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Activities like Carpet Cleaning London are an uncomfortable even for the most dedicated housewives. Our everyday life allows us not only to make the rooms, curtains, furniture and carpets dirty, but even to destroy them. There are a number of cases where a very harmless occasion, gathering family around the table, turns the carpet from an expensive pleasure into a shocking sight. That’s why one of the services we offer is the professional carpet cleaning.

Whenever you are looking for carpet cleaning London is where we operate daily to help you keep your home clean and happy. Dirty carpets are packed with allergens, dirt, and dust that may cause health problems, and the elderly, young children, and babies are especially at risk. Most people spend between 60 and 90 percent of their time at the office, in school, and at home, which makes indoor air quality crucial for health. Our domestic cleaners are well aware of this and will help you to keep your home free of bacterial spores and pollutants.

Dirty Carpets and Contaminants

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professional carpet cleaning London

A number of studies have shown that unkempt carpets contain more allergens and dust than non-carpeted floors and clean carpets. They trap pesticides, mould spores, dust mites, lead, particle pollution, cockroach allergens, and pet dander. Not only this but an unkempt carpet can easily become a breeding ground for salmonella, E. coli, and other bacteria that cause vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramping, and fever. Campylobacter usually grows on damp fabrics and thrives on carpets in cold weather. The bacterium causes symptoms such as abdominal cramps, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Persons who receive chemotherapy, those with weakened immune systems, and persons with thalassemia and other blood disorders may develop a life-threatening infection.

Poorly maintained carpets also put vulnerable groups at risk of perennial allergic rhinitis, eczema, and asthma. They absorb smoke and moisture and trap food particles, pollen, skin cells, and hair. Carpets that absorb moisture are at risk for mould growth, especially in and near damp areas such as basements and bathrooms. Risk factors also include high humidity and leaking water. Black mould on carpeting can cause adverse health outcomes and symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, headache, and chronic fatigue. People with obstructive lung disease and other serious lung problems may develop infections. If your carpet is damp or discolored or you notice any bad odor, this may be a sign of mould growth. Mould needs food, moisture, and oxygen to grow and when carpets are poorly maintained, there is a risk of mould growth. To prevent mould from taking over, it is important to fix leaking pipes, windows, and roofs, control humidity levels, and keep carpets clean. Humidity can be a problem in London because of its maritime or temperate oceanic climate. Wet climates are characterised by high humidity and frequent precipitation where fungi grow and thrive. In addition to frequent vacuuming, if you live in a more humid area, your carpets require professional cleaning and maintenance. At Cleaningsure, we offer professional carpet cleaning in London to help you remove allergens and bacteria that can be harmful to your health.

Types of Carpets                                                             

We have extensive experience with different types of carpet textures, fibers, and dye methods. Our technicians are capable of cleaning any carpet texture, whether cut-loop, loop, or cut pile. They will choose the most appropriate method, depending on the fiber, which can be wool, olefin, polyester, or nylon.

Types of Stains

Carpeted rooms are rarely food-free, especially in households with small children. The key to removing stains is to know when and what was spilled and how the stain will affect the texture and fabric. Some types of stains are harder to treat, especially oil and fat stains that attach to the petroleum in the fiber. Such stains are, for example, petroleum jelly, cooking grease, salad dressing, and lipstick. Common offenders also include party favorites such as salsa, chili sauce, and wine which require extra care and special treatment. Insoluble carpet stains are difficult to treat and remove, and the bad news is that they make about 80 percent of stains on carpets. Water based cleaning products are not effective as insoluble stains will not dissolve in water. Such substances are gum grease, paint, and oil that do not dissolve because they are denser than water. The worst part is that there are some stains that are both non-water soluble and water soluble, including blood, mustard, coffee, tea, mayonnaise, and chocolate. Cleaning combination stains requires both water based and non-water based products. This can make carpet cleaning a time-consuming chore, especially if you are not sure what the type of stain is. The good news is that our skilled technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning any type of stain, including latex paint, gravy, food dyes, ink, and other stains that are tough to treat.

Services Offered

We offer the full array of professional services to help customers maintain their carpets clean, germ-free, and fresh smelling. You can get in touch with us for:

  • Color restoration
  • Color changes and discoloration
  • Stain removal
  • Pet treatments
  • Carpet deodorizing

Our teams use different cleaning methods, depending on the fiber, condition, and level of staining and soiling. We take a number of factors into account, including pets and kids, odour and smell, location, foot traffic, material, and color. Bright colored carpets, for example, show more dirt than dark ones and require more frequent cleaning. The most common methods that we use are steam cleaning, encapsulation, and dry and hot cleaning. Our cleaners will choose from different methods such as hot water extraction, absorbent compound cleaning, and shampoo cleaning, depending on whether there is imbedded dirt or heavily soiled areas. We only use commercial-grade equipment with advanced features such as auto-empty, remote control, auto-fill, and long hoses. Our cleaning crews come equipped with portable extractors, vacuum systems, and cleaning machines with in-line heaters and immersion heaters. We only use machines that are upgradable and offer benefits such as lower power usage, reduced costs, improved security, and increased productivity. This allows us to offer the best cleaning prices in London and superb results.

Any time you need carpet cleaning London is covered by our experienced crews. We also offer professional advice to help you maintain your carpets clean and extend their life. Our cleaners can help you eliminate dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella which cannot be eliminated by using over-the-counter products and conventional methods.

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It doesn’t matter either the size or the fabric. It is particular important how quickly you will contact us and the early measures you will take. Enemies of home-like coziness are beverages and foods that leave behind them fading stains. It is true that you remember the occasions and events, but you also remember the money you have spent for the pavements. In the end, you can either complain or choose to trust us.

There is no client who is dissatisfied with the final result. All of our clients re-trusted our skills. This is because we adhere to the maxim that impeccable service earns the trust and sympathy of everyone who relies on us

What you need to know about our carpet cleaning?

We always insist on to the perfect final results. For this purpose, we have provides the latest generation of equipment, as well as detergents that removes even the most stubborn dirt. Last but not least, it should be noted that all products applied to the dirt will keep the condition of your carpets. The same applies to curtains, upholstery and all existing fabrics that need special treatment.

Most of our customers complain of the persistent staining of wine, coffee, sauces and other tasty food and beverages. The most difficult for removing are stains on light fabrics, but even for them you will find a solution. We are your right decision!

You expect your relatives or friends to visit you soon and want to impress them with your stylish home and wonderful carpets. Well, you will not achieve this effect if the fabrics are dirty and some different stains can be noticed. Most likely you’ve already tried to clean your own carpets by yourself, but you did not like the end result. Relax, there is no such option using our services. Your carpets will surely be clean and bright and will smell fresh after our intervention. Rely on professional care for your domestic carpets.

When you need an effective carpet cleaning or you want to entrust your problem in the other hands, you are welcome. Our professional experience will justify all your expectations, helping the family budget, too. You do not have to spend a lot to get what you want. All you have to do for your successful carpet cleaning is to contact us.

Our contacts are listed on the website – there are a phone number and e-mail address. Another option is to visit us in the office. You know where you can find the address.

You can trust us, We are one of the best in the sector. We are expecting for your colorful challenges!

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Carpet Cleaning London FAQs


There is never 100% guarantee, that all spots will be removed. Of course we do all the best for the highest standards. 


It depends on the carpet condition. It could be very quick clean, but if the carpet is dirty- would be much, much longer. There isn’t any specific time range. The most important thing is the job to be done properly.


Our carpets technicians move the light furniture. For better results the rooms must be empty.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all payments for the cleaning services- cash, bank transfer, credit/debit card payment, paypal, cheque and etc.

What about if I’m not happy with the cleaning service?

If, for some reason, the customer is not 100% satisfied after the carpet cleaning, we always offer always re- clean for free. The checkout must be done 48 hours after the service. Once the checkout is finished we do not have responsibility about the cleanliness condition in the property.


The vacuum cleaning is always necessary for the right procedure, but this is our responsibility. This is part of our job. It must be done professionally.


It depends what kind is the carpet. Normally the most used method is the hot steam cleaning. Of course, there is dry cleaning, cleaning with cold water and etc.


If you call Cleaningsure, we will try to remove all spots, no matter how many times we will repeat the procedure.


Customer satisfaction is our main priority. We offer a re-clean for free if there is some problem at the end.




There are fixed prices to start from. Sometimes the price depends on the area, car park charges and etc. Normally the prices are the same for the most properties.


Yes, it’s absolutely possible, because of the steam carpet cleaning procedure and the hot water used in it, but you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.


Normally it take about 4 to 8 hours, but it depends on the kind of carpet. Also it depends on if you keep the windows open during the dry time and etc. When the weather is warm, this process is quicker than during the winter time.


When the carpet cleaner is at the site, we need to do a few procedures. Vacuum cleaning, prespray, spots treatment and finally machine carpet cleaning.


It is not recommended, but if there is no option we will leave one off foot shoes.


As we already mentioned- our priority is the customer satisfaction. We work with highly professional materials and equipments. Our staff is highly trained and vetted. Out carpet technicians can deal with all kind of problems in the carpet cleaning industry. We keep our the highest standards in our jobs.



Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment for carpet cleaning?

Yes, but it must be at least 48 hours before the service.

Do you provide gifts or discounts?

Yes, there is a lot of options regarding customer discounts. If you book two services (for example- end of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning, deep cleaning and carpet cleaning and etc.)

People Talk About Us…

I found Cleaningsure in a very last minute. The team came on time and did a fantastic job. The estate agency made the checkout and i have got my deposit back. Very good job guys. Thank you very much, indeed.
Melinda Knight
Melinda Knight
13:07 20 Mar 21
Paniz chatriii
Paniz chatriii
18:03 11 Mar 21
I use Cleaningsure for regular domestic cleaning. Very professional and friendly staff. Great prices and perfect service!
Tom Knight
Tom Knight
14:03 05 Mar 21
I used them for end of tenancy clean and the result was fantastic. I had also upholstery cleaning. Very professional and friendly staff. Highly recommend to everyone!!!
Amanda Lamare
Amanda Lamare
14:43 27 Feb 21
I used Cleaningsure for an end of tenancy cleaning and the result was fantastic. Now i am going to hire them for regular domestic cleaning.
Victroia Morgan
Victroia Morgan
13:51 21 Feb 21
Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams
12:19 20 Feb 21
I used to try so many different cleaning companies in Kingston Upon Thames, but i was very disappointed. Since i found Cleaningsure, those guys are my best choice. I use them for regular domestic cleaning service. Good quality on affordable price! This company aim to do their customers happy! I am very satisfied with them
Natalie Brenson
Natalie Brenson
16:08 18 Feb 21
I use Cleaningsure for regular domestic cleaning. The cleaning lady is amazing. The office staff is super friendly and always helpful. Never disappointed me. Highly recommend!!!
Barry Simmons
Barry Simmons
11:38 05 Feb 21
These guys are amazing! They never let me down! Always professional and perfect service!!!
Emily Nelson
Emily Nelson
15:17 28 Jan 21
Great job. Excellent results. Highly Recommend!
Sarah Nicolson
Sarah Nicolson
13:59 01 Dec 20
The cleaner lady is very friendly and nice person. Professional and reliable service. Best choice for cleaning company!
Gary Nilson
Gary Nilson
15:26 14 Nov 20
Good communication with the office. The team was absolutely professional!
Amada Harris
Amada Harris
12:33 11 Nov 20
wang hua
wang hua
12:31 08 Nov 20
Katherine Davis
Katherine Davis
20:25 04 Nov 20
Excellent service!
Ben Windsfield
Ben Windsfield
15:08 31 Oct 20
I use Cleaningsure for domestic cleaning. The lady is fantastic, she is very friendly and always on time. Perfect quality for the price
Anabel Harris
Anabel Harris
14:05 24 Oct 20
I used Cleaningsure for one off/deep cleaning and carpet cleaning as well. They did an fantastic job. Very professional and friendly staff. I am going to use them again.
Mishelle Morgan
Mishelle Morgan
13:12 21 Oct 20
This guys are amazing! Very professional. Perfect job, Cleaningsure!
Sandra Nillson
Sandra Nillson
13:35 17 Oct 20
I used Cleaningsure for Carpet cleaning and they made super service. Highly professional and reliable company.
Samantha Dias
Samantha Dias
13:43 10 Oct 20
Great Service!!!
Paul Davis
Paul Davis
11:16 04 Oct 20
Excellent, excellent, excellent...! Well done guys. Recommend to absolutely everyone. Amazing job!
Adam Clays
Adam Clays
18:07 03 Oct 20
I used Cleaningsure for deep clean on my 4 bed house in Kingston Upon Thames. Excellent service. Recommend to everyone
Jamie Christofer
Jamie Christofer
16:10 22 Aug 20
They did an end of tenancy for my tenant. They were supposed to do a deep clean in an empty flat. They didi clean BUT left cobwebs in the corners, did not do blinds (apparently that is extra) , did not wipe down walls, and the oven was not touched inside-is that extra too I ask? They did the clean on Thursday and my new tenant then moved in on Saturday and had to spend the day cleaning. Yes, my old tenant should have done a better inspection, but really can't people do a job properly the first time.I communicated and Stan(the owner?) basically did not take any responsibility and said it was "weird" that I was complaining! I believe he should have offered a partial refund for the poor quality work.They have good reviews, but please check all work and if you would like pictures of what they did not clean, then I will be happy to post.
nicola teaguen
nicola teaguen
17:26 16 Aug 20
Excellent service. The best experience ever. I used them for an end of tenancy clean and carpet cleaning. They did the job to the smallest details. I will recommend to all my friends.
Amanda Jacobson
Amanda Jacobson
10:09 09 Aug 20
Happy to leave a positive review . I requested two cleaning staff at short notice to deep clean my flat and I am really pleased with both the result and service given. I would happy recommend the service to my friends
Corin Eggett
Corin Eggett
16:31 16 Jul 20
Professional service to the highest standards!
Smilyana Mazheva
Smilyana Mazheva
09:19 12 Jul 20
Marry Poppins
Marry Poppins
14:42 11 Feb 20
The best cleaning company in my area! Friendly staff and professional service. Recommend to everyone!
Димитър Иванов
Димитър Иванов
13:09 26 Jan 20
Excellent service, reliable prices and very good staff. Highly recommend!!!
Svetla Karakasheva
Svetla Karakasheva
17:17 14 Jan 20
Professionally finished job, I'm a very satisfied customer
Panche Bekarov
Panche Bekarov
12:26 14 Jan 20
I am very pleased! Job well done!
Dimiar Iliev
Dimiar Iliev
11:31 14 Jan 20
Great service!
Vasil Bekyarov
Vasil Bekyarov
11:29 14 Jan 20
Great service! Strongly recommend!
Radoslava Georgieva
Radoslava Georgieva
11:18 14 Jan 20
Great company. The best ever end of tenancy job done. Top of my list and highly recommend. Great communication and on time. Cant ask for better service !
Svetlin Grigorov
Svetlin Grigorov
18:45 08 Jan 20
величка кондарева
величка кондарева
15:50 14 Nov 19
The best cleaning company I have come across. Very professional yet friendly and reliable. Competitive prices for outstanding services. Very happy and would highly recommend to all my family and friends
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Lilly Anton
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Fast accurate and correct
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Nayden Tonov
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Excellent service!
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George Ivanov
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Superb service. Very professional, did a fantastic job. Definately reccommend!
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Stoyan Atanasov
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Excellent Job!!!Recommend!!!
Iliyan Iliev
Iliyan Iliev
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Luben Domakinov
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I am very pleased. I recommend Cleaningsure🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Svetla Mancheva
Svetla Mancheva
19:59 13 Nov 19
Excellent service
krasimir shumanov
krasimir shumanov
19:27 13 Nov 19
Great service. If you need cleaning, i recommend them
Атанаска Динчева
Атанаска Динчева
19:12 13 Nov 19
Great Job!!!Would definitely recommend to everyone else.Thank you
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev
18:51 30 Oct 19
They did end of tenancy cleaning at my property in Esher. Great service. Very polite staff. I'll use them for regular cleaning. Highly recommend
Linda Branson
Linda Branson
17:48 23 Oct 19
Professional deep clean - very responsive, great rates (the best I could find), excellent clean. Really quite impressed!
Billy Etheridge
Billy Etheridge
17:08 23 Oct 19
Excellent service, reliable prices and friendly staff. Highly recommend.
Nikolina Dimitrova
Nikolina Dimitrova
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Excellent job. Super staff.
Richard Nicolson
Richard Nicolson
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Really professional job. Highly recommend!
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Radmila Atanasova
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Good jobs
Атанас Паскалев
Атанас Паскалев
17:02 27 May 19
Friendly and professional, I was impressed. Would definitely recommend to family and friends!
Zornitsa Ivanova
Zornitsa Ivanova
09:04 27 May 19
Ваня Неделчева
Ваня Неделчева
20:44 26 May 19
Cleaningsure offer the best services. I highly recommend!!!
Stefan Patrahau
Stefan Patrahau
20:15 26 May 19
Excellent job
elena kyoseva
elena kyoseva
20:01 26 May 19
I am really happy by finding this company. I’ve booked professional end of tenancy cleaning with Cleaningsure. They did excellent job. Highly recommend . Very reliable and friendly
Radostina Kondareva
Radostina Kondareva
19:49 26 May 19
I had an end of tenancy cleaning with Cleaning Sure and i've got my deposit back. Excellent job, very polite staff.
Claire Hodson
Claire Hodson
20:55 16 May 19
I tried so many different companies, but the cleaning service has not been as professional as should be. My friend recommended Cleaningsure and i called them... i was so surprised. At the very first stage i booked just one of cleaning. The cleaning lady did an incredible job. I spoke with Tina and booked another visit on the next week. Now 3 months latter i am so happy with them. Cleaningsure made my home sparkle.
Olivia Chatham
Olivia Chatham
21:11 15 May 19
Nice staff. Excellent job.
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Stan's Kitchen
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Professional services! Good job!
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