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If you are going to do carpet cleaning in public spaces or you take responsibility for it, do not worry. We will give you an expert assistance if you succeed to contact us in time. You can check all the services we provide:

Housework never ends as many other obligations, some of which are difficult to be completed by your own. Cleaning of carpets in public spaces is associated with one word – dirty. Rather in two words – very dirty. The situation cannot be different when the places are visited and used by a large number of people.

Office Cleaning - London

The attendance, in turn, imposes the requirements of flawless appearance and cleanliness. You can not afford to bring a lot of people together and to expect this to have no unpleasant consequences. Such consequences are precisely the difficult to be cleaned stains and dirt that can easily be removed from clothing in contrast to more pretentious fabrics. You cannot afford a negligent treatment, especially if you have to take a responsibility and people trust you. The name of the service itself- cleaning carpets in public spaces – implies a periodic reallocation of responsibilities, but there is a pitfall. If you are the host or the owner of the public space, the responsibility for its appearance is entirely yours.

The work environment is extremely important for your employees. They spend most of their working day in the office. Create a vibrant and clean environment that brings positive energy to all of your employees, refreshing them and stimulating their creativity. A well-cleaned and friendly office will surely impress your clients and partners. A good arrangement, organization and impeccable cleanliness will make them feel more comfortable and trust you.

We know how to deal with the stubborn dirt without breaking the structure and color of the carpets. Entrust your office cleaning to our professional team and we are sure you will be satisfied. We are happy to see our client’s smile, so we do not stop to try, develop and improve us.

How to contact us?

It’s easy. The website is available 24 hours a day. Send your questions and you will receive answers. Specify all your requirements and we will calculate the price for you.

How long does it take?

We work impeccably and as soon as possible. Make a request and we will let you know an approximate date to get your carpets –cleaned and dried.

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Can I contact you for several services at once?

Of course! You can call us several times or once, but assign us some tasks. Whether you want to combine mattress cleaning with removing stubborn stains from your carpets or if you want basic cleaning and upholstery washing, we’ll help you in every possible way. Just email us or contact an employee in our office.

We are waiting for your requests for Office Cleaning London!

Office Cleaning Prices

Prices from £11 per hour 
2 hours weeklyfrom £13 p/h
3-5 hours weeklyfrom £12 p/h
6-9 hours weeklyfrom £11.50 p/h
10+ hours weeklyfrom £11 p/h
All rates are for one cleaner. Minimum stay per visit: 2 hours.