuable carpets. Our professional cleaners know how to treat every fabric and fiber, be it frieze, plush pile, Berber, or sisal. They use professional tools and equipment such as high power extractors and commercial units to restore your carpets and rugs and bring back their luster.

Preserving the appearance and beauty of your carpets is important but being healthy is even more important. You probably know that dirty carpets affect indoor air quality and increase the risk for adverse health outcomes. Indoor air pollutants build up in carpeted areas over time, including mite allergen, protein, and dust. Pollutants may release volatile organic compounds that adversely affect the mucous membranes and cause respiratory diseases. Dirty carpets are associated with health issues such as fatigue and headache, facial rash, irritation cough, sore throat, swollen eyelids, and eye irritation. Regular carpet cleaning helps prevent health problems by removing allergens and improving air quality.

For customers who need professional carpet cleaning New Malden, KT3 is a suburb where our technicians come to inspect and treat carpets on a daily basis. We deliver consistent results every time and ensure that your carpets are spotless and your indoor environment clean and healthy. Not only do we offer the best cleaning prices in New Malden but we take pride in providing exceptional services to get your money’s worth.


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